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AI for SEO Ranked Me from Position 5 to #1 In Google Using ChatGPT Chrome Extention

AI for SEO may sound weird to some publishers and SEO optimizers. However, the output it is delivering has just driven me crazy.

It’s hard to believe a ChatGPT chrome extension has helped me rank my post for several keywords of the same article at top positions. And that specific ChatGPT Chrome Extension is called AIPRM for ChatGPT.

How To Download AIPRM for ChatGPT?

  • Within the Google Search, type in the name of the extension as ‘AIPRM SEO Chrome Extension’.
  • This will take you to its download page, get it downloaded
  • In the top-right of the bar within the chrome browser, you’ll see an extension icon.
  • A list of extensions will appear, you’ll find AIPRM too
  • Just click and pin the icon to the bar

Now, How To Connect ChatGPT with AI for SEO Extension?

If you’re not signed in, just log in to the tool. In order to connect AIPRM with the AI tool, simply visit Open AI’s ChatGPT tool. It’ll automatically get connected with the chrome extension. If not, you’ll see the extension name appearing in the left sidebar of the GPT.

When connected, you’ll see several sub-tools provided by this AI SEO extension. Each of these sub-tools has its own significant use. Today we’ll look into 3 of the sub-tools that I used to create and rank my post in the Google Search Engine.

The few that I found more helpful are SILO Structure, Outrank Article also looks fascinating (we’ll use this as well); and most importantly the Keyword Strategy tool.

Let’s start with:

Keyword Strategy Tool (within ChatGPT)

This sub-tool basically, lets you enter 1 Keyword to create a quick SEO Content Plan and Strategy without using any expensive tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

Once I click the ‘Keyword Strategy’ tab, a new bar opens up at the bottom. You simply need to enter 1 keyword you are researching on. I’ll type in Starbucks.

The keyword could be more than 2 or 3 words.

As you can see it has begun generating a strategic table that we generally don’t do while researching. This seems to be more disciplined and organized in everything it does.

So, for a single term of Starbucks that I entered, it gave me a bunch of keywords with cluster (which means ‘which area it falls under’, just like ‘near me’ falls under the ‘Location’ cluster. And it also mentions the user intent for keywords; which can be helpful to increase your CPC, and ePMV if you’re running ads on the site. The tool understands that when someone is looking for a ‘Starbucks near me’ it has to be the ‘Location’ cluster; it means the user is intending to visit the place and spend some amount there. And that’s why it falls under ‘Transactional’ Search Intent.

This is also helpful for Affiliate Marketers to sort transactional keywords as you can see below.

It gave me these results, making a clean and extremely helpful Keyword Research table for my single keyword ‘Starbucks’:

keyword clusterkeywordSearch intenttitlemeta description
Coffee MenuStarbucks coffee menuinformationalDiscover the Best Coffee at StarbucksLearn about all the delicious options available on the Starbucks coffee menu. Find your new favorite today!
LocationsStarbucks near metransactionalFind the Nearest Starbucks LocationLooking for a Starbucks nearby? Use our store locator to find the nearest location and enjoy your favorite coffee today.
Rewards ProgramStarbucks rewardstransactionalJoin Starbucks Rewards and Earn PerksSign up for Starbucks Rewards and earn perks like free drinks and food. Join now to start earning rewards.
HistoryStarbucks historyinformationalThe Fascinating History of StarbucksDiscover the story behind the world’s most popular coffee company. Learn about Starbucks’ humble beginnings and rise to success.
ProductsStarbucks merchandisecommercialGet Your Hands on Official Starbucks MerchandiseShow off your love for Starbucks with official merchandise, including mugs, tumblers, and more. Shop now to find the perfect item.
RecipesStarbucks secret menuinformationalUncover the Secrets of the Starbucks MenuLearn about the hidden gems on the Starbucks menu, including secret menu items and unique drink recipes. Try something new today!
SustainabilityStarbucks sustainabilityinformationalStarbucks’ Efforts in SustainabilityDiscover the steps Starbucks is taking to become more sustainable, including reducing waste and using ethically-sourced ingredients.
CareersStarbucks jobstransactionalStart Your Career at StarbucksLearn about the various job opportunities available at Starbucks and how to apply. Join the team and start your career today.

What else this AI for SEO extension can do?

Further, AIPRM for SEO tool has generated titles and descriptions including the keyword ‘Starbucks coffee menu’. However, the keyword is not included in the Title which can be modified later.

Before using any other sub-tool, I researched for 1 more keywords ‘Starbucks Australia’ to narrow down the search volume. I did get some good suggestions here, but I preferred using the SILO feature, as I wanted to write an article based on Starbucks Australia. And wanted to create some more topical posts.

For this, I hopped into this amazing sub-tool named:

SILO Structure

  • I simply pasted my primary keyword
  • It generated a structure for me to write and cover these topics to build authority, and rank better than other SERP results in the country.
  • I focused on creating 1 post out of these options
  • And so I chose History, i.e. History of Starbucks In Australia, this seems good to write on
  • I took this keyword ‘Starbuck Australia’ adding ‘History’ as recommended by SILO Structure
  • For further research, here in Google Search, I’ll try to find what my competitors have to say. I can see some results, one of which is an old one. Let’s go with the recent one.
  • This is how it looks, it’s not in-depth, nor lengthy, so I can easily outrank this content.
  • For that, I Copied the URL of the competitor’s content;
  • Now to write content either I can use ChatGPT to generate content for me, or I can use the next sub-tool called:


I pasted the competitors’ URLs here. And it made content for me that is better than the competitor’s content according to this tool.

And it has also extracted a small image, which I may or may not use.

I’ll verify the whole content later.

For now, going back to my site, and pasting the content.

Now there are some crucial steps pending. Because publishing this article without verification could be dangerous for the site.

After giving more than 30 minutes, I did was:

  • Verified the Content Whether the Info provided by the tool is valid
  • Then, I did some more research on the topic, as I wanted to make it more in-depth, informative, and slightly lengthy than my competitor
  • Further, I used a plagiarism detection tool which then gave me a score of 100% Unique content, which is great.
  • Next, I optimized the content with SEO. Of course, I made slight changes to the description and Title as well.
  • Then comes, adding images because when we talk about food and drinks or their brands, images make everything more attractive.
  • Finally, I published the article and submitted the URL for indexing
  • After 10 minutes of submission, I saw my article ranking for several keywords between positions #5 to #1 including the mentioned keyword.

What Happens After?

Generally, it happens, you see your article ranking #1 and the next day it de-ranks i.e. disappears. This is how the algorithm works, it has just shown me the sign that the content deserves that position, and there are the highest possibilities it can take that position. And so it may take a couple of days to reserve the top 1 position for a long time. I just need to keep updating the content regularly.

Similarly, if you guys are Publishers, or SEO Experts and do provide SEO services, this AI for SEO tool is definitely going to be helpful for research. And getting your or your client’s site a better position in Google Search can be easier. The more you make it faster, the more you can make revenue through Ads, Sponsorships, SEO audits, and SEO Services.

If you’re new to AI i.e. artificial intelligence, here you can find 10 faster ways to make money from ChatGPT, don’t miss it out. Like and Subscribe!

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