57 Battlebots Participants List April 2024: World Championship VII Robots

With the information from an expert on BattleBots, I can tell you that it is a popular TV show that features remote-controlled robots fighting in an arena. The show has gained a huge following since its inception in the early 2000s and has undergone several changes over the years.

The fights on BattleBots are intense and can be quite brutal. The robots are designed and built by teams of engineers and enthusiasts. They compete against each other to see whose robot can come out on top. The robots are equipped with a variety of weapons, including spinning blades, hammers, and flamethrowers. The fights are won by disabling or destroying the opponent’s robot.

As for the future plans of BattleBots, the show is still going strong and has several new seasons planned. The show has also spawned a number of spin-offs and has inspired other robot combat shows around the world. The producers of the show are always looking for ways to improve and innovate. So that fans can expect to see even more exciting battles and new robots in the future.

List Of Bots Participants April 2024

Sr No.RobotsBot typeCity/State/Country
1Witch DoctorDisc spinner (vertical)Miami, Florida
2ValkyrieDisc spinner (horizontal)Somerville, MA
3WhiplashArticulated Lifter / Vertical Disc SpinnerThousand Oaks, California
4TerrortopsLifter + Vertical Disk SpinnerLong Beach, CA
5TritonBar spinner (horizontal)Las Vegas, NV
6SwitchbackArticulated Drum SpinnerDallas, TX
7TantrumPuncherMountain View, CA
8Slammo!GrapplerRaleigh, NC
9StarchildThwackbotHudson, NH
10SHREDDIT BRO!Beater/Drum SpinnerStaten Island, NY
11SkorpiosHammer SawMoraga, CA
12SawBlazeHammer SawCambridge, MA
13Shatter!Hammer / SwordBrooklyn, NY
14ROTATORDisc spinner (horizontal)Miami, FL
15Rusty Jr.HammerAntioch, IL
16RIPperoniDisc spinner (vertical)Cambridge, MA
17RiptideEgg Beater SpinnerTarzana, California
18QuantumCrusherBirmingham, UK
19RibbotModularSomerville, MA
20OminousDrum spinnerTilburg, The Netherlands
21OVERHAULGrapplerAtlanta, GA
22MinotaurDrum spinnerRio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
23MonsoonBar spinner (vertical)Coventry, United Kingdom
24MaliceHorizontal Drum SpinnerSan Jose, California
25MammothRotary FlipperBaltimore, Maryland
26LUCKY!FlipperOttawa, Ontario, Canada
27MaDCatTerDisc spinner (vertical)Pomona, CA
28KrakenKinetic KrusherTitusville, FL
29Lock-JawDisc spinner (vertical)San Diego, CA
30HyperShockDisc spinner (vertical)Miami, FL
31JackpotDisc spinner (vertical)Las Vegas, NV
32HUGEBar spinner (vertical)South Windsor, Connecticut
33HYDRALauncherDorchester, Wisconsin
34HiJinxBar spinner (horizontal)Oakland, CA
35HorizonHorizontal HammersawLos Angeles, CA
36GlitchEgg Beater SpinnerBerkeley, CA
37GruffLifter/Grappler + TorchPalm Harbor, FL
38FusionVertical Drum, Horizontal Disc comboDorchester, Wisconsin
39GigabyteFull Body SpinnerOceanside, CA
40End GameBar spinner (vertical)Auckland, New Zealand
41Free ShippingDisc spinner (vertical)San Leandro, CA
42Dragon KingGrappler SawBirmingham, AL
43EmulsifierDisc spinner (vertical)Columbus, Ohio
44DoombaDisc spinner (horizontal)Baltimore, MD
45Double TapBar spinner (horizontal)San Jose, California
46DeathRollDisc spinner (vertical)Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
47DOOMArticulated Bar Spinner (vertical)Whittier, CA
48CobaltDisc spinner (vertical)Oceanside, CA
49CopperheadDrum SpinnerDenver, Colorado
50Captain ShrederatorFull Bodied SpinnerOrmond Beach, FL
51Claw ViperLifterSeattle WA
52BlipFlipperMountain View, California
53BloodsportBar spinner (horizontal)Cambridge MA
54Big DillLifterSeattle, WA
55Black DragonEgg Beater SpinnerItajubá, MG, Brazil
56BansheeFlipperPhoenix, Arizona
57BetaHammerOxford, England
Battlebots Participants List 2023

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