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Factors That Didn’t Let You Become an Entrepreneur – Realizing Now Being a Parent

6 Failing Factors That Didn’t Let You Become an Entrepreneur – The Parents (in the 40s – ’50s) 

Is it too late to realize what we’ve lost can’t be achieved now?

If you are in your 30s, glad you’re reading this post.

In the 40s? Still have got some opportunities.

In the 50s? You’ll find yourself familiar with given 6 factors that didn’t let you become an entrepreneur. 

Note: This article ain’t trying to discourage, but encouraging you to take action before any regression.

Factors That Didn’t Let You Become an Entrepreneur

You might see yourself somewhere in this list of the entrepreneurship-blockage factors:

1. Too Many Responsibilities (as always)

Look, we all understand, everyone has got responsibilities.

A failure and even a successful person have got the same opportunities and time limit to get tasks done in 24 hours.

Where does the difference come from?


The unsuccessful ones, after spouse and kids give more priority to all other secondary stuff; except the goals that need to be fulfilled.

They got time for checking unnecessary emails, browsing for deals, chit-chatting with friends, watching Netflix and etc.

Hardly productive!

And when you ask them ‘how about your plan mate?’

They say, ‘too many tasks to do, ain’t get enough time’.

These people are too busy to set even a single goal to be accomplished. And when they reach in their 50’s they realize that they sacrificed their dreams doing XYZ.

How courageous!

2. A Genuine Problem

Some of the people might go through genuine problems in the family. These issues could become the biggest factors to block your way to success.

The problems are elaborated as:

  • Death of a family member
  • Financial crises in the family
  • Most of the members of the family are jobless
  • Long impact of any disease or serious illness
  • Any accident that has made you physically challenged

To be noted, these are truly heartbreaking issues. But are not the durable ones. The set of good, bad, and worst days never persist for a lifetime. It may take a couple of months or years around 4-5 max to overcome the situations. 

It is a genuine factor that didn’t let you proceed in the journey of entrepreneurship.

Using this challenge as an excuse for your whole life is not going to encourage your kids, mate. 

3. Lazy By Nature – Didn’t Let You Become an Entrepreneur Even a 1% Of It

Even though some parents make a sufficient income annually, they’re on the losing side.

Coming home from a 9-5 job, makes them feel they fought a war. You can see a tag of ‘Victory of the Day’ always stamped on their faces; when you ask them for a little help.

Their one glance at you will make you think before asking ‘Nah, I shouldn’t ask’.

If they spend time with their spouse and kids, it’s understandable they need your time and you, mate!

but some lazies, spend the rest of the evening watching series, TV Shows, or playing games.

Eat and then sleep, resting for the next same old day.

One thing is for sure, you can’t win with lazy people:)

Not with the arguments, not with the dedication:)

4. Incomplete Research, Planning, and Implementation

The formula of RPI will either make an intellectual parent or a not-so-clever parent.

The majority of people would have this reason in common. They do quick research, make a plan, invest a little money, and are done.

According to these people they’ve done enough to start a business.

This is the primary failing factor to become an entrepreneur.  

In fact, the improper or incomplete way of adaption will lead you nowhere. 

The impatientness is also the biggest factor that lets you give up the process. 

When you apply a full-proof method with mini and long-term goals; you teach your kids the same way.

Entrepreneurship always comes with patience that lets you complete the introductory stage of the business.

5. Never Said ‘No’ – Tried To Be a Good Person

Saying ‘Yes, to extended family, relatives, friends, and colleagues. This means you are undoubtedly a good person.

And your unsuccessful entrepreneurship story remains still, all because you are a generous person.

What do you mean?

People, who are successful aren’t generous to others?

You might need to fix the way you think.

Again you are Prioritizing others over yourself! And that’s the fact.

You don’t need to please or impress anyone just to not let them feel bad. 

Once you say NO, they might feel sad at some point. But won’t hurt them in a long run. 


Because they’ll not expect their job done from you which is cool!

And this is how you save your time and utilize it in productivity.

6. Insufficient Funds

Let’s not talk about this point, because there exist hundreds of businesses you can start now even with a little money. 

And every bigger business starts small. 

So finance-wise it’s a big excuse.

Conclusion – 

It’s never too late to start or become an entrepreneur successfully. Besides all the hassles in life still, you’ve got sufficient time to build yourself. You could be the next millionaire in the country, never know. The formula of consistency and dedication makes even a dumb person win, and you seem smart. 

Create a hierarchy of your goals. Set a bigger goal and mini-goals that make a route to the bigger one. Doesn’t matter even if you are in your 60s. Even till your end day, you’ve got to hustle. And make your kids proud of you. In a way, people must get inspired by you, because are the hope of many people just like you. They need a hero to encourage them, and you are the one. 

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