10 Best Money Saving Apps every Australian should install by the end of April 2024

Some of the apps are definitely familiar. However, some are NEW, Efficient, and the best money-saving apps you must use on a regular basis. And to do this, you’ll need to install them right away, and begin to save today onwards.

1. CheapestFuel Australia App (CFA App)

The fuel price leader shows up more options to fill in the cheapest-priced fuel around you. This generally means wherever you are, at home, workplace, or leisure place. It’ll provide you with real-time fuel prices for the gas or service stations around you. Moreover, it has a solid navigation feature which is suitable with your car’s dash screen to help you reach the fuel station without hassle.

The app is pretty impressive and is also coming us with a PARK feature. So be it filling up the tank or Parking your vehicle. It has solutions for your daily commute and long journeys across Australia. All for free!

CheapestFuel App Details

Who Is CheapestFuel App For: Every individual who has a vehicle of their own or drives a vehicle of the company can save a lot more money on fuel by getting wide cheap fuel options in the surrounding.

Price: FREE

Cheapest Fuel Australia App

Get Real-time fuel prices – The Fastest, Easiest, Accurate & Low Fuel Price + Map Navigation

Turn On/Allow The Notification For Updates!

(or use the bell icon on the bottom-left to get notified on mobile/desktop)

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2. ATO – Australian Taxation Office

Unquestionably, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is the main organization/agency responsible for collecting taxes on behalf of the Australian government. It is in charge of collecting various types of taxes, such as income tax, goods and services tax (GST). And also the other taxes that individuals and businesses are required to pay.

The funds collected through these taxes help fund government programs, services, and activities that benefit the country and its residents. Basically, the ATO ensures that the government has the necessary financial resources to carry out its functions. This aids in providing essential services to the people of Australia.

Who Is ATO App For: ATO app/service is for every individual/business in Australia. No matter if a person is unemployed if one receives taxable income from Centrelink like JobSeeker or other sources. It’s quite mandatory to report your income.

Price: FREE

3. ALDI Australia

ALDI Australia is a leading high-quality products supermarket chain. It operates as a subsidiary of the global ALDI brand. Known for its efficient and minimalist stores. The factor that stands ALDI out of the crowd is that it offers superb-quality Australian and International products at competitive prices.

ALDI’s private-label brand actually serves its customers beyond their expectations.

They emphasize health and value for every cent paid which helps more sustainability in the long term. ALDI has reduced plastic usage and promotes responsible sourcing.

Since entering the market in 2001, ALDI Australia has become the first choice and a significant player in the country’s grocery retail industry.

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Who Is ALDI App For: Who would say no to ALDI? The majority of Australians love shopping with ALDI. With its app or catalogs, you can find the best deals coming the same or the next week. This helps you do smart shopping by saving even more on specific items. And trying out some new products on specials or limited time only.

Price: FREE

4. Get Reminded

“GetReminded” is quite a helpful and friendly mobile app. It helps individuals stay organized by setting up timely reminders for tasks, appointments, and events. The app offers customization options for notifications and seamless synchronization across devices. This also ensures that users never miss important commitments.

With its efficient and intuitive interface with cloud-based functionality, “GetReminded” enables users to easily manage and categorize reminders. This tool enhances productivity and assists users in efficiently managing their personal and professional responsibilities.

Who Is GetReminded App For: People who have an enormous list of tasks and bills to manage can use this app to receive timely reminder and make life easier.

Price: FREE

5. Wise

The ‘Wise’ transaction app is an extremely easy financial app designed to simplify and optimize international money transfers. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money across borders.

Wise operates on a transparent and competitive structure of fees. It often offers better exchange rates compared to traditional banks.

Users can easily create accounts, link their bank details, and initiate transactions with absolutely minimal hassle.

With its emphasis on clarity, efficiency, and fair pricing, the Wise app has gained popularity as a smart choice for international transactions. It also makes it a preferred alternative to traditional remittance methods.

It takes between 7 to 20 seconds for a person to receive the amount, which is basically in no time.

Who Is Wise App For: Wise is specifically designed for people who might need to send over money to someone abroad. This app is used by citizens, residents, or immigrants in Australia to send over money to their loved ones, family, relatives, friends, and more. Sending or receiving money with WISE has simply become as easy as a piece of cake.

Price: Charges transactional fee on every transaction

6. Kmart

When you think of buying a tea set, you think of Kmart.

When you think of getting clothes, you think of Kmart. And when you think of getting toys for your kid, you first think of Kmart.

There’s absolutely nothing you can’t find in Kmart.

Kmart is a retail chain that offers a variety of products every Australian needs.

As said, clothing, household items, electronics, and whatnot. It gained popularity for its affordable prices, good quality, and convenience. People love shopping in Kmart for general requirements.

Who Is Kmart App For: With numerous locations across the country, Kmart has been a go-to destination for budget-conscious shoppers. Especially those seeking a wide range of items.

Price: Pay on Checkout

7. Kogan

‘Kogan’ mobile app offers a range of affordable mobile plans that serves various data and local calling needs. With their flexible options, customers can select plans suitable for usage.

Be it High Data requirement or focused on Talktime and Messages. The app provides fast login, easy management of plans, and quick recharge options. Moreover, the convenience of tracking data usage in GBs/MBs/KBPs. It is one of the most cost-effective mobile services in Australia.

Who Is Kogan Mobile App For: Anyone looking for a smooth data, calling & messaging service. Along with an easy interface to check usage, recharge, or change plans.

Price: Pay Annually/Monthly as per the mobile plan selected

8. Express Plus Centrelink / MyGov

“Express Plus Centrelink” is a mobile app service offered by the Australian government’s Centrelink agency. It provides a convenient platform for individuals to access and manage their government welfare within Australia; along with social support services. The app allows users to view payment information, report income changes, make claims, update personal details, and submit documents digitally. It provides options to acquire essential information or contact Centrelink online. It literally reduces the need for in-person visits or phone calls.

Who Is ‘Exress Plus Centrelink’ App For: It is for ones receiving payments from JobSeeker & other payments. For those who have enrolled children in Day Care/Kindergarten. For people who would like to make a claim and so on.

Price: FREE

9. MenuLog

Menulog is a notable online food delivery and takeaway platform in Australia. It allows its customers to find a wide variety of local restaurants based on the postcode entered.

One can order meals online, and have them delivered to their address or get them prepared for pick-up.

Menulog’s interface, restaurant options, and convenient ordering process have made it a popular choice across the country.

Who Is MenuLog App For: Anyone looking to have restaurant food instead of making one at home. Or when you are at work and want to enjoy meals with your colleagues and mates.

Price: Pay on Checkout

10. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a quite popular travel app in Australia. It helps users find and compare flights, hotels, and car rentals from several airline and accommodation providers.

So far, Skyscanner has been the cheapest deal provider compared to others.

With its powerful search engine, Skyscanner allows travelers to quickly discover the best deals for their desired destinations. This aids in making trips easier to plan and make bookings efficiently.

Who Is Skyscanner App For: It is for travelers willing to travel with the best deals, and cheap options all the way.

Price: Pay on Booking

These were the 10 best apps to help save money on a regular basis.

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