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Blogging Journey Month 7 to 12 | Phase 2: See The Traction | Table & Tips

The first 6 months of your blogging journey made you add sufficient content which is great!

Now, this content is going to get some traction. And a result of that can be followed through timely analysis. 

If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, you can get a quick look at Blogging Journey From 4 Weeks – Phase 1.

Let’s head on to the upcoming months, as these months are gonna give you at least some reward.

Blogging Journey From 7 to 12 Months

7th Month

Immediate Action

Your blog is 7 months old now. Not big enough to perform well on its own, it still needs help. 

If your site is based on 1 niche for instance Electric Cars, increase more categories to create more sub-posts. Unsure about sub posts? Follow the data post to understand the Types of Posts (30 Posts In 30 Days).

For example, what child posts can you add up within the niche?

Battery Charging Stations

Battery Replacement

Electric Car Maintenance

And more

Create “blog-chains” to improve the ranking opportunities.

Aldi’s example of blog chain.

Carry On Doing These:

  • 12 blog posts in the 7th month with appropriate research.
  • Monetize every post
  • Create more youtube content and embed it into your blog posts.
  • Carry on all the activities performed in the first 6 months of the blogging journey

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 700

Earnings: $14.43

Don’t worry, in the next month you’re going to add some value to monetization. 

8th Month

Immediate Action

This month you’d add some value to your monetization by setting up the Ezoic monetization solution.  

It is similar to Adsense and is partnered with Google. 

It has a different initial set-up process – Quick Steps – How to get Ezoic Monetization done for my website?

Monetizing your website with Ezoic is going to bring some improvement in your revenue. 

Carry On Doing These:

  • Keep posting up to 12 blog posts.
  • Continue with YouTube video content

Did You Set-Up Ezoic?

  • Monetize website to see revenue improvements.

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 1050

Earnings: $24.29

Every month you need to ensure your ads are showing up, so it won’t affect the earnings.

9th Month

Immediate Action

This month you need to check on the digital products you made that have started growing.

Be it an ebook, tool, template, video footage, any design content or short course. 

Carry On Doing These:

  • 12 blog posts
  • Maintain all necessary activities
  • Be consistent with YouTube
  • Update your product Quality to increase sales

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 2300

Earnings: $51

Every month you need to ensure your ads are showing up, so it won’t affect the earnings.

10th Month

Immediate Action

The 10th month is going to be all about listing what’s working and what’s not.

Content creation should be continued.

At this point, you may also consider hiring freelance writers. This will reduce your stress of managing time to write. And focus more on increasing sales, promoting affiliate products. And importantly planning for upcoming video and blog content.

Follow These:

  • 10 blog posts (limiting to 10 as you need to spend time improving your site & products)
  • Publish 1 video fortnightly this month (2-3 in 30 days)

The list of ‘things ain’t working’ needs to be focused on

  • Improve page UX for posts getting a higher bounce rate
  • Make your pages clean and clear to read
  • Analyze the page experience through core web vitals and fix the issues

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 4100

Earnings: $102

Every month you need to ensure your ads are showing up, so it won’t affect the earnings.

11th Month

Immediate Action

11th month would be the hustling month when you have already cleaned up the site. 

You need to make further improvements to the blog post appearances.

See how many emails have you accumulated so far. Now is the time to reach all your email and youtube subscribers.

Doesn’t matter even if they are around 30-50. At least you’d be sharing your products with loyal followers.

Prior to sending over an email to the blog subscribers, ensure you land them on your Sales Landing Page. This page should be a mini funnel with the necessary info and your digital product. Hopefully you’d convert at least one.

Follow These:

  • Back to 12 blog posts
  • Create an email campaign (MailChimp) for the blog subscribers
  • Create a Sales Landing Page – With appealing content that encourages returning visitors to buy the product.
  • Create one of your video contents on the value you’d be offering through your products – Elaborate on why viewers should buy it!
  • Continue social publishing and other activities for better results.

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 7000

Earnings: $150

The more you hustle this month, you’d earn next month. This amount could be just an average. You can outperform the sales activity by promoting it more. And you still have 1 more month, after which you’d be opting for a professional strategy to promote the content.

12th Month (of the blogging journey)

Immediate Action

See you might be performing better than our estimated earnings each month. 

If your Ezoic and Adsense are doing great together, you’re going to make a lot of money in the coming months.

Keep repeating the activities that gave you improved results in terms of traffic and earnings. For the posts that are not doing good, try modifying the structure of the posts. Also, add some more content or convert it into data-based posts.

You’d Be Doing:

  • You are never stopping to write 12 blog posts – no matter what happens! Eventually, it’s gonna bring satisfying results.
  • Keep accumulating more subscribers through Email and Video Platforms to push your valuable products.
  • Continue all the activities performed in the first 6 months and the last 5 months of the blogging journey.

You’d Achieve These So Far:

  • 70 blog posts in last 6 months + 100 blog posts in the first 6 months
  • Overall you wrote 170 blog posts in 12 months of the blogging journey – That’s impressive

Your website is ready to make business in the market.

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 10500

Earnings: $240

Now fasten the seat belt, you’d be taking off in the coming 3rd phase of blogging.

The next month you’d start implementing the smart marketing strategy to increase pageviews and earnings with minimal efforts. 

Blog 1 year old

The 2nd year of blogging will make your blog worth it!

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