Famous Brands that Changed their Name

You’ll be surprised to see the ‘List of Famous Brands that Changed their Names to Enter Australian market’

We’ve analyzed the list of existing companies or say famous brands that have changed their name to enter the Australian market. These include ‘Hungry Jacks’ as well. They had to undergo a thorough rebranding process in order to initiate and grow the business in Australia. The most surprising event is about to occur when a burger giant like Wendy’s will have to do it to make a living here.

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After conducting research, I have identified some companies that have undergone a rebranding process in order to enter the Australian market. Below is a table with the names of the companies in the USA and other countries, as well as their corresponding names in Australia.

Name in USA & Other CountriesName in Australia
Burger KingHungry Jack’s
Hardee’sCarl’s Jr.
Dunkin’Dunkin’ Donuts
SubwaySubway Australia
Church’s ChickenTexas Chicken (In New Zealand & Non-Christain Countries)
Wendy’s[Controversial, as Wendy’s Is already an existing Australian brand.
This requires a burger giant to change its name from Wendy’s to something else]
Famous Brands that Changed Their Names to Enter the Australian Market

The reasons for these name changes may vary, but in general, companies often choose to rebrand to better appeal to the local market. Enhancing their brand recognition, and avoiding cultural or linguistic misunderstandings come along.

For example, Dunkin’ came to Australia naming ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ in 2018 to reflect its expanded menu beyond just donuts. This was to appeal to the Australian preference for being more specific about the primary product and the business name.

Similarly, Burger King changed its name to Hungry Jack’s due to trademark issues with an existing food chain in Australia that already held the rights to the name “Burger King.”

These companies have successfully navigated the Australian market and some are still in the process. This is by adapting their branding and name to better fit the local culture and preferences. This is a common practice for businesses that operate in multiple countries. And it can greatly impact their success in a particular market.

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