How Did You Launch The Coffee Cup Recycling Business? Process Explained By Flavia

Step 1:

*I chose a name, and I checked that anyone has this name and Google to see if they don’t have any lousy association.

*I bought a domain; I’m a master in Wix, but it is one of the most accessible and complete platforms because it includes the shop to sell your products and give you invoices. Works with Stripe to process your payments to your business account in one step. Any problem, they provide you with support and videos to learn. I created my website and learned all the SEO tools; I’m permanently changed things and refreshing the web with new material once a year.

Step 2:

*I opened a business account in Commonwealth Bank was the best for me. You need to check the fees account and what they offer. Mine is free because I’m not using checks and deposits for now.

Step 3:

*I look for and insurance to do markets, depending on the business you choose between service, products or food, is per year and cover you to do markets for all Australia,

Step 4:

I use My market insurance. They helped a lot during the pandemic and gave us six months’ refunds two times.

Stallholders Public and Products Liability/ $10,000,000 each and every occurrence – Public Liability
$10,000,000 each and every occurrence in the aggregate – Products Liability – subject to exclusions.

Step 5:

*I opened an ASIC account and registered my business under my name. However, you need to take care and only work with ASIC (which has a logo from the government). Sometimes they are a lot of scammers that will send you letters at the same time that you are processing your application. They look like form government, but they aren’t also are expensive.

Step 6:

*I bought a Square that connected with my business account people don’t have change at the markets; you need to offer card payments.

Step 7:

*I downloaded the app ATO, where I tracked each expense, income, and logbook for my car expenses (travel, repairs). It is best to organize your future tax because the tax is done a is free with three clicks. You don’t need to spend money in accounting when the business is growing and is good learning.

Step 8:

*During the second year of the business. I was certificated as an Australian Made Logo, and I registered my trademark in IP Australia.

The beginning promotion was only at all types of markets, so I used banners and business cards online only with social media tools (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest). I used ads and Newsletters during COVID in the second year of my business.

How Do You Attract & Retain New & Existing Clients?

We work in three areas, products, service collections, and development of final products customized for other brands/customers/organizations (with our material and essential products). Our priority is to sell the material to make rubbish disappear.

For new clients, Products generally for markets (the craft area), we had a new range of seeds for the season, summer/winter, every year we have an “inspiration trend topic”, and with these, we generate a new range of products and prices. For the service, we are growing our range of collections stations bins for different situations like indoor, outdoor, big spaces, littles spaces, institutional, artistic.

Online strategy: We are building a new image style for awareness this year, with videos and carrousels explaining our process on Instagram (before, we only shared our work in markets), and for the service collection, we are in a national app  that work with Australian government where you can scan your rubbish and know where can be recycled, you can find our collections stations to bring your coffee cups with us and make rubbish disappear.

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