Enterprise Project Management Tools

Enterprise Project Management Tools Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. Use

If you’re into enterprise business, you’re definitely not new to giant enterprise names. These include Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Saudi Aramco, Walmart, and so on. One of the core to their corporate success is what enterprise project management tools they use.

To be noted, these tools are suitable for most enterprises, however, some may vary depending on the type of business you carry. (The best enterprise SEO tools are listed separately).

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Large companies like Apple and Microsoft utilize a variety of enterprise tools and software to maintain, analyze, and sustain their success. Keep in mind that the specific tools can vary over time as technology evolves, and companies may adopt new solutions based on their changing needs. A

Enterprise Project Management Tools 5 Of Large Enterprises Use

As of my last knowledge update in 2024, here are some examples of tools and software commonly used by such companies:

1. Amazon Uses The Following Enterprise Tools:

AmazonAmazon Web Services (AWS)Cloud computing platform offering services for computing power, storage, databases, machine learning, analytics, and more.
Amazon Seller CentralEssential tool for managing third-party sellers on the Amazon platform, crucial for e-commerce operations.
Amazon DynamoDBFully managed NoSQL database service for scalable and high-performance applications.
Amazon RedshiftData warehouse service used for big data analytics.
KinesisReal-time processing of streaming data, supporting applications like analytics and machine learning.

2. Saudi Aramco Uses The Following Enterprise Tools:

Saudi AramcoSAP ERPIntegrated ERP system for managing business processes.
Oracle E-Business SuiteERP solution for financial management, supply chain, and other enterprise functions.
Schlumberger’s PetrelSpecialized software for reservoir modeling and simulation in the oil and gas industry.
Honeywell’s UniSimUsed for process simulation and training in the oil and gas industry.

3. Walmart Uses The Following Enterprise Tools:

WalmartWalmart Retail LinkIntegrated system for managing inventory and logistics between Walmart and its suppliers.
SAS Merchandise IntelligenceUtilized for merchandise planning, demand forecasting, and inventory optimization.
Oracle Retail SuiteOracle’s solution for various retail operations, including supply chain management and customer engagement.
Walmart ConnectProvides tools for digital advertising and marketing services to reach customers online.
TableauUtilized for data visualization and business intelligence across various functions.

4. Apple Uses The Following Enterprise Tools:

AppleSAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)Apple utilizes SAP’s ERP system for managing various business processes, including finance, human resources, and supply chain.
SalesforceSalesforce is employed by Apple for customer relationship management (CRM), streamlining sales and customer service processes.
Jira and ConfluenceAtlassian’s tools for project management, issue tracking, and collaboration within development teams.
AppleCare CRMApple likely uses a customized CRM system within AppleCare for managing customer interactions and support requests.

5. Microsoft Uses The Following Enterprise Tools:

MicrosoftMicrosoft 365 (formerly Office 365)Microsoft relies on its suite of productivity tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and Outlook, for communication and collaboration, as well as document management.
Azure DevOpsUsed for application development, testing, and deployment, providing a set of development tools integrated with Azure.
Dynamics 365Microsoft’s CRM and ERP platform, Dynamics 365, aids in customer engagement, sales, and operations.
Power BIMicrosoft employs Power BI for business analytics, enabling visualization and sharing of insights derived from their data.

General Enterprise Tools


Many large enterprises, including Microsoft, use SAP’s S/4HANA for integrated business processes, such as finance, manufacturing, and supply chain.

b. ServiceNow

This platform is used for IT service management (ITSM) and automating various business processes.

c. VMware

Companies use VMware for virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in managing IT resources.

d. AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure

Large enterprises often leverage cloud services for scalable and flexible computing resources, and AWS and Azure are two of the major cloud providers.

e. Tableau

A popular tool for data visualization and business intelligence, aiding companies in making data-driven decisions.

Decision On Acquiring Tools

Your enterprise may or may not require the same tools and software. However, most large enterprises have some tools in common like Salesforce, Monday.com, Pcloud (for storage of documents), Google Analytics, WordPress, Adobe (Creativity & marketing tools), and so on.

Here are some more enterprise tools these and similar companies use:

Best Enterprise Software Applications Tools
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