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Ezoic Highlights 2021 – Australian Street

Ezoic has been the ultimate technology in guiding publishers in terms of SEO, Content, Speed & Monetization. Significantly, the ad network and placements of ads.

Let’s head on to one of our successful sites’ Ezoic Highlights – Australian Street


The blogging part started in the month of August 2021. Whereas our relationship with Ezoic begin in September 2021; when we finally passed the Monetization test on the 3rd attempt.

Basically, we initiated with Ezoic 131 days prior. This means 4+ months until Dec 2021.

Visitors & Insights

We had 8,632 visitors in these 4 months. And surprisingly, even with fewer visitors and pageviews, we were able to make thousands of dollars just from ads. This was a huge success at the initial for a newly added activity of blogging.

Australian Street hasn’t been really focusing on Affiliate Marketing. The primary source of income is still Display Advertisements. We may plan for a planned affiliate strategy to make things work out for us.

In order to know how we did this, you’ll have to wait up until we launch a premium video series. This would help out many in applying the same strategy to make revenue out of it.

We’ve revealed impressive revenue for the newest blogging activity. The page views and visits are astoundingly lower than expected.

You actually don’t have to publish 300 to 500 posts and wait for 2-3 years for a full-time income. We have got a proven method of achieving success in blogging in just 30 weeks (6 months). The only thing you need is proper guidance that we’ll explain in our premium video.

Epmv, Highest Revenue & More

Australian Street’s highest-earning day was Thursday in 2021. Just the mid of the week!

Out of 8632 visitors, 6984 people visited my site for the very first time ever in 2021.

And 3% of those visitors returned a 2nd time. Good for me!

Now, this is crucial.

Australian Street made the most revenue from content published in the month of JULY 2021.

In the year 2022, the highest revenue month is FEBRUARY. And the revenue is way more than what was earned in the year 2021.

The revenue will be revealed soon through a video that will be shared with you here on Australian Street.

The blog insight will include the following:

  1. Revenue Per Month
  2. Total Posts
  3. Average Words Each Post/Article
  4. Type Of Content
  5. Blog Age
  6. Niche
  7. Strategies Behind

And much more to share with you.

To Know ‘How Australian Street Made 4 Figure Income In a Few Months’

Stay tuned!

The video with helpful content will be disclosed in the coming weeks.

Till then keep visiting and exploring Australian Street’s Business Stories & Guide.

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More Publishers Joining Ezoic

Around 5,390 other publishers signed up for Ezoic the same month as us i.e. in September. And 55,965 in the year 2021.

Out of these numbers, 6,936 publishers graduated from Access Now; including Australian Street.

Ezoic has several levels to go through and grow. And the publishers leveled up 2314 times in 2021.

Over $4.1 million invested in growing ours i.e. publishers’ businesses.

This is just the beginning.

You may too join Ezoic and get all the premium features.

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