Will the Financial Problems of International Students in Australia Continue?

The number of international students in Australia is on the rise. No wonder students continue to wonder whether the financial problems of international students keep prolonging.

Yes, to some extent! For many years, financial issues have been the case, and it looks set to continue. Firstly, a student cannot be a full-time entrepreneur due to limited working hours. At the same time, it has become increasingly difficult for international students to get jobs in Australia. This is causing financial problems among many international students and has led to calls for action from universities and other student groups. The situation is getting worse every year, and it seems that more and more people will go through the same level of financial struggle.

There is quite a reason why and how do the students tackle the financial burden. Some social, personal, and behavioral issues are the primary factors impacting financial decisions.

Social, Personal & Behavioral Challenges Faced By International Students In Australia (Impacting Financial Conditions):

It can be quite a scary experience to start university, which is, even more, the case for international students. While all students share the everyday challenges of studying at university, internationals face a unique set of circumstances that can make the transition even more difficult. Studying abroad is an amazing experience, but it can also be difficult. The challenges you face depend on the type of person and where you’re from. This is because different people react differently to new cultures and lifestyles. Here are some of the most common challenges faced by international students in Australia:

Day-to-Day Finances

One of the first things that many international students have to do when they first move to Australia is open a bank account. This alone can be a challenge for those who are not familiar with the banking system in Australia. They will also need to get used to paying Australian currency, which might be quite different from their home country’s currency.

Language barriers

This is a big one that can make all other issues worse! The English language is likely to be a bit different from how you learned it. You’ll need to start talking Aussie and learning words like ‘mate’ and ‘arvo.’ Some international students who haven’t yet mastered English might find things like buying food and doing laundry more difficult than they should be.

Currency differences

The Australian dollar is currently worth about $1. While most countries have nearly equal exchange rates if you come from a country that uses an extremely valuable currency, it could be very confusing and frustrating at times, especially when paying for things like rent.

Cultural differences

Australia has a unique culture. It is unlike anything most international students have experienced before. When you first arrive in Australia, you’ll probably be surprised by the customs and practices that are different from your home country.


This one is obvious. No matter how adventurous you are, there will still be times when you miss your family and friends at home. It gets worse when there’s a special occasion like a birthday or festival that you can’t celebrate together. Some international students leave Australia because of this challenge alone.

Not wanting to leave.

It is natural that after spending a semester in a foreign country, you won’t want to leave all of your new friends behind. On top of this, homesickness can become especially bad when you know that you have to leave your newfound friends behind and return to your home country.

Making friends

You may find it difficult to make new friends at university or in your hostel because everyone already has their group of friends. You may feel like the odd one out and think that everyone else has made friends easier than you have.

Finding a job

Finding a job can be challenging for anyone, but it can be even harder as an international student. This is because most employers expect local students to take up positions rather than international students, who they see as only being in Australia for a short period.

Finding a home

If you plan to study in Australia and want to move there, finding a home is the first challenge you will face. The city of Sydney offers attractive apartments for rent with excellent amenities. However, the price of these apartments is beyond the reach of international students. So, you will have to look for rented houses at some other location outside the city.

Getting lost

Sydney is one of the biggest cities in terms of its land area. It is divided into different districts and suburbs. It becomes very easy for international students to get lost in this big city. If you do not want to get lost in Sydney, you should know how to use Google Maps or some other GPS-based app on your smartphone. You can also ask a local friend or colleague to accompany you when going out shopping or any other purpose in Sydney.

Educational expectations

Once students arrive in Australia, they face the challenge of living up to the expectations of their education providers. Some students find it hard to adapt to new and different learning styles, while others may struggle with the language barrier – spoken English is very different from what’s taught in schools!

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

One of the biggest issues international students face is the constant feeling that they should be doing more; they should attend more events and talk to more people. This is especially true if they live in a homestay where they feel isolated from their classmates who live in student apartments together. This can lead to social anxiety and depression among students.

Money management

Financial problems of international students have one of the most ignored factors and that is Budgeting.

Budgeting is one thing students have to get used to if they want to stay afloat financially quickly. The cost of living in Australia is high, and it takes time to figure out how much needs to be spent on rent, food, transport, phone, and internet bills.

Part-time study

A lot of international students are also working while studying. This can be a challenge as they have to balance their workload with university assignments and studies.

Academic writing

The biggest challenge faced by international students in academic writing. Many students struggle with writing assignments on time. Students find it difficult to adjust to the new learning environment and writing styles. Most universities require students to write assignments and submit them on time. Still, many students cannot meet these deadlines due to various reasons such as procrastination, family issues, relationship problems, or stress from work or other assignments.


Finding suitable accommodation is another challenge for many international students because there are so many things that need consideration before choosing a place to stay, like location, cost of living, etc., but sometimes finding a roommate becomes more important than anything else!


It’s easy to get distracted and lost in your thoughts.

Many students procrastinate. They put off doing something important until it’s almost too late. If you’re an international student, procrastination is even more tempting because there are so many new experiences to enjoy: meeting new people, exploring the city, and discovering new places are all things that could distract you from studying! To avoid problems, keep on top of your studies from day one.

Family Problems

Many international students face problems with their families. Most of them, being Asian, come from very strict, conservative families. They find it hard to adjust to the new environment and culture exposed to in Australian Universities. The parents of these students do not appreciate their independence and freedom, which is a common feature of many Western Universities, especially Australian Universities.


International students also find it hard to find true relationships and make real friends in Australian Universities, as there are some differences in culture between Australians and international students. In this way, international students who come from conservative backgrounds can be upset by the behavior of the locals, which are more liberal than those of the international students’ countries. This problem can greatly affect students’ performance as they will not have enough time for studies if they are fighting with their friends or partner.

The Lectures

The lectures at Australian Universities are very different than those at Asian universities. Most international students face difficulty understanding what lecturers are trying to say; they need time to get used to the accent and presentation style of lecturers.

Feeling alienated

Due to their different cultural and language backgrounds, some international students may feel alienated when they arrive in Australia. This is more likely if the student had never left their home country before or traveled much overseas.

Accessing the labor market

International students who wish to work while studying may find it difficult to access the Australian labor market due to being unfamiliar with job-seeking practices, cultural differences, and language barriers.

Integrating family

While many international students come alone, others bring their wives and children with them to study in Australia. It can be incredibly hard for families to adjust to life in a new country, especially for children who do not speak English yet.

Sleeping and eating disorders

International students may struggle to adjust to a new environment and cope with stressors. A study found that poor sleep quality is associated with anxiety and depression among international students. Anxiety and depression may trigger sleeping disorders like insomnia or hypersomnia (excessive sleeping). Some international students also may develop eating disorders due to anxiety or depression.

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