Proven Strategy – How to get 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube in 1 Year?

To build a successful YouTube channel, the first thing you need is increasing viewership which is repeatedly possibly through subscribers.

James Jani – Dark Documentary YouTube Content Creator (Real Life Example)

James started his YouTube channel in the year 2019 with the intention to gain 1000 subscribers in 1 year. Initially, he almost reached 500K subscribers by just uploading 10 videos; making $30,000 a month from YouTube Ads alone, isn’t this strange?

1 Million Subscribers On YouTube
James Jani YouTube

The most surprising factor was where creators nowadays keep advising you about maintaining consistency. For sure consistency is the key to success, however, it’s not the ultimate method of being successful. The most important factor James focused on was the supreme quality of the content. This was done with the amalgamation of entertainment and education.

Creating documentary-style content just amazed the audience because it wasn’t just it, but the way of narrating the dark stories made his videos go viral.

There are numerous videos available on the web related to topics such as Bitcoin, Stock, Money, Recession, and similar niches. However, the style of James executing the script with animations and effects are just unbelievable.

No wonder he takes around 150+ hours in making a single video, as each video includes:

  1. In-depth-research
  2. Writing script
  3. Accumulation of video clips & images as evidence
  4. Animation, after-effects, and detailed editing tasks
  5. Voice-over and face-time recording
  6. Connecting the story with evidence and editing to make sense
  7. And much more that he shares in behind-the-scene videos on Patreon

Within 15 months of his channel creation, he gained over 1 million subscribers with just 18 videos in total.

Choose 1 Of 2 Ways – Extreme Quality or Semi-Quality With Consistency

In the above case, James Jani chose the extreme Quality of the content. And that is why he was able to upload 1 video in months.

The majority of YouTube creators don’t take the risk of waiting that long for content creation. As they are scared to lose the opportunity of gaining subscribers and bringing a huge gap between each upload.

The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out):

  • Viewership
  • Subscribers
  • & Money

Makes the majority of creators choose the 2nd way of being consistent and delivering semi-quality content; instead of taking a long gap and providing extreme quality.

The decision also depends on what type of person are you? Or what do you like the most?

Whether you’re an introvert and intelligent that believes in quality instead of showing up face every day. Or a sensible person who loves talking to the camera every day.

Be More Clearer

Subscribers are your loyal audience that will watch your videos, support what you’re doing, and help grow your channel.

Once you have a large number of subscribers on YouTube, it’s easier for brands to notice you and collaborate with them – which can result in earning some money from ad revenue or brand deals.

So how do you get 1 million subscribers on YouTube in one year? Let’s take a look at some proven strategies:

In this post we’ll cover the following:

What metrics are important for growing my subscriber base on YouTube? Should I focus on views or likes/dislikes?

What type of content should I be creating to encourage more people to subscribe? How often should I post videos?

How many times can someone view one of my videos before they have to subscribe? What tools can help track & manage my growth rate?

If you want to grow your business and become a big influencer, you need to know how to grow your youtube channel.

Write Good Content

To succeed on YouTube, you must create attractive, engaging, and entertaining content.

People will not watch your videos if they are not interested in the subject matter or if the quality of your production is poor.

They’re not fewer creators making fortune out of YouTube, but creating good content is something, not every creator does. It takes time and effort to create videos people like watching and sharing with friends.

If you want to build an audience quickly, focus on having great content instead of worrying about how many subscribers you have.

Use VidIQ or TubeBuddy For Keyword Analysis, Tags & Competitors

Keyword in title, tags and competitor research is the foundation of your video marketing strategy. And growing to 1 million subscribers on YouTube faster will require these techniques.

Tags and Keywords are the primary words people use to search for content on Google and YouTube, so they’re essential if you want more views on your videos.

Appropriate implementation of meta plays a significant role in the success of your video marketing strategy, especially for YouTube.

You can use keywords to find your audience and grow your channel organically by using them in each video’s title, description, and tags (more on that later).

Optimize Video With SEO: Title And Description

The first thing you need to do is optimize the title and description of your video.

The title should be relevant to the content of the video. Also, ensure that you use keywords in both places: title, description, and tags.

In order to get more views on all of your videos, do use the same set of tags and 80% meta; so your videos would be suggested more.

On the other hand, mentioning your niches related and focus words within the settings of your YouTube Studio will make it clearer to the YouTube algorithm what is your content about. The better execution of SEO, the higher chances of getting appeared in the search will be.

Improve Appearance & Presentation Of Your Channel

  • Make sure your channel description is clear and concise.
  • Ensure your channel banner is eye-catching and includes the right colors for your target audience.
  • Ensure your channel icon is eye-catching and includes the right colors for your target audience.
  • Add a link to your channel in all of these places: email signature, website footer, blog sidebar, etc., so that people can easily find it if they decide to check out some of your videos later.
  • Share your videos on social media whenever you publish them (and don’t forget about sharing older content too).

-This will help people discover new channels they might like – including yours.

Get Some Social Media Love

Another way to get your videos to go viral is through social media.

Create a Facebook page and post your videos there, or create a YouTube channel and post them there.

When you post the video, include hashtags in the description so that people can find them easily when searching for those hashtags.

You can also reach out to influencers on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform and ask them if they’d like to share your video with their followers to attain 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Asking them nicely will lead to more organic shares, which will help spread awareness about what you do.

If all else fails, then go ahead and give it some paid advertising support by buying some targeted ads on Facebook or YouTube (or both).

This strategy won’t guarantee success, but as long as you have something worth advertising, this should work out fine to grow to 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Give Back What You Get

The most important part of this strategy is to give your subscribers something in return for their subscription.

Give them exclusive content, a discount or special gift, a memorable experience, deal, or bonus that is only available to those who subscribe.

For example: Create an email marketing campaign announcing the launch of your YouTube channel and allow your subscribers to become a subscriber before anyone else does to grow to 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Asking For Subscribers Is Not a Shame

To grow your channel to 1 million subscribers on YouTube successfully and quickly, you need to ask for subscribers at the end of your videos.

There are multiple ways to do this:

  • In the video description. Put a link that says “Subscribe if you liked this video!” or something along those lines.
  • In the comments section on YouTube itself, right below, you enter a comment of your own. Just type “Subscribe if you liked this video.” or something similar into that box, then hit submit and wait for others to follow suit.
  • On Facebook or Twitter, with a link to your YouTube channel page (which will open in the new browser tab), say something like, “I just posted my latest tutorial on making your cupcakes from scratch.

If even people who aren’t subscribed might be interested in watching it anyway—and let’s face it—they probably are—then why not give them an easy way?

Network With Other YouTubers

Networking with other YouTubers is a great way to grow your channel. Sharing each other’s videos can help one another get more views and subscribers.

If I do something nice for someone else, they might come back and do something nice for me.

When it comes to networking on YouTube, there are two types of people you should be targeting: your competitors and their followers.

You want the people who watch similar content as yours but aren’t currently subscribed to your channel yet

—the ones who could easily be swayed into becoming a new subscriber if given the right incentive (i.e., an interesting video).

The best way to find these potential 1 million subscribers on YouTube is by using Google tools like Keyword Planner or Trends; try searching keywords related to what you create (videos).

Then look at how many searches are being made per month; this will give you an idea of how big the market is – and whether or not there’s room for growth.

Wrapping Up – Getting 1 Million Subscribers In 1 Year

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