Google vs ChatGPT

Enough of Google’s monopoly, ChatGPT has arrived! Google vs ChatGPT

Past 24 years, Google had its monopoly in the web industry. It not just formed its own identity, but provided revenue sources to its publishers and partners indirectly. On the other side, it was a bit unfair to new publishers due to its long time-consuming SEO process. No matter how best of content it provided to its answer seekers. The creators still remained unhappy to date. Web3 World just tweeted it’s time to say, “Enough of Google’s monopoly, ChatGPT has arrived!”

ChatGPT was formed not with the intention of rivalry with search engines. However, the way it is assisting users and making them consume content with accuracy in no time; is changing the perspective of users towards ChatGPT.

People out there are kidding, calling it Chatbot vs. ChatGPT as competitors.

Yes, they are kidding. The chatbot is just a kid.

ChatGPT is here to disrupt the search industry.

It has already SHAKEN Google’s soul.

Google vs. ChatGPT – is the real thing to look for!

Creators, publishers, and bloggers have had enough of creating content and getting nothing in return.

From publishers’ perspective, here’s the scenario for Google vs ChatGPT:

Publisher spends time, money, and energy on contentSpend No money or energy to get content in no time
On Average, a blogger spends $20 paying for each article written off less than 1K words, and for 50 articles minimum of $1000 Spend $0 to accumulate accurate content for articles
After spending min $1000 on content writing, there’s no guarantee you’ll get ROI for the first 2.5-3 yearsAs you haven’t spent a dime, there is still a hope of winning without worrying about the investments
Google search has too much of competition, due to which a user gets confused about which website is proving the true data.Open AI machine is getting mature, so whatever data it’s providing is based on accuracy.
Does it provide false info? Some sites do, yet there’s no tool that can detect the lies falling under the line.Can it provide false data? It may be if the wrong info is fed. Till now, most of its answers are correct and no biases observed. No wonder why people are loving it.
Based on Google’s algorithm, SEO takes 7-12 months to understand the authoritativeness to start showing results for a new website.
Due, to its monopoly, publishers are helpless and they wait for months and years to build their web business.
CG system does not require that long time to get intellectual. It accumulates and provides 1 satisfactory result that the user can’t deny. This may not provide any monetary benefit to publishers. However, in the coming days, it may come with opportunities for publishers to provide genuine content to help it get more mature and powerful.

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