How Does YouTube Work

How Does YouTube Work & Shows Your Videos On Upload?

YouTube’s algorithm is downright different from that of Google’s. Both content engines work with separate perspectives. If you’ve been working online, you might’ve been familiar with how organic ranking takes place. Google determines when and how your single content is to be lifted based on the quality. If a bunch of users seems to be unsatisfied the same content gets degraded assuming non-provision of user intent value. However, the majority still wonders ‘How Does YouTube work?‘ Will it be the same in 2022?

The very first technique that YouTube’s algorithm applies to a new channel is understanding the content. And who to serve it to? Is it relevant and right to what people would be interested in? Based on these primary factors the next technique of organically promoting the videos takes place. Browse Feature (Home), Suggestions, and Search Queries are 3 of those.

What Happens After You Upload a New Video On a New YouTube Channel?

As said, YouTube doesn’t know who to suggest your videos to.

And we need to figure out how does YouTube works and show the videos.

So at the initial stage, it uses ROOF ATTRACTION FORMAT – RAF for a new channel.

What’s RAF (Roof Attraction Format)?

There are millions of ROOFs within YouTube significantly based on the INTEREST of the users. Whereas categories and niches are considered secondary. As mentioned, it doesn’t work as a blogging format.

Let me explain the roof. A ‘Technology’ roof is one of the widest roofs under which ‘Tech content creators’ + ‘Tech interested people’ are hurdled in. And for sure it is controlled by the chain of Tech creators.

Now with such a tight competition, your new video for a new channel has ‘0’ Zero chances to get under that roof. Being a viewer of course you can enter it, but not being a creator.

Just like every blog has to create an authority to outrank the competition. Here you need to have Highly-Relevant & Interesting Content to acquire some space.

With further segmentation, tech content can be represented under sub-roofs based on products: Mobile, Laptop, AI, AR, or similar. And every roof has a bunch of people underneath. Why? Because they are interested.

Similarly, digital marketing, beauty, facts, and funny bases have their own Roofs Of Attraction.

Matching Up and Pairing Up Video Contents – LEVEL 1

Now, what YouTube does after seeing a new video on a new channel. It tries matching up and pairing up with other content comparing the interest-relevance.

Let’s say there already exists a Roof Of Attraction called ‘Samsung Series 2022’. This roof is temporary and will last only for 1 year in general.

This roof is in-demand, popular, and valuable for a certain period of time.

So interested potential users, Samsung’s existing customers, and researchers would walk into this roof. And stay there for a certain period of time.

For instance, you uploaded a TECH video about ‘Best Samsung Series 2022’ at the beginning of the year. And another creator uploaded ‘Every Samsung Galaxy A Series Phone Compared (2022)’ in the mid of year.

If the content highly relates with the bunch of people highly interested in Samsung products. No matter how old or new you are on YouTube. Your content is going to take off.

You both have higher chances to acquire more views. As the competitors were a bit late in making such videos on these topics. And when they made it was almost the end of the year.

At some point, the ROOF named ‘Samsung Series 2022’ will start vacating. People would walk away off the roof as it was time-based and the year 2022 is about to finish.

So when a new creator makes a video, it should be based on Futuristic Content. Or should be shot and uploaded before the big creators do it.

So, new creators on YouTube will have to take advantage of TIMING in order to gain popularity in less time.

Once your 3-4 videos start getting views in thousands, you get eligible to move into the next level of YouTube suggestion. This feature is used for the content growing impressively and gains a sort of trust and interest of the people.

The curiosity of how does YouTube works and shows videos primarily rely on suggestions and the app’s Browse feature.

Does YouTube Work The Same Way For Kids’ Videos?

Yes, the YouTube algorithm is nothing different for adults and kids. The RAF works the same way as it does for the roof made by and for adults. However, one of the advantages of kids’ videos is that the competition is not jam-packed for several niches as for adults. The reason behind this is, not the majority of kids take interest in creating content. But they do love watching instead.

No wonder why kids’ entertaining companies like Cocomelon make USD $120 million a year just by presenting animation videos to educate and entertain the children.

Can Kids Make More Money On YouTube Than Adults?

The answer is yes. Kids can make more than the imagination if applied the right strategy. YouTube audiences are babies and kids lovers. Anything about an infant or toddler or children, people rarely ignore the videos. Be it about a recipe, dance, fun, or just a talk. We all love seeing kids doing multiple tasks on social media.

Being a kid itself is an advantage to Start a YouTube Channel and start earning out of it right away.

Taking the right help of parents or any relative could boost the kid’s channel.

Suggestion Feature – LEVEL 2

Yes, you’re organically upgraded now. People have started liking and showing interest in your videos.

As SUGGESTION is one of the primary features of YouTube. It did observe that your video is appearing in the WATCH HISTORY of some users under the ‘XYZ’ roof.

Now YouTube will play its card, showing the same videos of yours to the majority of people within the same ‘XYZ’ roof.

And this is how you keep appearing in suggested videos of users. And keep getting views from multiple countries and you’ve no idea how and why your video showed up there.

It’s because every country has a group of people settled under the same roof that you were targetting.

For instance, sometimes when you look for ‘A Day In a Life Of a Bulldog‘. You may see several results for a similar query with a couple of a few thousand views.

Why, because their suggestion rate is low. And the rate is low because there’s not enough audience looking for that content. That means the roof has only a few 100 users under it. And nobody knows whether it’s going to grow or not.

Whereas relevant videos about ‘What It’s Like Living With Two French Bulldogs‘ or ‘Quarantine’ life with 2 Dogs. These are rarely searched videos. So what’s the reason these are getting thousands and millions of views?

The reason is these creators are already settled under the roof where there are more people interested in dogs.

Taking advantage of your settled channel get an immediate response compared to the new ones.

Also, Sometimes being too specific may hurt the channel, and going too broad will kick you off the competition. It’s good to find a Roof of Attraction that has a moderate level of competition. And the people under are highly engaging.

Long story short, a basic watch analysis is essential.

Browse Feature / YouTube Homepage – LEVEL 3

The most powerful feature that YouTube has is the feature of showing up videos when a user opens up the app. You are literally not putting any effort to appear on the app’s home screen, but YouTube is doing it for you.


Based on these factors:

  • Extreme Interest of User In Your Videos
  • High Watch Time
  • Video Suggestion Rate Is High
  • Your Likes Are Impressive Compared to Dislikes

And the simple answer is users have either watched your video until the end. Or have watched multiple videos of yours with a good amount of average watch time.

How Does The SEARCH Feature In YouTube Work?

The search feature is somewhat suitable for new creators. Whose videos are not organically promoted by YouTube within suggestions? As said, the irrelevance, targetting small roof spots, or mixed content. Basically, YouTube has no idea who to show your videos to.

Here YouTube uses the tags and words you incorporated within your content. And shows it to those people typing in the same query.

And that is why when you add in tags of your video with the least views ever. You’ll see some other videos of other creators with limited views as well. Because you all are just under the wrong roof or targetting the tiny ones.

To some extent within a vlog or similar channel, mixed content is still okay. If you have already built a good number of subscribers and influencers. Your audience knows you well. So even if sometimes you upload a random video, people are still going to watch it.

Final Verdict On How Does YouTube Work & Shows Your Videos

There are some concepts you need to keep in mind. Not all ROOFs are time-bound. The age or time limit of the roof relates to some categories, trends, or recency. The majority of roofs last around 4 to 5 years. Such as recipes, funny videos, facts, road incidents, or informative videos.

Some roofs last for 2 years based on personal vlogs, insights comparison, etc.

The short life span content comes under news and today’s update kind of roofs.

The answer to ‘How does YouTube work’ is somewhere within the flow of the process.

Try going step-wise, from a correct roof that can be matched and paired to suggestions. And if the content quality and performance are simply superb, you are going to win the app’s home screen of the user.

And this is what all YouTube creators want!

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