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How To Improve Core Web Vitals To Score 100 In 20 Mins – PageSpeed Insights | Make $1K+ Out Of Pagespeed Score

Before you look into How To Improve Core Web Vitals score to 100 or at least 90+. Get a quick glimpse of actual results with 100 and 90+ scores for two different blogs/sites.

Demo Site 1: Desktop Score 100; Mobile Score 90

1st Demo Site has the following:

  • Light-weight theme
  • Less additional sections i.e. each post still has a simple design
  • The word count of each post is around 300 to 800
  • Most posts have videos embedded along with the featured images
  • Default Gutenberg is being used to write and stylize the posts
  • Again, images on this site are converted to Webp format instead of JPEG. The image size maintained is around 30 kb to 60 kb

And so this site was able to gain a Desktop Score Of 100 recently, which is great. And there is one more biggest reason why it was able to achieve this score which I’ll share in a few minutes.

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Demo Site 2: Desktop Score 98; Mobile Score 97

The 2nd Demo Site is opposite the 1st site, and it has the following:

  • Heavy-weight theme
  • Some additional sections have been added to several posts wherever needed. I did apply different styles with spaces, colors, and highlighting typographies to enhance to look of the added section.
  • 800 to 1500 is the word count of each post on this site
  • More emphasis was given to designing the featured images
  • I’ve been using both Gutenberg and WPBakery as page builders you can say
  • Recently, started to apply Webp images for this site as well. Maintaining size between 30 kb to 80 kb

One Common Reason Behind this Is Cache Plugin

Both of these demo sites use the same caching plugin called ‘WP Rocket‘.

I know you might be wondering, that there are already some free WordPress plugins out there. Why use the premium ones?

I’ve literally tried free plugins including Hummingbird, Ezoic Leap & Cache tools, etc. I never got the result I was expecting. When I tried WP Rocket I just blew my mind.

Firstly, I got curious when I went through the reviews of customers.

Secondly, the results were so instant. I remember when I installed this plugin on the 2nd demo site (with applied settings), it improved the score to 90+ in just 20 minutes of work.

We generally, spend 100s and 1000s of hours making our blog worth it. So why not spend a little more to maintain the value of those precious hours spent in writing, researching, and planning? A few publishers do invest in hiring writers too, so why not get a secure plan to maintain the speed of all your business sites?

When you can achieve so much in less time, why waste time manually fixing every single issue?

Why You Shouldn’t Fix Core Web Vitals Errors Manually?

Generally, if the score of a website is between 50 and 69, the number of errors would be around 20.

For a CWV score between 35 to 49 might have 30+ issues to fix.

Manually fixing each issue is not an easy task. It might take a couple of dedicated hours, days, and even over a week. And most fail in fixing errors manually as only developers and CWV experts can understand them better.

In my opinion, wasting hours, days, and weeks in fixing matters is just as this is not going to move the needle.

In order to keep things going it’s always preferable to install a WordPress plugin that can fix such issues in a matter of minutes. And without you stressing out!

A recommended plugin like WPRocket is a sensible solution to run things smoothly. And improving your site performance better than your big competitors.

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