How to make extra money

How to make extra money $399 p/w with a little effort living in Australia or UK/CA?

Do you need extra money now? Making money has never been an easy task for anyone, be it an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur. But if you’ve got even a little bit of basic skill you can make the most out of it. So how to make extra money with a little effort?

1. Earn From Dash Cam Recordings

If you’ve got a car, this won’t be much challenging as you’re thinking right now. Imagine, whenever you drive the dash cam simply records and stores your videos for a while. And those videos if given to a platform such as AussieGuide, you get paid a revenue share.

Sounds interesting?

Of course, all you need to do is submit video clips that show some interesting event, incident, or any unusual happenings on the road. You can expect a big percentage (%) of revenue share if your video shows 3 minutes of interesting content (after-edit).

The requirement is quite obvious you need to get a dash cam for your car. Just to make it easier for you here are some to consider:

Submit Your Road Videos Here

Ensure the recordings are high-quality and meet necessary requirements!

2. A Virtual Event Planner & Consultant

As virtual events become more popular, there is a growing demand for event planners who specialize in virtual events. This is a better chance for people who have experience in event planning. But also for those who have strong organizational and technological skills. You can confidently offer your services to businesses or individuals who are looking to host virtual conferences, trade shows, or even weddings. Use online platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to organize the event. And make sure that everything runs smoothly as per clients’ expectations.

3. Start With $30 Per Hour of Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Are you an animal lover? If yes, this task is definitely for you to make extra income. Starting a dog walking or pet sitting business in your local area won’t be of any harm. You’re already aware of the locality, and you know where the pets would like to walk and play the most. Utilize your spare time to add value to the lives of these loving pets. Publish your services on Facebook and Instagram. Try reaching out to local pet stores and veterinarians will be a good idea to put out your word about the business. Also, try offering additional services such as grooming or pet training to increase your income.

4. Renting Out Your Parking Space

If you already live in a busy area with limited parking, you can rent out your parking space to people who need it. Promote your service a little more through online platforms like JustPark or ParkOnMyDrive. Having a spare parking space in busy locations is like a golden spot to grab in. So why not give it to the needy ones and make some more cash? The best thing is that you’d be in full control of yourself to set your own rates and plan on which days are available to rent out your space.

5. Online Tutoring

With the pandemic, online tutoring has become more popular than ever before. At the initial point offer your tutoring services in a variety of subjects to students in your local area or even globally. This is an excellent opportunity for people who have a passion for teaching and are knowledgeable in a specific subject. You can use online platforms like Zoom or Skype to conduct your sessions. The fee structure will be completely onto you!

6. Renting Out Your Car For Ride Share & Private Hires

According to the report, every household has at least 2 cars. And the 2nd one sits in the garage or a parking lot 95% of the time. Read more about this report.

There is absolutely no point in parking the liability in your garage. On a temporary basis, you can think of it as an asset to get the advantage of cash flowing in. If you don’t use your car often, you can rent it out to people who need it. Online platforms like Car Next Door allow you to rent out your car to people in your local area. People are literally making extra income without investing too much time or money either. Also, you’d be able to set your own prices and decide when to rent out your car.

7. Insta-YouTube-TikTok: Social Media Manager

With the increasing importance of social media, businesses are in need of social media managers who can help them create and execute social media campaigns. Offering your services to businesses in your local area or even any region of your country.

If you generally spend more time creating, posting, and analyzing posts on Instagram, TikTok, or even YouTube. You’re already carrying a good level of skills which the market needs the most.

This is an excellent opportunity for you if you’re genuinely passionate about social media and are thoroughly aware of different platforms. With convenience, you can create social media content, and engage with customers. And significantly, analyze social media metrics to improve the businesses of your clients.

8. A Proud House Sitter

If you’re trustworthy and reliable, you can offer your services as a house sitter to people who are going on vacation or traveling for work. It’s quite important to promote your service online. People are looking for trustworthy sitters while they are out on vacation or for other reasons. You can take care of the homeowner’s property, pets, and plants while they are away.

9. Creative Voice-Over Artist

If you have a great voice, you can offer your services as a voice-over artist for videos, audiobooks, or even phone systems. There exist 100s of platforms where you can register describing your gig including Fiverr and Upwork portals. This is a great opportunity for people who have a talent for voice acting and want to make extra income. You can record your voice from your home studio and send the files to your clients.

These were some of the best ways to earn money on the side with a little effort.

Conclusion on How to make extra money

All the above points mentioned can be pursued by anyone who wants to make extra income living in Australia, Canada, the UK, and similar countries. Each opportunity requires different skills and resources, but with dedication and hard work, anyone can turn them into a side job for extra money.

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