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“I found New Way to Start a Blog and Make Money in the first 60 days, 100% organic”

No jokes, I literally found a new way to start a blog and make money straight away through ‘Google Discover’. No web stories, no headaches! And this is possibly achievable within the first 60 days of blogging all from ad networks, no affiliates, or writing long stressful articles. The traffic that lands on the website is Direct/organic and an easy way to build your career as a blogger.

Forget the old methods of blogging that require hours of research, lengthy articles, and strategic SEO. And the worse thing waiting for 6-8 months to get your post ranked in the search engine. Which again has no guarantee of sustaining on the 1st page.

And this becomes too challenging, especially for one who has been working on a new blog.

Even I got sick and tired of starting a new blog on a particular niche and working from scratch for years. This is so sad when putting so much effort and investment does NOT bring fruitful results. Nothing could be as demotivating as blogging.

And this is all because of old mentors who follow the old methods of blogging and keep asking you to PUSH HARD. And keep digging for years until you make it.

It’s hard to wait for that long, I’ve got bills to pay.

To tell you the truth, out of 100% of beginner bloggers who start blogging with so much hope and enthusiasm, only 2% make it to success. Rest 98% give up with valid reasons such as insufficient time, competitors, ‘efforts + no results’, and so on.

The problem has always been unlying the way we’ve been thought to blog. Now is the time to change it.

You can follow these 17 steps to create a blog and create a blog post to start earning within 60 days of blogging:

StepsActions to take
1Don’t be silly, Stick to 1 Niche (if you’re really serious about the results)
2If you’re not writing on Trending Topics, you’re wasting your life! (start seeking here: Google Trends)
3Ain’t you using Twitter for evidence? You’re doomed. (Follow major companies, people, and subjects to understand today’s hottest tweet within your industry)
4Now write an article of about 300 words, yes 300 is enough!
5Embed the tweet within your article, as a piece of supporting evidence. So that Google can trust your words! (otherwise you already know no one trusts you)
6Can you find more supporting evidence like a short clip or Insta post? (Oh forget about it. If not, don’t worry, Twitter is sufficient)
7I’ll give you 2 options for the featured image: Either CLICK real PHOTOS to present as a NEWS. Or Create an Image (change the background of the subject), and make clear & quality EDITS. (If you can’t do this, go educate yourself with the skill)
8Write a CATCHY & NEWSY Headline. Build some eagerness to gain clicks. (just like you arrived on this post reading my title)
9Don’t do SEO (you can do this after 30 days, as Discover gives you some chances to appear up till a month. Just add a focus keyword, that’s all)
10Now HIT the PUBLISH BUTTON (do this thrice a day, of course for 3 different posts each day)
11Schedule your News posts, just like I did (Midnight, Morning & Afternoon. Don’t ask me who reads at midnight. Some crazy people do)
12Try applying some NEWS ARTICLE SCHEMA (Submit News Sitemap in Google Search Console after publishing articles). So Google can treat me as a NEWS & MEDIA SIte.
I got Rankmath Premium for this. You’ve got to show some seriousness here)
13Don’t you’ve your picture in Author’s Bio? You’re a liar. If not, upload it along with your LinkedIn Profile Link.
14Additionally, I installed WP Rocket for better speed and web performance. (See if you can do it too)
15You’ve done so much to get on the track. Now share your posts right away on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram channel.
16Do this GDB (Google Discover Blogging) method, every day. (No matter how ill, busy, or lost you are – No excuses)
17You can watch Netflix now!
new method to start a blog and make money

Apply the practice for over 60 days can consistently get you into Google Discover. This has the potential to drive massive traffic even 100K a day. Ensure your hosting is strong enough to handle it. Talking about money? Comment to me in the WhatsApp group about how much you made, we’ll see there.

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