Increase Sales During Christmas

5 Tips to Increase Sales During Christmas Season: Nov-Dec 2021

The first 10 months of the year from Jan to Oct are really convincing months. It’s quite challenging to grab the attention of a person to buy at least a single commodity. Whereas, to increase sales during Christmas, NOV & DEC are actually money-making months for most of the businesses. You really don’t have to convince. The customers themselves will come and find you.

According to the research, the most important factor is to be available & visible in the competitive market. Be it eCommerce or a traditional outlet. You need to be seen to welcome a bunch of potential customers in your store; to increase your sales before & during this Christmas of 2021.

The human mind is programmed to believe that prices are higher during the Christmas season. The first thing you need to do if you want to boost your sales is convincing your buyers that prices are lower.

Also, keep in mind that people are more likely to buy items if they can get them right away. You should create a sense of urgency so they think that time is running out. So they take quick action of buying the stuff before the sale ends.

In this article, we will explore to what limit you can take advantage of the upcoming Christmas. And how it will increase your sales and help your business grow.

Introduction: The Benefits of Christmas Sales

Sales are the lifeblood of any business.

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for retailers. Every store tries to create a perfect atmosphere by decorating their shop to match the mood of the holidays, playing Christmas music in between customers, and by hosting holiday sales.

Christmas sales are also important for online retailers. The main benefit of Christmas sales is that they bring more customers to stores, which means more revenue for stores. They also help stores avoid overstocking merchandise around Thanksgiving, when people are often too busy or tired to spend their money on big-ticket items like electronics and furniture.

Christmas sales are a time of the year when retailers can make a lot of profit. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of Christmas sales for retailers.

1) Christmas sales allow retailers to bring in significant revenue.

2) This can be a good opportunity for retailers to increase their profitability by understanding what products they need to sell more and which ones they should reduce inventory.

3) This can be an excellent time for retailers to clear out old inventory and make space for new inventory.

4) Consumers are often more willing to splurge on items such as electronics or home goods during this time because there is a sense that there will not be any other opportunity like this again soon–leaving them with the impression that it is now or never.

1. What Are Pre-Christmas Sales, Coupons And Discounts?

In the Christmas period, many retailers use discounts and coupons to increase sales. The most common discounts are those that give a certain percentage of the money back from the purchase.

Some do call it a Cash-Back offer. For instance, when a user purchases an item pricing about $100. Within 24-48 hours receives a cash-back of $10 in the same account used for payment. The amount of cash-back depends on the seller’s strategy to attract customers.

Discount & Offer Types

Discounts are offered at different times and vary in size. As said, it completely relies on the company’s marketing tactics.

The first type is a coupon or discount code that can be used to buy products online. It is usually an alphanumeric code that is related to the company’s website and has to be inputted at checkout or it can be printed off as a physical coupon to present in-store.

Now-a-day you can see the coupon code in the form of a QR code within Email, SMS, or shopping apps; which is then presented before the cashier during checkout.

Coupons are widely used by many well-known brands such as Amazon, Nike, American Apparel, Adidas, etc. The second type of discount is a percentage of the product price which means there is no need to use any coupons or codes if it qualifies for this type of discount.

These techniques allow a company to offer incentives to their customers in order to increase customer loyalty or grow their customer base.

Some of the most common types of offers and discounts include cash, merchandise, bonus items, free shipping, trial periods, bundles, temporary price cuts, and coupons.

2. The Two Best Ways to Increase Your Profit on Amazon This December

The December holiday season is a great time for retailers to increase their profit on Amazon. With the right strategies, you can maximize your earning potential and get closer to your goals.

Amazon is a very competitive marketplace with many sellers competing for higher ranking and more sales. These factors make it harder for sellers to grow and scale their business and rank higher in the product search results pages (SERPs).

What’s The Primary Step To Increase Amazon Sales?

You need to choose either of the option – Amazon Associates (Online Affiliate) or Amazon FBA (for all businesses).

Amazon FBA

It is the fastest way to get into the Amazon business.

With Amazon FBA, you’re not bothering with warehousing costs, handling costs, and storage fees. All of this is taken care of by Amazon.

Amazon FBA also has solid margins on products they can buy relatively cheaply compared to other retailers. If you do your research and find high-quality products for low prices, then you can make a lot of money on Amazon FBA!

Amazon Associates

With an affiliate program, you need to create an account on Amazon Associates. And get the links and codes for each product you’d like to promote. Get a Gift Card

Here you can just add a code on your site and start promoting products from Amazon.

The more you promote the product, the more money you make. This is a great way to make passive income online by promoting products through your website or blog.

3. Unforgettable Gift Bundle

It is common to give customers a gift with purchase. A gift that they will enjoy, but also one that you will want them to remember you by.

The most important part of any gift with purchase is the product. If it’s not something the customer would normally buy, then the whole point of giving something away is lost. However, if you are able to offer them a product that they would enjoy and find useful, then this could be an excellent way of creating an unforgettable experience for your customers.

There are plenty of ways in which you can create a memorable gift for your customers. The most common way is by creating a bundle consisting of products from different ranges or collections within your store. This could include items such as bath goods, kitchenware, or even perfume and makeup products.

4. Provide Post-Christmas Promo Code On Shopping Above $399

People would definitely want it for shopping after Christmas.

Though the shopping limit would be low after December. However, people are still going to continue shopping on a timely basis.

Anticipating the discounts in the future, the smarties would surely shop above the set amount of $399.

We are entering the age of online shopping. It is here to stay and we will not be able to avoid it. So what does this mean for brick and mortar stores?

I think that brick-and-mortar stores will need to continue moving towards a more personalized experience with the same level of customer service as they have now. The key is to give customers a reason to come into the store, rather than just shop online. For example, I might want to walk into a store and buy my groceries or clothes based on things I saw on Instagram or read about in fashion articles online. This way, I can still get my shopping done without having to go through all of the efforts, but also get that personalized experience that I want out of my shopping.

How Would You Reach More Repeated Customers With This Idea?

You can make these promotional offers available through your website, social media channels, or email. And may have different terms and conditions. They are typically time-limited and can only be used once by each customer. And ensure you don’t miss out on providing offers to your in-store customers.

5. Add Gift Wrapping As Complimentary

Customers are more likely to buy products if they are delivered nicely and neatly. This is why you should offer gift-wrapping services on your website.

You should also make sure that the products are packaged in a way that is secure and provides protection during shipment. Find out what kind of materials are most popular with customers so that you can provide them with their preferred packaging.

6. Highlight Top 20 Customers On Your Site’s Home

This is something completely new! Ask your buyers if they are comfortable being highlighted on the store’s home page and screen.

If Yes, it is going to be more profitable beyond expectations! When you display a brief profile of a customer you need to include the following:

  • Name of the Buyer: Michael. B (e.g.)
  • Profile Picture
  • Praisings Position: 12 (e.g.)
  • Purchase Date: 27-12-2021 (e.g.)
  • Michael’s Website: MikeMn.Com (e.g.)

Display a website only if a buyer is interested in promoting a business or personal branding site.

How is ‘Christmas Highlight’ strategy beneficial for your buyer?

Here are some interesting facts of strategic benefits to your buyers:

  • Buyer will get a recognition as one of the loyal customers
  • Personal branding: Especially when a buyer is social media personality or have just started a business.
  • Buyer will get some more traffic and leads, if people start reaching out the given website.
  • This buyer will get some specialized offers during the next Christmas year to add some more value.

What format of buyer’s profile should be displayed?

Either Media + Text Column Format or Carousal.

The benefit of carousal is that it won’t take too much space on the homepage. Also, you’d be able to display the profiles of all top 20 customers easily in a single row.

There’s also an advantage of displaying a proper ‘Media & Text’ column for each customer. But this has to be set in a small size. And you can display 4-6 profiles on the Homepage, and add a button ‘View All Top 20 Customers’. For this, you’d need to create a separate page displaying all the 20 profiles.

However, you don’t want to confuse the new visitors about your products and services. Seeing some unexpected profiles on home may seem weird to some users, right?

If you execute it in a smart way, this is definitely going to encourage more and more potential customers.

You may even put some effort to display the same profiles on a display screen in your store. So it’ll motivate the walk-in consumers to make a purchase and get highlighted on the screen.

What title could you use to praise the top customers?

Some suggestions are:

  • “Our Top 20 Customers Of Dec 2021”
  • “Our Highly Valuable Customers – Dec 2021”

Note: Keep these displays active until the end of January 2022. Improvize the title copy to “Our Top 20 Customers 2021”.

Further, add a query after a single loop of the display is completed. The query should be “Would you like to be highlighted in our top customers’ list? Please have a word with our team member and fill in the essential form”.

Well, you can set a target to acquire this golden opportunity.

You being a business owner, it is crucial to set a minimum purchase target for eligibility.

The target of purchasing items above $999 in a single transaction. And above $1699 for electronics.

I hope, you’d try out this 6th step to increase sales during Christmas.

How to Boost Your Christmas Sales in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible?

You have a lot of competition and only a small window to make the most of your money. To win over customers and drive up sales, you need to be creative and strategic.

Note 1: Use a Push Notification

Push notifications are a way for you to promote your product directly to the people who visit your site. This is a great way to increase sales because it requires just one click on the user’s part to add an item into their cart – instead of browsing through the entire site, which takes more time.

Note 2: Deliver Your Products Quickly

Studies have shown that when customers do not have to wait too long for their order, they are more likely to buy from a given company again.

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