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Increase Website Speed – A WordPress Plugin To Score 95+ Core Web Vitals Insights

Before we look into the game-changer WordPress Plugin to Increase Website Speed. Here are a couple of practices to apply to your site in order to actually start seeing the results. And your dream of scoring 95+ for Core Web Vitals insights or even Scoring 100 PageSpeed Insight is going to happen in a matter of minutes.

1. Delete Unnecessary Posts, Pages, and Images

Content and files that don’t bring any value to your site. Any page or content results effective when either it is crucially important brings in traffic or puts some money on the table. If you’ve got such posts and articles that are irrelevant and don’t benefit your site, simply get rid of them. And this is a significant part of cleaning up the website.

2. Optimize images for faster loading

Images are often the largest files on a website, so it’s important to optimize them for the web. And the suitable format to let these images load faster is using webp format. You can do this by compressing images and reducing their file size without sacrificing image quality. Tools like Adobe Photoshop and TinyPNG can help with this.

3. Minimizing HTTP requests

Each time a web page is loaded, it sends an HTTP request for each file. For example, images, stylesheets, JavaScript files, and so on. Which are essential when rendering the page. By reducing such numbers of requests, you can speed up your website easily. One of the ways to do this is by combining multiple CSS and JavaScript files into a single file. This process is also known as the minification of files.

4. Minimizing the code

Minifying the code can reduce the ample amount of data by the browser that is a primary to download and procession. This task is possible by removing unnecessary whitespaces, & codes, and deleting comments.

5. Make use of the Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Generally, CDN can store your website’s content on servers located around the world. This reduces the distance that data needs to travel to reach the user’s device. Eventually, resulting in faster load times, especially for target users who are far away from your website’s server.

If you’re unsure about this, just ensure your hosting provider has the nearest location. For example, if your target audience is from the United States, get a hosting that has its server located in the United States instead of in Asia or other locations.

6. Delete Plugins & Widgets to Optimize server response time

Unfortunately, having too many plugins and widgets to fascinate your site, is just not a good idea. The time it takes for the server to respond to a request can literally impact page load time.

To optimize server response time, you can use a dedicated server. And reduce the number of plugins and widgets on your website that is of less to no use. Optimize your database, if you’ve worked enough in the admin section, you really don’t have to worry about managing things in the back end.

7. Apply Compression Of files

Enabling compression can reduce the size of files that are sent from your server to the user’s device. It’ll improve load times in real time. Gzip compression is a common method for compressing files on the web. Again, if you work manually on your files (before uploading) since the beginning, you’ll have no need to install a compression plugin to compress the files.

8. Don’t Upload Video & PDF Files

Uploading videos and PDF files is a terrible idea you’d ever think of. It is always a good recommendation to upload your files on the cloud such as PCloud, Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and so on. Let your bigger files get hosted elsewhere so you can simply embed or paste the link to make them available on your site. In terms of videos, upload videos to YouTube or similar platforms. Further, embed them on your page wherever needed.

How To Increase Website Speed Using WordPress Plugin To Score 95+?

You might have come across several free plugins that promise to boost site performance. But have you ever tried them yourself? We working with AustralianStreet.Com have tried several plugins including JetPack, Hummingbird, Ezoic (Leap), etc. These plugins never satisfied us.

We always struggled to Improve Core Web Vitals Score above 90+. It was like a dream far from accomplishment.

With some prior research, we found a couple of sites that scored high scores.

One common reason among them was similar web practices and the same cache plugin.

Following the above-mentioned practices to increase website speed along with 1 super powerful cache plugin saved us.

The only plugin that literally changed our world making our site perform better than ever before is WP Rocket. You can find WP Rocket Features in case you’re serious about solidifying your online business.

Why WP Rocket Caching Plugin Is Better For Speeding Up Website & Its Score?

Using caching plugin generally allows website data that is stored locally on a user’s device. So the next time when they visit your site, the pages can be quickly retrieved.

Though there are some best cache plugins for WordPress to kill the competition. We still believed in WP Rocket due to its fastest performance and improved PageSpeed Insight scores in Google.

It not only helped us speed up page load time but improve SEO Ranking in the search engine.

A solid plugin like WP Rocket can tremendously improve page load time in just a couple of minutes.

You may go through our quick guide on How To Improve Core Web Vitals To Score 100 In 20 Mins Using WP Rocket – PageSpeed Insights

Note: This guide will show you our applied techniques on 2 different websites as a part of this demo/experiment. One of the sites did score 97, whereas the another scored 100 which was just mind-blowing.

I hope these Practices + WP Cahing Plugin will definitely improve the speed of your website over 95+.

Score 95+ Score Speeding Up Your Site Performance

We’ve applied it on 2 of our sites. And they are performing better than ever we could imagine!
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Now that you know how to Increase Website Speed, it’s a good opportunity to generate some revenue from cashing service itself. You might also be willing to know:

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