Is KFC Halal By Any Chance? USA, UK, Australia & Canada

The places where the Muslim population occupies have Halal KFC for sure. In comparison with other mixed and chicken franchises like McDonald’s which are partially halal. Halal KFC is located in the suburbs and around Muslim inhabitants.

The burger giants like Wendy’s and Chick-fil-a in the United States, Canada, and similar tier-one countries. Finding halal options could be difficult. However, KFC is one of the leading global brands which has to have a wide coverage for all its craving customers.

The halal status of KFC may vary depending on consumer preferences and location:

In the United States, KFC may or may not be halal-certified. But some of its certified stores may serve halal chicken at your request.

In Australia, the majority of KFC restaurants do not have halal certification. However, some chains serve halal meals/chicken based on people’s preferences living around.

In Canada, some KFC stores are halal-certified and offer halal chicken. You can’t expect the same from the rest of the chains.

In the UK, a few prime cities are highly populated with Indian and Pakistani Muslims. Even the middle eastern Muslims. So such locations do have halal KFC restaurants running their business smoothly.

It is quite significant to note that halal certification is a voluntary process, and not all KFC stores will choose to seek it. It is always best to check with the specific KFC store in the locality you are to plan meals. This is to confirm if they offer halal chicken. A single communication will help keep you keep away from non-permissible food.

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