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“Is Your Custom Refresher Drink Worth the Extra $1?” Starbucks Seems to Think So

Starbucks refreshers have recently gained attention for charging extra for no-water refresher drink requests. Not in Australia but in the United States! The news has sparked a debate among coffee lovers and Starbucks fans.

Why Starbucks charges extra for no-water refresher drink requests?

Starbucks has a standard recipe for all its drinks, including refresher drinks. The recipe involves adding water to the drink, which dilutes the flavors and creates a refreshing taste. However, some customers prefer their refresher drinks without water, which results in a more concentrated flavor.

When customers request a no-water refresher drink, Starbucks has to use more ingredients to compensate for equalizing the space due to the absence of water. This means that the barista has to use more of the base, which contains caffeine, and more of the flavorings, which can be expensive. As a result, Starbucks charges extra for no-water refresher drink requests to cover the additional cost of ingredients.

Is it fair for Starbucks to charge extra for no-water refresher drink requests?

The debate on whether Starbucks should charge extra for no-water refresher drink requests has been ongoing. Some customers argue that they should not be charged extra for customizing their drinks, while others understand the additional cost involved.

From a business perspective, Starbucks is justified in charging extra for no-water refresher drink requests. The additional cost of ingredients means that Starbucks is spending more to make the customized drink, and it is only fair that the customer covers the additional cost.

Moreover, Starbucks has a transparent pricing policy that lists the additional charges for customizations. Customers can choose to add or remove ingredients from their drinks, but they have to pay for any additional ingredients they request.

Is ‘Summer’ the reason why Starbucks changed its strategy?

To some extent, yes. The summer season brings a huge demand for businesses selling chilled drinks, quenchers, ice creams, gelato, and so on. Who won’t love them?

Some businesses have a balanced menu, where customization doesn’t impact much of their profit. However, replacing a cheap ingredient with an expensive one will have a big impact on the business. And so, Starbucks headed to charge a little more for concentrated flavor for replacing water from the product.

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