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Jasper AI Content Writer Generates Plagiarized Content: Reviewed 🚩Red Flag

People nowadays are seeking shortcuts to write content. There are 2 reasons behind this. First, they are unskilled and cannot write original content researching from scratch. Secondly, they don’t want to invest in hiring writers to manually d the same. And so they end up using Ai writing software or the so-called best ai writing software. Our team thought of experiments the AI technology. So, we tried with Jasper AI content writer or say Ai Blog Writer.

Prior to trying it out, within the search engine, we searched for the best ai content writer and then for the best ai writing tools. Came across several Ai Writing Tools.

Some literally call themselves ‘Best Ai Paper Writer’ and some address them as ‘Ai Writing Generator’.

And of them come with a free trial.

Talking about the Jasper AI writing tool, it did come up with 5 days of a free trial. Then costing $59 for 50,000 words per month.

Our writer, signed up to give it a go.

We’ve heard so much about Jasper AI Content Writer is one of the best. But trust us, you don’t know the reality yet.

After logging in, we came across several options to generate Ai content.

We chose ‘Blog Post Workflow’ as we were planning to use it for a post. Here’s how it looks:

Jasper Ai – Forst look At Ai Writer Tool (After login)


AI Writing Tool – Jasper Ai Blog Post Workflow

Choosing the option did fascinate us. Our teammate began entering the topic and sub-topics to generate a paragraph on the set of keywords.

It does have the option to REGENERATE to spin the content and make it more presentable.

After making wise decisions and some manual edits on each step, finally, an article was ready.

Here’s a look at the initial section of the article:

Jasper AI Blog Content Writer

Our mate ran a plagiarism check to expect the detection of between 3% to 10% duplication.

Guess what, we were shocked when we got to know the result to be 93% Plagiarized (leaving 7% unique, which doesn’t make any point).

Jasper.ai generated content – 97% Plagiarized

Unfortunately, we immediately had to take the content down before it impacts our site and ranking.

How AI Content Writing Tools Work?

AI content writing tools work like any copycat human who works intelligently. In some cases, intelligence is just a term. In fact, some Ai tools work terribly dumb, leaving us astonished about who named the term ‘Intelligent’ to such tools.

What does AI Software do?

  1. It asks you enter the topic name or title. So it can start looking for content on others’ sites around the same topic.
  2. Then, it asks you to enter the Paragraph’s sub-topic with keywords. This helps the tool which site has relevant information available with similar keywords.
  3. It reaches the sites to begin extracting information, which is basically copying the paragraphs and content.
  4. It serves you the same. If you are not happy, you get an option to REGENERATE the content.
  5. Using this serves you a little different content extracted from another site.
  6. Once you like the content, you can proceed to add several paragraphs through the same method. This eventually gets your lengthened article ready.
  7. Some tools use word spinner or spinner bot to make the content look unique. However, this does not improve the quality of content.

Our Advice On Using AI Content Writer / AI Blog Writer Tools

Do not use it!

Though it says ‘Intelligent’, in actuality it is ‘Duplication’ of content.

It copies the content from others’ sites and serves you. These tools also provide you with the spinning option which again doesn’t really create an original piece. Regenerating or Rewriting the content is not a legit way according to Google and Bing policies.

Note: The best piece of content can only be written by a human. No machine learning or AI tool can replace human writers in originating ideas and creativity.

If you really want to succeed as a blogger, publisher, or content creator, stick to originality. And write your valuable pieces of content manually with appropriate research. Though the writers are expensive, they have a reason for being more expensive than any AI tool. Wonder what the human brain can do, bots cannot.

This was our experience with the Jasper Ai content generator tool. We assume this article was helpful for you.

Our team will soon be experimenting Jarvis writing tool or say Jarvis blog writer. With the actual outcome, we’ll get back to you with the new AI Jarvis writing tool Review.

Further gpt 3 content writing Review and other AI tools will be shared soon.

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