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Why is Jumpfly better than other PPC Ad agencies? Jumpfly Review on ‘Why do Clients Trust them’?

With solid revenue outcomes, higher returns on investments, and repeat purchases, Jumpfly clients are really satisfied with their strategic services that other agencies couldn’t promise. PPC Ads are way more than the target market and budget. You need an appropriate strategy to make your money work and return 2x to 10x in some or the other way. Jumpfly guys are PPC experts, they know what they are on. Be it Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, YouTube/Social Media Ads, or Amazon Ads. The response you can get through sales and acquisitions could thrill you!

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Has anyone used Jumpfly?

Yes, 100s of reputed companies have opted for Jumpfly Ads and Digital Services; and they are extremely satisfied with the results & revenue outcomes. Seems like they’ve got a perfect recipe for higher Return on Investments. Here are some of their opinion after years and continued working with Jumpfly.

Jumpfly Reviews

Lenore Saracino

Jumpfly review
Jumpfly review

Lenore Saracino is delighted to pen down this review, shedding light on the commendable efforts of the team at Jumpily. Serving as the primary point of contact, Lenore is well aware that Dain spearheads her dedicated team, supplemented by additional members contributing to her account.

Having been a loyal customer for a span exceeding six years, Lenore attests to the prompt and efficient responsiveness of Dain whenever issues arise or inquiries need addressing. Dain consistently furnishes her with insightful answers and innovative concepts, seeking to enhance her Google exposure and boost business prospects. Lenore expresses utmost satisfaction and happiness with the achieved results, acknowledging the team’s profound industry knowledge and their commitment to incorporating cutting-edge methods to surpass client expectations.

The collective effort is duly recognized with a resounding acknowledgment of a job well done.

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How long has Jumpfly retained their clients?

It’s true that once companies indeed start working with Jumpfly could go a long way for over 5 to 7+ continued years.

Reasons why clients stay with Jumfly Ads and Digital Services for years:

  • Effective Ads Strategy across Adwords, Microsoft, Social Media, and Amazon Platforms
  • Management Rates & Setup Fee Makes Sense
  • 32% – 52% Lift in ROAS
  • A 12-point increase in purchase intent
  • 403% Increase in visitors
  • With target audience: 200% increase in conversion rate
  • Strong level of expertise
  • 75% increase in ROI (Several Platforms included)
  • Expertise in Google and Amazon Ads
  • And customized Strategies that work for your niche, product, or industry

How much does Jumpfly cost?

Here is a detailed explanation of Jumpfly Pricing

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