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4 ‘Kids Business Ideas’ Can Make Their Parents Rich – Australia

Kids Business Ideas – It’s quite painful when you realize that your dreams are left far behind by the time you reach the age of 45. It’s not too late to give up on your dreams. But some goals cannot be achieved at any age. Does that mean only these kids’ business ideas have hope?

Some of you might have dreamt of becoming a master skater, stunt expert, or participating in the Olympics. Or even becoming an international sportsperson. Not all these can be achieved with the growing age.

Wait up!

Age is not a barrier, you can achieve anything at any age. But your health could come up with unexpected challenges. Physical fitness has a great impact on the overall achievements in your life.

Before we dive into the ‘Top Kids Business Ideas’ that Aussie kids can do and make money for you; let’s look into the factors that didn’t let you become a successful entrepreneur.

Factors That Didn’t Let Parents (You) Become an Entrepreneur

You might see yourself somewhere in this list of the entrepreneurship-blockage factors:

1. Too Many Responsibilities (as always)

2. A Genuine Problem

3. Lazy By Nature

4. Incomplete Research, Planning, and Implementation

5. Never Said ‘No’ – Tried To Be a Good Person

6. Insufficient Funds

See Detailed Elaboration On Above: Factors that didn’t let parents become an entrepreneur.

No matter even if you are financially unstable, you’ve got several options to start a business. And here comes even more opportunities with kids’ business ideas.

4 ‘Kids Business Ideas’ Can Make Their Parents Rich – Australia

These ‘kids’ business ideas’ can develop a sense of entrepreneurship within the kids. And train them to become successful business personalities in their youth and maturity age. 

No 4. Service Operator

Service operation that belongs to household chores for society and nearby houses through leveraging people. 

Relax, your kid won’t be working at others’ houses but smartly manage their work. 

A kid should come up with a specific one to two services that can be managed as a profession. 

For instance, lawn mowing is the activity that every house needs. Some people prefer doing it themselves on the weekend. But others barely have time to even look at it. 

Now is the time for a kid to use the bicycle for research purposes. To initiate this business, it is good to start with houses whose lawn looks unmaintained. Or the growth of grasses, shrubs, and unwanted materials is seen. 

Wait, before you reach out to the homeowners.

Your kid needs to research on the internet finding the perfect guys for the service, follow these:

  • Search for lawn mowers and cleaners at cheap cost. 
  • Make a list of them and give them a call.
  • Ask the cost for mowing and cleaning the ground after.
  • See their previous work if any.
  • Negotiate on costs mentioning your frequent service plan for the neighbourhood and society.
  • Make a package of single lawn moving and 3 lawn moving sessions in 6 months
  • Create an excel sheet  to record the details of lawn owners, mowing company, date, time, cost and your commission. 

Tie up with at least 2 service providers to get a load done easily in the future. 

Now the kid can begin approaching the owners of those houses by giving them an offer to try out the lawn mowing with a cleaning service. 

Let the house owners choose the package. Some people may not go for 3, but choose the one-time service to see how your service is being operated. 

On a scheduled date and time, ensure the kid is present while the service provider is doing his job. Also, ensure the cleaning is done after the lawn has been mowed. For sure, the owner would get impressed seeing the kid’s dedication towards work. 

And guess what some people would like to try out your operational service for 6 months. 

All you need to do is maintain a proper record in the excel sheet and be honest with work. This will give a responsible feeling of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Investment Required: $0


3. Game Planner

This could be one of the favorite kids’ business ideas. If your kid is good at playing random complicated games, that means he has a barrier-breaking mindset. For sure, he might think of ‘why the game maker didn’t add this XYZ feature’ or ‘this XYZ functionality would have made it better

If similar questions arise in the mind of your kid, he/she has the potential to develop gaming ideas. 

It’s always good to note the plans. Let your kind do these:

  • Plan an easy game concept (Avoid complication in the first game plan)
  • Make a list of inclusions (e.g. characters, objects, elements, etc.)
  • Explain the role of each character, object, element in the game.
  • Decide the looks, appearances, and color of each
  • Plan the outcome – What should be done and how to achieve the goal to move on to the next level.
  • Decide what should be monetized to make money – e.g. Level 8+ is the paid version to continue the fun

Now help your kid find a good game developer on the web. Meet at least 2 developers in person, and see how they can help you design the game at your max budget. 

Sign a privacy and copyright contract with the developers so they can’t utilize this concept to the customers.

This step of developing a game will take more of your time to get engaged with the developers at least 3 to 4 times a week. They keep updating you on every set of 2-3 tasks is accomplished. Once level one is ready, you need to try it out to see if any changes are required.

Further, on accomplishment, your kid would the official owner of the game.

Let the kid share his game with friends, families, and acquaintances to try out. 

Do these two to start earning from the game:

  1. Ensure your developers help you out uploading the game to the play store.
  2. Make sure your game is monetized with initial ads or paid-level versions.

You can learn how to upload game files on several platforms on the web. Also, get to learn the basics of SEO to get your game ranked in the SERPs. 

So people can easily find and download it to play.

Investment Required: AUD $3000-5K


2. Food Ordering Manager

Son/Daughter’s Min Age-Requirement – 17+ Years

Nope, your kid is not starting a restaurant; Neither is getting any job in one. But create a food supervision site for Australian-based (country-based) food ordering sites.

How does it work?

The ‘Australian Street‘ is soon launching a wide service that dedicates help to the people with entrepreneurial mindsets.

Here several food makers and chefs will represent their food, pricing, and day available to take away the items. We call them home chefs!

We just replaced the restaurants with individual personalities like mothers, food lovers, and makers to sell out their dishes prepared on an order basis. 

Your kid has an opportunity to become a manager of at least 10 home chefs just to supervise their service. 

These would be the kids’ job:

  • See the level of hygiene being maintained by the home-chef in and around the house.
  • Ensure food is being delivered to the right person on time; or manage takeaways
  • Keep an eye on ratings and reviews to decide the Taste quality being maintained.
  • Communicate with home chefs asking what they are lacking in and report to AustSt.
  • Prepare badges, so home-chefs can embed those within their profile or site as – Verfied H&G by Denial Co (Hygiene & Quality by your company/brand name).

How the kid would be earning?

  • Create a website specifically for maintaining the records of people in service (home-chefs
  • Australian-Street will assign you as a supervisor of 10 Home-Chefs
  • Create packages for supervision (3 months/6 months/annual starting from $30/$50/$70 each plan)
  • Home-Chefs will choose at least 1 package as it is mandatory
  • AustralianStreet will provide you with a checklist that you need to print and fill in online and submit when you supervise the hygiene and quality.

It’s recommended for your kid to have an understanding of basic ingredients used in preparing food; and detailed hygiene knowledge. 

This service comes with a responsibility. Your son/daughter would have the power to approve and set the level of hygiene and quality. This will be publicly displayed in the Home-chefs profile for customers to see before placing the order. 

This ‘kids business ideas’ format is suitable to supervise any food-preparing or bakery service provider. This will improve their quality of service and reputation. And bring more business to your one. 

Investment – AUD $300 (for website creation)

1. YouTube Creator

The best and the most convenient way to make your kid’s business ideas turn into a brand. Possibly by creating YouTube content which requires no to minimal investment. You might have numerous questions about what and how? 

Get everything answered.

Detailed info about YouTube Channel Ideas For Kids

Investment Required AUD $0 to $300 (only if pieces of equipment are unavailable)

Don’t miss it!


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