How to Make Money Online as a Teenager From Blogging?

An obliging question needs to be answered before knowing how teenagers and newbies can start a blog in 2022. How to Make Money Online as a Teenager? 

Prior to seeking the answer, a few questions arise on Why would you start a blog? I’m sure your answer would be one of these:

  • To Make Money Online
  • Get Popular
  • Just To Give Plenty Of Knowledge and Helping Out Others
  • Or All Of The Above

Teenagers can start a blog if they are eligible for certain criteria. Before beginning with a blog, make sure you’ve got mentioned qualities:

  1. Good or Moderate Command On a Language
  2. Excellent or Moderate Quality Of Writing
  3. Interested In an Object, Subject, Hobby and most importantly Passion About Something

Why is that so?

Search engines like Google, generally prefer an expert or an authority site to answer their users’ queries.

What does this mean?

For an instance, 2 different bloggers started a blog at the same time. And write about the same topic ‘Tesla Models 2022’. But the twist here is blogger ‘A’ has a multi-niche blog based on Finance, Crypto, Automobile, Gaming, Fun Facts, etc.

And the other guy writes only about ‘Telsa Cars & Products’.

It’s quite obvious that Google would give more preference to the single niched blog. Because this guy has been building authority within the same industry. And has gotten expertise in educating people in terms of the ‘Tesla’ brand and products.

Unsure on ‘How to Make Money as a Teenager from a Blog?’

Let me explain more.

– If interested in Object

Yes, teenagers can start a blog if they are affectionate and attached to an object. An object can be any physical or tangible item that attracts you, or makes you think or talk a lot about it, Viz:

  1. Dirt Bikes
  2. Smart Phone or Any Gadget
  3. Grooming Kits
  4. Sports Car

– Interested In Subject?

Here, teenagers can start a blog if they’re immersed in a subject. It could be a particular topic,


  1. Caring Pets
  2. Soccer Tips For Begginers
  3. Work & Studying From Home
  4. Sports News
  5. Opportunities for Tourists
  6. Digital Marketing

And similar topics you may choose from.

– Want To Write About Your Hobby?

Students can start a blog undoubtedly if they got an awesome spice based on their hobbies. Don’t get jumbled here. Your hobbies could be:

  1. Designing
  2. Cooking
  3. Being Adventurous
  4. Playing Rugby
  5. Bike Stunts
  6. Trying Up Different ‘Make-Up’ Styles
  7. Following Fashion Trends
  8. Analysing The Product & Its Market Scope
  9. Surfing What’s New on the Internet
  10. Photography or Cinematography

– Reveal Your Passion

Writing on a hobby is good to start as a beginner. Now convert your hobby into a passion that inspires others.

Acquire next-level professionalism in the ‘Niche’ you’re going to write about with passion.

The first sign of succession is to make others fall in love with your thoughts. And you can measure it using Google Analytics, and see the engagement time and bounce rate. You’d get an idea whether you’re really doing it right.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein

Write about what you love to do. Further, you’ll find tons of opportunities to monetize your niche site. Here’s a Guide on How To Start a Niche Blog.


In essence, Niche is a particular Field or Topic a blogger prefers for. A niche can be relevant to Hobby or an umbrella that shades one of your topics. Examples of niche:

  • Technology / Tech
  • Marketing, Advertising & Media
  • Electronic Gadgets & Devices
  • Digital Marketing
  • Automobile
  • Style & Fashion
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Makeup & Hair Styles
  • Food
  • Health & Fitness
  • Interior Decor
  • Digital & Graphic Designs
  • Dance & Yoga
  • Education
  • Film
  • Review & Clitics
  • How To Guide (Multi-Niche)
  • News


Now when you already have decided to start a niche blog. In order to begin with, plan for the first blog post plotting crucial points.

Whatever the topic would be don’t waste precious time on free blog portals like ‘Blogger’.

Even though you intend to start for free it won’t be advantageous in the long run. You cannot select premium themes, Won’t Be able to optimize with a 100% SEO Score, Can’t Add-on plugins, or Create your own customized Brand here.

Go For Self Hosted Blog as ‘WordPress’. Make your own brand empire to earn from.

WordPress enables switching Themes, Plugins, Advance SEO, Own Domain ‘’, Add widgets, Manage Menu, Manage Admin, and more.


Invest $60 to $80, of your pocket money, only once a year.

Unless you financially sacrifice, don’t expect 100 times multiple of it!

“Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.” – Paul Clitheroe

Godaddy, Hostinger, SiteGround, Hostgator or similar are the recommended Domain & Hosting Service Providers.

Ensure the plan includes an SSL certificate (HTTPS) as well. If not, you may have to buy it separately.

Get niche-relevant or self-named suitable domain. If your target audience is from a country like Australia, get a domain. However, this domain extension has some restrictions, as you need to get your ABN to acquire the domain extension.

Or you may also prefer.Com, if your audience is settled globally. And extension does not have any restrictions applied.

Further, you will also find the ‘1 Click Install – WordPress‘ choice to get your blog live in 10 minutes. All hosting Plans differ according to monthly and annual packages, choose what suits your pocket.


Generally, I don’t recommend jumping for a premium theme.

Your first goal should be to write as many articles as possible in the early months.

Just t give it a start, you can choose any free theme available within the WordPress theme option.

Once you’ve accomplished 3 months of blogging. Now, you can plan for an impressive theme, either free or premium.

Being a teenager you’ve got an opportunity to impress high-profile community readers with the professional design of your blog.

For this, you only have to get an eye-catching theme according to the niche of the blog. Several free themes are available on the web with designs ready to use.

Just to save your designing time, always look for the ‘1-Click Demo Import’ option. Using this feature you can easily get your full theme live in a matter of minutes. If you skip this option, you’ll end up wasting 4-5 hours just designing every single page of the theme.

Publish Between 12-30 Blog Posts Every Month

When you’ve decided to become a content creator and make money online as a teenager, you’ve got to be restless.

1000’s bloggers out there will teach you how to start a money-making blog. But, they SKIP the important lesson of

You can have a look at this important lesson in blogging, that majority don’t teach you.

The ultimate guide on ‘Blogging Journey & Earning Month-Wise’. Here, you can

Promoting Your Blog

There are several ways of promoting a new blog, some are:

  • Keep posting on Social Media – Though you get no likes or followers, just build your authoriry through regular posting.
  • Start a YouTube channel – Whatever you write about, elaborate it all in the form of a video. This will build a loyal audience base that you can drive to your blog.
  • Or If you are a Travel Blogger & Vlogger – Here’s a guide fro you: Starting a Travel YouTube Channel In 2022
  • Initiate Guest Posting on authority sites
  • Focus on YouTube #Shorts – This is the best medium to promote your blog. Just upload timely-videos teaching the people based on your expertise. You can find a list of Best YouTube Shorts Ideas


Being a teenager, you’re definitely going to make 100s of mistakes while starting a blog.

A rule is applied, when you’ve already set your mind to make money online as a teenager. And the rule is to learn, expertise & improvise from the mistakes made.

Major mistakes every newbie blogger makes, and those to be avoided. Do these:

  1. Avoid writing boring blog – Make posts interesting for readers
  2. Create 100% original content – Never copy content from other sites or blogs
  3. Write more on small & detailed topics such as ‘Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing’ instead ‘Earn Money From Internet’
  4. Don’t rush to ‘Publish’ the post – Review it twice correcting grammatical, technical and other mistakes perfecting whole blog
  5. Don’t over-express yourself as hero – Impress your readers by talks and talent that can really help readers
  6. Blog consistently – You may loose fans if blog ain’t posted frequently
  7. Do Neat and Tidy Work, it should be very clear, easy to read and understandable for readers
  8. Segregate explanatory points adding attractive and alive notes.


The time when you expect driving traffic to the blog, organic traffic comes first. Promoting blogs through paid campaigns is a sensible thought to initiate, however, may result in a loss in the long run.

A significant step is to drive traffic to the blog for free i.e. without investing a single penny. This could be only possible when you optimize the blog with SEO.

SEO does take a longer time to get positioned on the 1st page of the search engine. Possibilities are when the blog is 100% SEO optimized. It is a must to Check on SEO Score of the page before publishing it. Try maintaining a score above 90 if possible.

Related Help:

Learn How To DO SEO For My Website / Blog


Blog content creators have observed Pinterest being the most effective medium for driving traffic in comparison with other social media mediums. Advantages of being active on Pinterest.:

  • Publishing Pins Promoting Recent Posts To Increase Social Traffic
  • Increase Engagement On Posts
  • Gain New Fans and Followers
  • Update Followers With New Launches, Offers and Data
  • Get More Affiliate and Sponsored Ads Opportunities

In terms of Quora, you need to actively participate in answering the questions based on expertise. Leaving a relevant post link in the mid or at the bottom of the answer is safe to promote.


Just blogging and being on social media ain’t enough for the creator. If you settle on to stand out in the list of common bloggers, be a creative thinker. Mix and Match creativity with recent data on a topic you want to write on. You only need to spend 10-15 minutes a day or at least twice a week to research fresh statics, data, and competitors over a particular topic. 

This would keep you 10 steps ahead of other blog creators in the same niche.


Don’t keep your passion and talent hidden. Do reveal your blog to friends, co-workers, lecturers, and relatives. Collaborate with like-minded creators.

Always do things that inspire you, or be with the people who encourage you. This would help you create a worthy community helping you deliver productive content & business.   


Expecting revenue without skills is impossible to head-on. If you intend to make money online as a teenager, you’ve got to learn some primary skills.

Learning these skills is not mandatory but helpful. When teen beginners enter the world of blogging, they’ve 0% knowledge about technicalities. All they know is that they are passionate about something they want to write about.

Content Creators learn these skills after they enter into the growth stage of blogging:

  • Basic HTML
  • DESIGNING (Canva, Adobe, Looka, etc.)
  • VIDEO EDITING (Premiere Pro, Filmora, etc.)
  • A Hint Of CSS (optional)

These skills can be learned online from other bloggers or on YouTube for free.


To become a good writer it is a must to be a good reader.

Go through the successful blogs on the web, be it within your niche or not.

All you need to do is learn from their enhanced writing skill and effective marketing tactics.

Some of the best and most famous blogs to follow are – ProBlogger, Jeff Bullas, Copy Blogger, Search Engine Land, and so on.

Subscribe to their email updates and newsletters to read out fresh blogs they’ve posted. Take your writing style to next level.


Here’s the golden answer to your query on ‘How to Make Money Online as a Teenager?’ Blogging has numerous ways of making money online:

  • Apply for Ad Network to Start Dislaying Ads On Your Blog (Adsense or Ezoic)
  • Join Affiliate Marketing Program That Relates To Your Niche (or Join Amazon Associates)
  • Sell Quality Digital Products That Provides Value
  • Sell Advertising Space On Your Blog Posts / Sponsored Ads (Create Media Kit – Size, Pricing & Package)
  • Offer Paid Posts On Your Blog (where marketers & bloggers will pay you to post on your blog)
  • Offer Paid Training & Courses

This is only possible when you accumulate at least 1K+ Unique Pageviews Per Day.

And when you reach the 10K+ per day mark, call yourself a ‘Pro-Blogger‘.

Reaching up to this stage needs huge efforts and seriousness.

Well, every blogger is not a ‘Pro-Blogger’, it takes years of professional writing and successful delivery.

A teenager can start a blog for sure if one is following a mentor. It is quite essential to follow a creator who just started like you from nothing and making millions now.

Success Leaves Traces

Inspiration builds up the spirit and encourages you to begin and accomplish a task each day.

CONCLUSION: Plan to Make Money Online as a Teenager from Blogging

Now when the matter is enlightened on how to make money online as a teenager from blogging. A few steps should be kept consistent. Follow these crucial steps to achieve more blog success:

  1. Write at least 12 blog posts in the first month – Month-wise Blogging Journey From Week 4 To 12 Months
  2. Give 100% In Terms Of SEO
  3. Maintain Excellent Readability for better User Experience
  4. Start Your YouTube Channel
  5. Share your links all on Pinterest & Quora
  6. Expand Professional Network on LinkedIn
  7. Sell Digital Products
  8. Mention Blog in Resume to impress Interviewer & Make it Stand Out

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