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How Do You Make Youtube Shorts In 1 Minute To 1M Views?

Making YouTube Shorts might seem a new task to many who aren’t about the creation process. It takes somewhere around 1 minute to 1 hour to create your 1st YouTube Shorts. 1 minute for those who believe in realism. They simply record and upload immediately without any cuts and edits. And 1 hour for those who believe in perfection. So they record several shots, cut unnecessary, and make content short and meaningful using a video editor. Let’s look into your query ‘How do you make Youtube Shorts‘?

2 Processes To Make YouTube Shorts

A. Create YouTube Shorts In 1 Minute

These shorts niches do not require any pre-planning. Instantaneously you can make a decision to either perform for 15-20 seconds, record (or let someone record for you); and upload it. These niches could be Dance Performances, Adventures, Record Scenic Beauty, Capture Festival Moments, etc. It’ll take a minute to daily upload such superfast videos. (see the examples below):

B. Create YouTube Shorts In 15-60 Minutes

Plan in your head what your shorts would be about. Does require pre-planning and multiple shots for example the ‘Couple Goals’, ‘Pranks’, or ‘Emotional Gigs’. These shorts niches are something where creators have to either arrange the props that they are going to use to make the video more sporty and interesting. (see example below):

Creators should prepare, and research a topic, or an ACT they are going to perform. Also, they need to get the mics ready to get a high-quality voice conversation. The act could be humourous, emotional, foolish, or something that could grab viewers’ attention. This type of recording requires basic editing skills in order to cut unwanted shots and maintain the audio level.

12 Tiny-Mini Steps To Upload Shorts From Mobile Phone

  1. Open YouTube App
  2. Go To ‘+’ Sign on the YouTube Browser Screen (the ‘+’ sign button in the center footer of the main screen).
  3. Choose ‘Upload a Video Option’
  4. Select The Video Clip From Gallery (or ‘my files that you’d like to upload)
  5. Click on the ‘Edit into a Short’ option at the left-bottom of the screen. (Skipping this option will the upload clip as shorts, and will be treated as a long-form video).
  6. You’ll Find 4 Options viz – SOUND, TEXT, TIMELINE, and FILTERS
  7. Select the Sound if your video doesn’t have any Conversation. You may also keep the Original audio if it seems more interesting.
  8. Add Text or SubTitles To Video (adding text or subtitles to the video keeps users engaged until the end of the clip. It also attracts an increasing CLICK-THROUGH RATE if it’s added an image with text as a Thumbnail.
  9. Adjust Your Clip With Sound Within Timeline
  10. Add Caption to Your Shorts with the #Hashtags. This helps the algorithm understand what the video is about. And accordingly distributes it in the feed.
  11. Within the ‘Select Audience’ option, Select ‘No, it’s not made for kids’. So that your YouTube Shorts Earnings won’t be affected.
  12. Once done, Hit the ‘UPLOAD SHORT’ button.

YouTube Creator Studio Or My YouTube Studio

If you’ve already got YouTube Creator Studio App or say ‘YT App’. Within content, Go to YouTube Shorts. You can find your uploaded Short. Further, if you want, you can make changes to the Title and Description.

How To Make Youtube Shorts Example (with Editor / Editing Software)

Solid Tip To Drive 1M Views On Shorts

In order to drive 1 Million Views to your shorts, ensure the Quality of the Video is Maintained. And the clips have to be around 15-25 seconds max. The 60 seconds videos go viral. However, you’ll have to be consistent in uploading at least 2-3 of them in a day. Also, 60-sec clips require a particular skill or knowledge to grab viewers’ attention for that long.

Conclusion On How Do You Make Youtube Shorts:

YouTube is still making it easier for creators to create and upload shorts as quick-and-easy as possible. If you are finding it difficult to edit shorts in the editor. You’ll have to apply and practice recording techniques. Where you can record sots in 1 take without any error or mistake. Or you can learn to use the ‘PAUSE’ button several times while recording. This will save you time from editing and cutting down unwanted frames.

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