Mangools vs Semrush vs Surfer SEO

Mangools vs Semrush vs Surfer SEO: The Rank War

It’s quite essential to understand the vast difference between Mangools vs Semrush vs Surfer SEO. Because their use cases are broadly different. Some aspects of Semrush and Mangools might seem similar. However, which tool to go with relies on your primary need.

To explain it in short, Mangool’s KWFinder tool helps find long-tail keywords faster which means without using the filters. There are chances you might come across some golden keywords. SEMRUSH is the king of SEO. If you’re an enterprise, agency, or medium to a big company, Semrush can assist you with finding commercial/transactional keywords; plus evaluate the competitor’s data, and more. Surfer SEO is more for AI SEO Content Writing which also helps add LSI, headings, and useful keywords to rank your content better.

Even if you are a beginner doing a blog or a website, you may surely be aware of Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO. To SEO optimize a blog, a website, or an e-commerce site, you need to have some sort of expert SEO tool to show your business on the web.

You might come across numerous SEO tools, what may be the best when compared?

In the upcoming sections of this article, we thought of comparing three major SEO tools namely Mangools vs Semrush, Semrush vs Surfer SEO, and Surfer SEO vs Mangools with you, and give you an idea about what and how these three SEO tools differ from.

Which is better out of Mangools vs Semrush

Before approaching our trusted comparison on what is better out of Mangools vs Semrush, we remind you that this can differ according to your goals and targets with your need for an SEO tool. Let us provide a brief explanation regarding these two SEO tools first.


In addition to a keyword finder for keyword research, Mangools offers you a SERP watcher for rank tracking, a Site profiler to detect website analysis, and a Link miner for backlink analysis. This SEO tool is best for individuals who need a simplified approach to SEO tasks.

Here are some additional benefits offered for their users by Mangools SEO tool;


Compared to other popular SEO tools, Mangools has a lower starting price. So if you are looking for an SEO tool for a small-scale business or a one-man show, Mangools will be the best out of any.

User-friendly interface

Simplicity offered by Mangools has been a special benefit for their users. With a user-friendly interface, Mangools has ensured their users can navigate and utilize its various tools related to SEO.

Focus on keyword research

Mangools lets you analyze the competition and pick the relevant keywords timely without any distractions.


Semrush is an SEO tool with several specifications and features and is also known as the big boss in the SEO field. Semrush offers tools for;

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink audits
  • Site audits and more

So, which is better from Mangools vs Semrush? If you prefer basic keyword research, tracking, and website analysis, Mangools is best for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a comprehensive arsenal to do keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink audits, site audits, and more, Semrush is the best SEO tool for you.

SEMRUSH – Best SEO Tool Of All

Semrush Best SEO Tool
  • Get measurable results
  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 10,000 results per report
  • Best for SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing

Which is better Semrush vs Surfer SEO

Both these SEO tools let you improve your website or blog site ranking in search engine results pages which is simply known as SERPs. Depending on some differences, both Semrush vs Surfer SEO have some strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s see which SEO tool out of these two will suit you depending on your specific needs.

As we have already discussed Semrush in the above sections, let’s take a closer look at the Surfer SEO now.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an automated SEO tool that allows you to create content that ranks higher in search engines. If you need to get maximum benefits with Surfer SEO, go through the following steps;

1. Perform keyword research

Actually, why do you need strong keyword research before writing content? If you have fulfilled the steps in researching a list of strong keywords which is based on the search volume, competition, and relevance to your specific niche or topic, how lucky you are?

2. Let you create clear content goals

Never mind what you need to achieve with your website. Surfer SEO can take them by creating and setting a clear content goal. Either you need to generate higher traffic through our content, promote a product by joining an affiliate marketing program, or boost brand awareness, you can use Surfer SEO as your SEO tool.

3. Create content that is comprehensive and informative

Not every SEO tool can generate an outline in addition to the research. But if you choose Surfer SEO as your SEO tool, you automatically get this chance because Surfer SEO generates a detailed outline and suggestions for your content based on top-ranking pages for your target keywords.

4. Optimize for on-page SEO factors

On-page SEO is one of the crucial steps in SEO. Surfer SEO provides detailed recommendations for you about on-page SEO including meta descriptions, title tags, keyword density, and image optimization.


Surfer SEO AI Content
  • AI Writing and SEO Optimizing Content
  • 100 Articles a Month
  • Adding LSI & Relevant Terms
  • Auditing & Researching Keywords
  • Invite Upto 5 Team Members

So, when compared with Semrush vs Surfer SEO, which one is best?

Here are some additional points that let you sort out which is better out of Semrush vs Surfer SEO;

  • Than Semrush, Surfer SEO is affordable to any individual who is at any low to high level
  • Even a beginner has the chance to operate the Surfer SEO tool only with limited knowledge when compared with Semrush
  • If you are looking for a primary AI-Wriritng SEO tool, you can go with Surfer SEO & if you are looking for a comprehensive SEO tool at a greater level, then Semrush is a better choice.

Which is better Mangools vs Surfer SEO

Now we have an entire idea of what Mangools SEO tool is and what Surfer SEO tool is. By standing on some pros and cons of these two SEO tools, let’s understand what’s better out of Mangools vs Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Powerful content optimization

Surfer SEO Cons:

  • Lack some features of Mangools

Mangools Pros:

  • Get access to five ultimate SEO tools such as SERP checker, keyword finder, SERP watcher, SiteProfiler, and LinkMiner while signing up with Mangools
  • Target trending topics and do the research

Mangools Cons:

  • Highly time-consuming due to difficulty in varying keywords (Sometimes)
  • SERP Watcher tool never provides you with history data (Sometimes)
  • Provides you with a 48 hours refund policy

Mangools KWfinder

Mangools SEO

$89 (for Agency & Enterp.)

  • Finding Long-tail Keywords Faster & Easier
  • Rank Tracking Tool
  • Backlink Checker
  • SEO Extension

Final Thoughts on Mangools vs Semrush, Semrush vs Surfer SEO, and Mangools vs Surfer SEO

Through this well-detailed comparison of Mangools vs Semrush, Semrush vs Surfer SEO, and Mangools vs Surfer SEO, you have the total opportunity to pick one according to your specific needs. Overall, we can’t pick one of these SEO tools as the best one through this comparison because all three SEO tool’s features differ from each other and are unique from one another.

We suggest you just note down your list of specific needs you prefer when choosing an SEO tool for your content material. So that you will not have to compare Mangools vs Semrush, Semrush vs Surfer SEO, or Mangools vs Surfer SEO!

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