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Online Business Ideas 2022 (Australia | NZ | UK | Canada)

8 lucrative online business ideas to start in Australia, in the year 2022.

These 10 productive online business ideas have immense potentials to get you successful in less than a year. This will require dedicated quality work to be delivered on a timely basis. Being unique and exclusive is the secret formula to winning in any of these activities.

01. Graphic Designing & Video Editing

Though these are two different levels of skills. Yet they are highly relevant and in demand.

If you were ever good at drawing, you’d definitely learn the designing skills. It’s just a matter of 2 months.

60 days are quite enough to understand the basics and some lucrative designs.

Post-completion of the beginner stage, you can try out designing some unique concepts.

You can earn out of it in the following ways:

  1. Make a Tutorial on How You Made This Unique Design. Get your YouTube channel ready. This’ll generate a passive income from YouTube once your channel is monetized.
  2. Create Some Premium Designs & Sell Those On Art Web, Behance or Similar Sites.
  3. Create Your Own Site and Have Full Control On Your Online Store & Pricing Of Desings. This Would Generate a Brand Image too.

Being a designer, you’d soon get interested in Video editing and making content for YouTube audiences.

Of course, YouTube is the fastest medium of promoting a large audience. This would not only promote your online store but generate a good chunk of money from viewerships.

02. Sell Your Designing Skills Through a Product

You being a good graphic designer, art maker, sketch artist; have a substantial opportunity to sell your designs along with the products too.

This is how you do actual business which operates the services online and traditionally as well.

To initiate, you need to register a space on Designhill, Printful, or Shopify.

The business model gives you the control over – choosing the product, type of clothing material, print quality, and setting up your online shop with a couple of hours.

All you need to do is:

  1. Identifying a niche
  2. Make a decision on quality material and t-shirt printing options
  3. Apply your own designs for selected product or t-shirts
  4. Validate your designs
  5. Setting up your online store

The service provider takes care of printing-on-demand service and shipping.

This is basically a dropshipping method that reduces the hassle of delivering products or managing the customers.

Shopify – Start Online T-Shirt Business

DesignHill – World’s Most Exclusive Platform For Artists

Printful – Create and Sell Custom Products Online

03. YouTube Creator

This platform may take you out of your comfort zone and do something really productive and meaningful in life.

Initiating with YouTube could be uneasy but you won’t regret it thereafter.

Requirement: Specialized talent either of communication, tutorial skills, performance, and more.

Along with this, equipment such as a quality camera (phone in-built); mic, and accessories could be needed.

As mentioned earlier, compared to all other online business ideas and methods, YouTube is the medium with the highest pace to success.

Earning out of Ads, Sponsorships, Affiliate links, and Influencers / Brand Ambassador are the sources of income you could generate within a year of quality delivery.

04. Content Writer

If you love writing about anything and everything. Represent yourself as a professional writer. Content writing is one of the most demanding services on the web.

Showcase your sample content on freelance portals to acquire more projects.

Requirement: Must have professional writing experience of at least 6 months.

Create your own site to deliver content services to corporate companies at appealing pricing in the beginning.

Promote your writing talent through:

  • Fiverr or Upwork
  • Your Own Blog
  • Writing As a Guest On Other’s Site
  • Contacting Companies and Offering a Free Piece of Article If They Would Like
  • Teach Writing Skills On YoiTube

05. Digital Product

If you’re smart, think beyond ordinary online services.

Create your own product and sell it the right way. Digital items include courses, ebooks, tools, software, e-consultation, music, art, etc.

Requirement: A minimum investment of at least $500 is required to create a tool or small software; or collaboration kind of product.

Informative products don’t require any investment. You can create it yourself.

06. Affiliate Marketing

To become an affiliate marketer, one has to have reviewing & storytelling skills. Unless you narrate a story with personal experience, no one is going to buy the product.

It’s better to aim for 1 article based on 1 to 2 specific products. So that it becomes easier to elaborate pros and cons.

Requirement: Get an Amazon Associate account. Register for several affiliate programs with impressive commissions, being offered by companies in Australia.

07. Ideas Seller

Be it any business, sports, real estate, or any niche. You can become an expert in providing tips and ideas on anything and everything in Australia.

If you are a mum, you can provide some crucial tips to mothers-to-be. As they are the most curious creatures with thousands of questions running in their head all day.

Requirement: A website with quick chat integration to provide instant answers to queries.

08. Home Chef

Replace the restaurants! A customer now could place a food order to an individual with cooking expertise.

‘Australian Street’ soon launching a platform for food & cooking lovers to represent their tastes.

100s of individuals would register to offer this service simply fulfilling the order from home.

Requirement: Contact AustralianStreet and get registered.

09. Skilled Services

Selling services your expertise in, such as Consultation, Artistry, SEO, Financial advisor, etc.

Requirement: You need to have your own website in order to establish a brand. So people can make a direct reach to you.

10. Freelancing

Freelance work does not require having a site. But specialized knowledge either in Web development, graphic designing, animation, etc. is a must.

Suitable Platforms: Fiverr & Upwork

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