Blogging Journey Month 13 to 18 | Phase 3: Fight The Comp | Table & Tips

Welcome to the second year of blogging. 

Hurray, you made it till here.

People generally give up in the first year of blogging due to low page views and no income. You maintained the patience, which means you’ve got more potentials to put more effort. 

This year you won’t regret the decision of starting a niche blog.

Unaware about previous blogging phases:

  1. 1st Phase – 1 to 6 Months: Baby Blog
  2. 2nd Phase – 7 to 12 Months: Traction Time

This phase 3 of 6 months is going to make your blog stronger to compete with competitors. It’s not going to wipe off your foes, but the search engine is going to give you some space to last a bit longer in SERPs. 

Blogging Journey From 13 to 18 Months: Phase 3

13th Month

Immediate Action

If you’ve already made a decision of outsourcing some of the work; Increase the number of posts you publish each month.

Continue with all crucial activities you performed in the last 2 months.

Carry On Doing These:

  • 15 blog posts in the 13th month. (Let 50% of those be outsourced).
  • Monetize every post
  • Create more youtube content and embed it into your blog posts.
  • Carry on all the activities performed in the 2nd phase

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 15700

Earnings: $480

This earning is cumulative of Ads (80%) & Affiliate (20%).

Haven’t included your product revenue.

14th Month

Immediate Action

You’ll see an improved performance of your blog in the search console.

You’ve got sufficient content now, see if you can add RSS feed to the Google News publisher. 

Carry On Doing These:

  • More 15 blog posts.
  • Continue with Content creation on other platforms.
  • Increase your possibility to appear in Google News

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 19.5K

Earnings: $620

The EPMV or EPM PageViews may fluctuate.

15th Month

Immediate Action

During this month, you might need to clean up any issue occurring within the console. 

Further updating old posts is crucial as well. 

Why in this month?

Because the next month onward, you’d be focusing on your very own product promotion.

Carry On Doing These:

  • Come back to publishing 12 blog posts (60% outsourced)
  • Maintain all necessary activities
  • Be consistent with YouTube
  • Update maximum posts this month and fix the issues if any.

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 24k

Earnings: $730

In phase 3, your earning could be more than our estimation, if that’s the case, good on you. But if you seem lost and left behind, do follow our journey points making a checklist of what you missed. 

You may even contact us to have a look at your blog.

16th Month

Immediate Action

In the 16th month, you’d be launching your 2nd product. 

Make this product either a tool, software if you can afford to launch it.

Else, you may simply launch a course series that could be helpful for your audience.

Follow These:

  • Either outsource 70% of article work or limit your publish to 8 posts this month.
  • Focus on the features and value provision of the 2nd product.
  • Promote your launched product through ‘YouTube Ad‘. This going to get you a high conversion rate.

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 30k

Earnings: $1k

The YouTube ad promotion for the product is going to increase both Pageviews, Ad Earnings and Product Revenue this month. 

17th Month

Immediate Action

Pause the paid YT ad for the 17th month of the phase 3. Instead, organically promote your 2nd product through Pinterest, YouTube channel, and SEO.

For SEO, it is important to create a landing page. Create a buyer’s funnel, taking them through a process step by step. And hit the target with a highly approaching set of paragraphs or a video. 

Follow These:

  • Back again to 12 blog posts
  • Creation of landing page and buyer’s funnel to hit the target.
  • Organic traffic through SEO to the landing page
  • Post product launch on social platforms
  • Keep influencing viewers on YouTube to opt for the product. Elaborate its value.

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 35k

Earnings: $1140

The solid organic web mentions, traffic + returning visitors are going to nurture your blog to the most.

18th Month (of the blogging journey: Phase 3)

Immediate Action

This month is going to be fruitful. You have already created several sources of traffic targetting the right audience. 

And you have also created sources of revenue.

In the 18th month, do all crucial activities including organic promotion of both the products.

You’d Be Doing:

  • Continue writing or outsourcing 12 blog posts. This has already brought a satisfying result.
  • Keep monetizing every single post after every publish.
  • Gain more subscribers on YouTube and Email. Improve email campaigns to increase more open & click-through rates.
  • Continue all the activities performed since the 11th month of the blogging journey.
  • On-going social publishing by automation; and other activities for improved results.
  • Promote both the products organically.
  • Continue with Affiliate Marketing.

You’d Achieve These So Far:

  • 74 blog posts in these 6 months + 170 blog posts in the first year
  • Overall you wrote 244 blog posts in 1.5 years of the blogging journey.
  • And you should be proud of yourself.

You have already defeated 30% of your competitors. And your journey to fight them continues until-and-post the succession.

You are very close to make your blog a business platform (within the niche).

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 44k

Earnings: $1450

You are almost close to becoming an entrepreneur. As you’ve got part of your work handled by the freelancers. 

To some extent, you’ve already re-invested in paying for the outsourced work. And further YouTube Ad promotion, which has created a band image of your blog in the minds of some viewers. 

This strategy is going to increase more web mentions, and continue bringing up more organic traffic and pageviews.

In the next 6 months of the 4th phase, you’ll be doing the first collaboration for a personal brand. It’s not done yet, your profiling within ‘IsWorth.Org’ and ‘—–‘, will generate revenue from unexpected sources. Stay tuned! 

The upcoming blogging months will bring up collaboration and personal branding opportunities as well!

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