Semrush SEO Hacks

7 SEMRUSH SEO Hacks for Volumized Traffic to Your Site in 2024!

Sometimes being experimental could surprisingly result in something unexpected. Simultaneously, with these SEMRUSH SEO Hacks, you might come across some golden keywords and strategies that you haven’t applied before.

1. Set Keyword Difficulty

For Moderately Competitive Niche, Set KD: Possible

Set Keyword Difficulty to Possible
Set Keyword Difficulty to Possible

For Highly Competitive Niche, Set KD: Easy

Set Keyword Difficulty to Easy
Set Keyword Difficulty to Easy

2. Set Word Count: 4-9

‘Under’ 4-word keywords might seem a bit challenging to rank at a faster pace. ‘Above’ 4-words are usually best to cut off loads of competitors, and this increases the possibilities to rank faster; as articles on long tail keywords are generally few if you investigate the SERP carefully.

It’s always recommended to look for medium to long-tail keywords for moderate to high competitive niches.

Set word count between 4 to 9
Set word count between 4 to 9

3. Category – ‘Buy’

Set Category to ‘Buy’ (options on the left) if available to some product-based keywords.

Generally, it is helpful for affiliate marketers to find some targeted keywords.

Set Category to 'Buy' if available to some product based keywords
Set Category to ‘Buy’

Of Supreme Help:

4. Enter Seed Keyword

When researching for keywords, it is wise to enter seed keywords of not more than 1 or 2 words. For example, Laptops, Healthy Meals, Recipes, and similar.

This gives a broad scenario of what type of keywords you are after.

Further filtering makes it even more efficient to grab some lucrative gems.

Seed Keyword - 1 to 2 words e.g. Healthy Meal
Seed Keyword – 1 to 2 words e.g. Healthy Meal
Seed kw e.g. 'Laptop' - Geekflare
Seed key e.g. ‘Laptop’ – Geekflare
Keyword Magic Tool - Seed keyword socks - Semrush
Keyword Magic Tool – Seed keyword socks – Semrush

5. Prefix BEST

Try finding the term ‘Best’ in the category left to you. If you can’t, try adding it to your seed keyword as a prefix.

For example: Best Pot, Best Decoration, Best Hair Style, etc.

Below is the keyword ‘dog training’, you can see ‘best’ within the categories on your left. Apply this term to accumulate targeted and affiliate conversive keywords.

Best Prefix - Seed Keyword
‘Best’ Inclusion In Category
Apply BEST Prefix in Seed Keyword
Apply ‘BEST’ Prefix in Seed Keyword

6. Exclude Time-Based Terms such as ‘Time’

E.g. Your Seed Keyword is ‘Best Luggage’

Set KD to Possible;

You’ll come across some informational and mixed keywords like ‘when is the best time to buy luggage‘. This might be good as a supporting article, however, won’t make much of a conversion for affiliates.

Before 'Time' Exclusion In Keywords
Before ‘Time’ Exclusion In Keywords

1 simple trick of words can bring up golden keywords that are highly conversive.

Go to Exclude to add the word ‘time’.

Exclude: ‘Time’

See the Magic…

Several keyword treasures with an impressive volume could be more lucrative from an affiliate perspective.

7. Include – TOP (for info-based articles)

Terminologies like ‘best‘ or ‘buy‘ may not be suitable for all sorts of keywords. Especially when your blog or site is informational and not affiliate.

For niches such as lyrics, stories, essays, movie reviews, Netflix show reviews, and similar content-based sites. It is advisable to try using the term ‘Top’ as the prefix.

For example: top 10 romantic songs 2024, or

top 10 digital marketing tools of all time‘ or

top 3 Netflix Docuseries for June

People don’t talk much about the term ‘TOP’, however, you might find some appealing keywords for you that your competitors are lagging in.


The mentioned 6 techniques are best for Affiliate Marketers, Enterprise SEO Strategy, Direct Sellers, and Ad network-relying bloggers to find solid Commercial, Info, and Transactional keywords that convert.

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