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SEO Agency Sydney / Melbourne Or a Hired SEO Employee. Who Does Better?

Revealing Fact – Know Who Excels, Hired SEO Employee or SEO Agency Sydney & Melbourne?

Understanding the concept of SEO to the fullest is a myth. Specifically when we talk about who’s the best, Hired SEO Employee or semi-recognized SEO Agency Sydney (and similar locations). 

Well, both play a significant role for any company expecting valuable results. 

When we closely compare an SEO agency with an SEO executive, there’s ain’t a big difference in the work they do. Obviously, the working style, priorities and duration took to accomplish the optimization process are the major differences. 

SEO Agency Sydney
SEO Agency Sydney

How does an SEO Agency in Sydney, Melbourne or in any location work?

Every agency has a set prototype i.e. ‘standard work style’ to begin and follow the task. Their only goal is to audit a site and start working on weak performing areas for a limited time. SEO agencies have these tasks to accomplish:

  1. Absorbing and understanding the client’s business, products, services, goals and potential customers.
  2. Auditing the site using brilliant SEO tools viz. SEMRush, AHREF, Moz, etc. 
  3. Analyzing the website manually, previous optimization and negative outcome scrutinization.
  4. Reporting the factors affecting the site, improvements to make and maintain the consistency of well-performing results.
  5. Ploting the strateiges
  6. Implementation and optimization process is done
  7. Split testing and evaluation of performance 
  8. Change in technical optimization on weak results; or improve the execution on satisfying results

The primary advantage of a digital marketing agency is that they got a team of experts and professionals. The team along with the project manager put smart efforts into achieving set out-turn. Even if they get stuck, with each other support they learn, improve and apply serving best to existing clients. 

The task-tendency of any digital agency is to provide an excellent outcome so that they won’t lose the client. And further expecting a repeated business with the same client who’d deliver positive feedback.  


How does SEO Executive work? 

The circumstances become worse when an SEO Executive is hired the same as a Digital Marketer. It’s all clear with the designation that Digital Marketing Executive have multiple tasks to acquire instead of focusing in a single direction. Unfortunately, this is the biggest disadvantage of being a digital marketer. Here a company sets a higher expectation from an employee in regards to outperforming SEO, PPC Campaign, Social Media and content writing. To some extent, this is truly possible but quite challenging to deal with.

This is what an SEO coordinate is asked and expected to start with in the first 2 months:

  1. Studying the company workflow, products, vision and periodic goals
  2. Audit the site through available resources and tools. Unfortunately, retail companies do not prefer opting for more than 1 SEO tool. It’s one of the reasons why analysis and audit report generated by an employee seems to incomplete when compared with in-depth analysis by an agency.  
  3. Reporting the factors affecting the site, improvements to make and maintain the consistency of well-performing results.
  4. Ploting the strateiges
  5. Implementation and optimization process is done (on some part of the site)
  6. Split testing and evaluation of performance (this also consumes more time to set-up 2 different SEO campaigns)
  7. Change in technical optimization on weak results; or improve the execution on satisfying results

Fact is, the ratio of infirm results would be higher. This happens when an SEO person has to focus on multiple channels. Distraction would obviously lead to underestimated SEO outcomes. It also makes defeating the competition onerous. 

The cons of being an SEO Optimizer or Digital Marketer is carrying a burden of workload alone on the back. Plus, baring the blame of not-so-well performer. And this is due to lack of focus,  involvement in several digital platforms instead of one. 


What does a boss expect from a Digital Marketer?

Every retail or supplying company boss expects the following tasks to be done:

a. Manage a website admin

b. Strategize and put SEO into action

c. Manage and keep reporting on PPC ad campaign

d. Manage social media accounts

e. Write content for a blog

f. Work on graphic designs

And most importantly, expecting results in no-time. 

When a marketer fails in delivering expected result due to workload, he or she is entitled to a weak performer. The reason behind is the immaturity of a boss in terms of digital knowledge and processing. To understand an employee’s circumstances, a person has to have a piece of in-depth knowledge on how digitization works; and what skills and team are required. For a single person to handle all platforms and fantasizing to defeat the competition is close to impossible. Necessary support needs to be taken in order to acquire the challenging goals. 


Hiring a Digital Marketer As a Multitasker, For a Corporate Company Is a Bad Idea!

Always prefer specialists in every specific area assigned to manage a particular campaign. With bigger budgets, it is quite easier for a corporate company to recruit multiple employees. This makes allocation of work simple to understand and deliver. Going for a single digital employee may save-up your money but releasing higher chances of unsatisfying results.

The other option to avail is assigning a digital agency which already has a dedicated team of professionals. You no more have to worry about hiring people, the team would look into the matter for you.


Small Budget Companies Should Recruit a Digital Marketer For Multi-tasking!

For sure, small companies draw their own boundaries and accordingly place an employee. Keep a note of this, restricting the marketing boundaries would also bring-up restricted profits. It won’t be the fault of a marketer, but the work system. You’d definitely be glad about digital marketer’s performance but up to a certain limit. Anticipating beyond the actions is a false hope which shouldn’t be considered. 

The recommended way is to let the marketer be assigned for a dedicated task only viz. SEO & Content Creation. 

Or allocate for PPC Ads and Social Media.

If you literally want an employee to manage all of SEO, Content Writing, Ads and Social Media; 2 of the 4 channels may reach your objectives. But the other 2 would fail in accumulating similar conversion. 

Allow your employee to focus in 1 to 2 domains, and let them become an expert in the same. Enforcing to get all & everything to be done is possible, end of the day you may lose an employee. 

Not to forget, the employee never quits the company, it’s the boss who’s quite! 


Woefully, Some Australian Companies Are Dumb To Understand The Value Of a Skilled Employee!

Let’s take an example, a patient suffering from major brain injury expects to be treated by a heart specialist. Even a kid would understand the difference between the brain and heart as different organs with uncommon functionality. 

Unfortunately, 80% of the companies in Australia are dumb enough to grasp the dissimilarity. And the major example you’d see on recruitment sites viz. Indeed, Seek & similar. Here, the employment requirements placed by the companies asking for SEO specialists with the preferred knowledge of Graphic Designing.

Doesn’t it sound funny?

It seems like you’re asking a scriptwriter to perform salsa 🙂

Learning is attainable, but preference is enforcing!

We really need to feed our brains with the knowledge and differentiation between 2 irrelevant skills.  


Digital and SEO Agency Sydney and Similar Cities Are Smart In Terms Of Recruitment!

When an agency is looking to higher someone, it’ll possibly place a requirement for a specialist or a manager. This is because they clearly understand that an SEO specialist can only master SEO and outrank the results. And the same cannot be expected to deliver with the graphic designing matter. 

So for every channel to manage, they hire an expert whether its social media, SEM or professional content writing. 

This is because they know, only a specialist could resolve the problem related to the client’s requirement.

Whereas a manager is hired with a general objective to overall supervise, strategize and report the matter. Again, not expecting him or her to specialize in a single domain.  


How Companies In India Place Smart Employment Requirements? 

Though India is a developing country, the industrial and corporate sectors here are quite determined when hiring. 

A small budget company in India with a requirement of ‘SEO & PPC Executive’ will never-to-hardly ask for Illustrator or Graphic skills. This is because they know that the candidate carrying excellent designing skills cannot be expected to optimize a website for better ranking. It’s a no-brainer!


Australian Street’s blog is not just an article but a lesson for companies carrying out the same hiring techniques!




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