Youtube Channel Ideas For Kids

4 Shorts & YouTube Channel Ideas For Kids In Australia

The kids’ internet market is growing expediently like no tomorrow. Here is a great opportunity for parents to encourage and support their kids, to begin with. There are 100s of YouTube Channel Ideas For Kids to go with. Some are Social media activities, kids blogging, and more. But the most happening and effective would be to start a YouTube Channel.

When we think of Aussie kids, we visualize the smarter, adventurer, hodophile, and creative ones. And one with the quality of leadership. You can’t let your kids’ skills go waste and unseen.

Aussie Guide the author from ‘AustralianStreet’ has brought the inspiring article especially for parents and their smart kids. 

Your little one if loves playing trickier games, he would love to indulge in Creativity as well.

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Aussie Guide’s Suggestion

Besides all that you’ve planned for the kid. It’ll be better if you involve yourself in the first 2 videos of initiation. This way your kid won’t get nervous and be more confident. Moreover, a conversation between the two will build up more engagements and views on the video. The subscribers’ numbers would have higher chances to surge when a serious discussion and decision-making comes over.  

Let’s dive into the best 4 Shorts & YouTube channel ideas for kids in Australia.

These are not just the YouTube channel ideas, but the money mining sources. The sources that people hardly think of!

No. 4 – ‘Your Kid’ Reviewing Consumer Products / Reviews For Products

There exist many channels where kids do reviews on Toys and Games. But now, there seems to be more competition for your kid to compete. It doesn’t mean she or he cannot. But to defeat the competition is time-consuming and endeavoring. It’s always good to predict the future of the market and create content with low competition. 

See if your kid shows interest in reading the info, directions, methods, or ingredients on the labels of the items you buy. If Yes? Your kid is on the right track. This basically means she or he wants to read and know more about how and what belongs to the product. 

Note: If you don’t see your kid showing any interest in the bought items, make them do it. When you take them shopping, encourage and guide them to read the details behind the product.

Questions you need to teach your kid about the product:

  • What are you looking for in the product?
  • What does this product do?
  • Which products to avoid after reading the ingredients or the uses?

Comparing the Items for ‘Reviewing Consumer Products’ On YouTube

For instance, Comparing Aldi’s Grandessa Jam vs. Woolworths Jams (try comparing the same flavor e.g. Strawberry or Raspberry.

Content Questions & Specifications To Be Recorded:

  • Difference between Strawberry & Raspberry flavors – Which one tastes better & why?
  • Ingredients in Aldi’s Grandessa Jam
  • Ingredients in Woolworths Jam
  • Which one is more sugary? 
  • Which one is moist and which one is a bit drier?
  • Most importantly, which one is healthier – The number of calories per intake/serving
  • Other differentiating factors

Before recording the video, it’s recommended to get your child ready with the points and questions to elaborate. Significantly, it’s important for you to sit with the child and taste both the products. This will help you find out the differences, the good and the bad.

Note: Both parents’ and siblings’ input is equally important. In case of kid’s friends suggest you something that they’ve noticed, make a note of it. 

Preparation Before Recording The First Consumer Product Review For YouTube

  • “color: #000000; font-family: tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;”>3-4 days prior, make a short script (don’t make it took long, else your kid will lose interest after the 1st video)

  • Jot down all the points with a quick review of each
  • Plan which area of the house will be you filming in? (dining area or using kitchen platform would be suitable)
  • Ensure background is clean and tidy
  • Get your phone or camera ready to record
  • Make sure the area is bright enough for better visuals (use daylight or vlogging Ring Light for YouTube & Tiktok for better results) 
  • Don’t forget to get an Adjustable Recording Microphone or Wireless Lavalier Microphones With Receiver (Your voice clarity matters a lot)

This idea of reviewing consumer products will definitely blow the Australian consumers. As you’d help them decide which product to prefer health-wise and taste-wise.  

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Because competition within this combinated-niche is very low. But the demand and curiosity are too high. 

No. 3 – Adventure Along With Cooking 

Adventure along with cooking is one of the most expected YouTube channel ideas for kids in the coming years. The participation of Australian kids is going to be a game-changing move. 

This is a very unique idea that even mature YouTubers find challenging.

If your kid is an enthusiast, active, and loves to take challenges, this is a perfect YouTube niche. 

Importantly, if your kid loves cooking but finds it very competitive on the web, the worries are gone now.

To clear this concept, one has to prepare with both Cooking Recipe + Adventure Spot.

Why is this so complicated?

It sounds complicated, but actually, it’s more fun if accomplished every weekend.  

What does Adventure include?

  • Swimming – Find an outdoor swimming spot and film the fun with the family
  • Roller Coaster Ride / Water Ride Coverage – This can be done occasionally (as it’s time-consuming but will bring more excitement to viewers)
  • Kids’ Level Rock Climbing
  • Countryside Cycling / Mountain Cycling
  • Skating
  • Skiing in the mountain (Once a year or two)
  • Boating
  • Trail Walking / Bush Walking

If you find these adventures too endeavoring, you may switch to indoor fun & activities instead.

Indoor fun and activities include Visiting & Filming at:

  • Aquarium
  • Museum
  • Scientific Centres For Knowledge & Fun
  • Kids Haunted House
  • Participating In Any Activity at Shopping Centers
  • Participate in a Kids Painting Competition

There’s much more to do.  

How to make a combination of Adventure & Cooking effective to gain more subscribers & views?

Audiences on YouTube are curious now. Every time they want to see something new. If you generate a sense of curiosity through a short trailer within the video, they’d definitely subscribe to the channel. 

To make the combination of adventure and cooking fun and effective, you need to do the following:

  • Proper cooking planning – Listing what recipes your kid knows very well (or learn some more) 
  • Deciding the venue or local destination visit next weekend
  • Discussing with the family what one adventure you’d be performing and filming – Keep it short (about 2-4 minutes of adventure footage) 
  • Writing the points you’d be talking about on Pre & Post adventure
  • The kid should be telling audiences what adventure he/she would be doing today
  • Telling what special recipe would be made today after the adventure and refreshment is done. 

Such videos will make you work hard initially. But the results are going to be awesome.

No. 2 – Upcoming Events or Sports Informer

At some point, there appears a high number of competitions during upcoming events or a sport.

Most of the competitors are mature YouTubers, as their understanding and talk make sense.

That doesn’t mean kids can’t outrank these mature competitors.

The audience is seeking and tired seen the equivalent age of presenters and reviewers. They want to see the new faces, with younger age it’ll be even more appealing.

Your kid can grab this opportunity of being an event informer. For this, in-depth research is required.

What types of research are required?

  • Following the main event performer’s website or the sport organizer website
  • Visiting their social media for recent updates
  • Look into who are the sponsors, performers, and so on
  • Keeping eye on their site’s News Section
  • Being aware of any competitor talking about the same event

Importantly, you and your kid should be able to publish or post about the event in the first place. A delayed publish won’t help you gain any impression on YouTube.

Just like Google, YouTube also likes to suggest the trending and most happening videos.

Preparation Before Recording The First upcoming Event or Sports Informer For YouTube

  • Create a short script immediately after the upcoming event/sport is announced by the primary organizer (keep it interesting)
  • Note down all the points with a quick review of each
  • Decide the area within the house you’d be choosing for YouTube shoot 
  • Ensuring the background is clean and tidy
  • Get your phone or camera ready to record (Maintain stability, if filming outdoor)
  • Making sure the area is bright enough for better visuals (use daylight or vlogging ring light for better results. For outdoor – Adjust the lumetri colors later – optional) 
  • Do not forget to get a microphone (Your voice clarity is the important factor)

This idea of reviewing consumer products will definitely blow the Australian consumers. As you’d help them decide which product to prefer health-wise and taste-wise.  

Suggestion: Fo recording, you may also choose the exterior of the venue (or the interior if possible). This will showcase your genuineness, dedication, and recency. That’s what YouTube believes in!

This will get a great impact on your channel leading to an increase in views and subscribers for sure. 

No. 1 – Interviewing The Famous Kids & Teenagers From YouTube & Social Media

When you see more than 1 person talking about something, it increases the excitement of watching the video. The individual vlogging phase is still effective but has become a bit old.

As mentioned, the YouTube audience wants to see something new every time they open the YT app. A single glance over your thumbnail showing two faces and appealing text will definitely bring them in.

What Can Be Covered While Interviewing The Famous Kids On YouTube & Social Media? 

  • How they initiated and the challenges they faced
  • How they manage time between studies and YouTube recordings
  • Who writes the content and how they promote it
  • Discussing their success stories
  • What are the income sources?
  • How much do they make monthly or annually?

These types of conversations bring a kind of motivation to the viewers. The level of productivity rises when the audience gets inspired by someone. As they can do it too taking appropriate time actions.

Covering the income section will encourage the viewers to subscribe to the channel.

Well, in the beginning, your kid may not be good at building up a serious talk. But after 2-3 videos, he/she will understand the format and do well than ever expected. The kid can even raise out of the script questions, which is a sign of improvement and creativity.

Preparation Before Recording The First Interview With Famous Kids On YouTube

  • A week prior, research and make a list of kids who you can talk to in the coming weeks
  • Contact 2-3 famous Youtuber kids through their website, social media, channel, or private message (see the available options)
  • Make a list of questions your kid would be asking in the interview (Keep max 6-7 interesting questions, and 1 surprising question to keep the audience engaged)
  • Plan how would you film the interview (if the interviewee is locally reachable, you may shoot at any favorable place; Else merge the video screens/conference recording the phone interview (preferable in COVID pandemic). 
  • Ensuring the background tidiness is done;
  • Ask your interviewee to set the camera and mic prior to recording the video. Also, get your phone or camera ready to record
  • Make sure at both ends the area is bright enough for better visuals (use daylight or vlogging Ring Light for YouTube & Tiktok for better results) 
  • Don’t forget to get an Adjustable Recording Microphone or Wireless Lavalier Microphones With Receiver (Suitable for interviews & discussion on YouTube – Your voice clarity matters!)

Make it definite, to create a trailer of the interview, so that audience would keep watching the video. This will help you increase your Average Watch Time. Hence, increase in the number of your kid’s video suggestions to a wide audience across Australia and overseas. 

Essential Equipment To Implement On All or Any Type Of YouTube Channel Ideas For Kids

Ensure you’ve got the right equipment for your kids’ youtube channel

Additional Shorts & YouTube Channel Ideas For Kids In Australia

Performing The Dance & Moves

Seeing a kid dancing with the perfect steps and moves is eye-pleasing. We can publish some more information in detail on YouTube Channel Ideas and Niche (if requested).

Conclusion On 4 YouTube Channel Ideas For Kids In Australia

For any of the YouTube Channel Ideas, it’s recommended to initiate with the 2 i.e. a parent and the kid. Hold on! It’s not necessary if your kid is confident about what he/she will be doing. If the parent loves doing research, guiding the kid and setting up a proper recording would be appreciated. 

Estimation on how much you or your kid can earn on YouTube?

Let’s begin with starting a YouTube Channel that makes money!

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