Sources Of Finance For a Business

10 Sources Of Finance For a Business (Small & Large Companies – AU, NZ & UK)

The few sources of Finance for a business have higher encouragement to approach the easy and possible ones. You may also call it buying an investment.

‘Buying Investment’ sources include funds provided by known individuals such as investors, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. Whereas debt finance is the provision made by the external parties, that we would gradually cover in this info-need.

What is the difference between Capital Spending Finances & Debt Finances?

In capital spending finances (buying investment), a business avails the interest-free funds for business. But has to return the capital amount + revenue in the form of shared profit, dividend, or % of ROI for a specific amount of time.

Whereas, in debt finance, a business avails the interest-based funds for business. And this debt is returned with the principal amount + interest. According to the applied rate of interest (%) for a tenure of x no. of years.

Let’s head on to 10 sources of finance for a business, whether the small or large businesses in Australia (or globally).

How To Approach An Investor?

A smart business person will always seek ‘capital spending’ made by interested parties within the circle. These parties could be:

  • Multi-source Investor: Who already has invested in more than 10 sources. To some point it is easy to approach such a investor than a person who has funds but never invested before.
  • Like-Minded Colleague: If you’ve a colleague who somewhat thinks like you in terms of business and investment growth; you can place an offer plan to initiate with.
  • General Investor or an Investment Company: An investor who goes through your project plan, investigates and invests based on 2 factors.
  1. Justation Period & Rate Of ROI
  2. Cumulative Investments made by Other Investors in the same project.

For Supermarket Business or a Retailer

In order to start a supermarket business, you need initial business funds from debt-based finances. If obtaining from ‘Buying Investments’ is challenging.

This type of finance can also be called ‘Store Credit Finance’. Generally, a supplier provides the goods or commodities to your business on a credit basis. But a supplier does not become a creditor here. Instead, a financial institution offers you a store credit to purchase the items from any eligible supplier. Here, you act as a debtor, whereas the finance company is a creditor. Supplier remains the same.

The commodities you can purchase through store credit include consumable items, furniture, machinery & equipment; restaurant supplies, or any product you deal with. But the rate of interest for such credit type is generally high. In order to avoid interest-free payments, it is advisable to pay off the debt within a limited time.

Sources of Finance for a Financial Institution

For a micro-funding to a large-scale finance company, availing funds for business would have wide options to go with. New financial institutions can avail the finance from:

  • Banks in the form of a business loan
  • Acquiring credit on Assests
  • Taking the advantage of Credit Card Limit (if sufficient at the initial stage)

Existing financial institutions would have several options to acquire funds from:

Raising Funds From a Stock Market

Raising the funds from a stock market could be easier for a person who understands how the stock market operates. For a common individual, availing of finance from stock is extremely challenging. Due to higher risks in the system, generating finance is close to impossible. And commonly it is not advisable.

Therefore, the majority of businesses opt for either approaching an investor or other debt-based financing sources.

Properties, Bonds or Assets Funding

Having an owned property is a superior backup for any kind of financial crisis in life. Even the bonds and valuable assets could result supportive in terms of funding for your business.

If you are financially stable in the matter of house you are living in or daily expenses and family care. You may think about generating funds from the alternative (or same) property and assets.

These types of sources of finance for a business would be less stressful. But still, a set rate of interest is applicable. Try to pay off the debt with high possibilities to make revenue out of business. This would result quite helpful in paying off minimal interest.

You may also seek Islamic Finance where a financial institution avails commercial loans without paying the interest.

Earning Impressive Revenue from Existing Business

In the case where you already own a successful business, you might not need to wonder for funds elsewhere. To some point, a business owner may get bewildered whether to utilize the available funds; or acquire a business loan to grow or diversify it.

The suitable plan would be again approaching an investor for your second business. Here, you’d have higher chances of getting numbers of investors. And the reason is your succession into the first operational business.

If you don’t want anyone to share ROI or profits; bring your business revenue into use. It does come with some risks of failure in the 2nd attempt, but chances are rare. Because you already know how to manage finance and generate impressive revenue from existing business.

Earning from Investments Made Earlier

You might have invested in real estate, joint ventures, or another form of investment. Now is the time to re-invest in new business only by putting 70% of it. In order to avoid the risk of losses, it is recommended to consult a finance or investment expert.

Your Family or Friend Funding You to Initiate

You may treat your family member or a friend just like an investor. If they like your project plan and are interested in making some more money, let them in. More often than not, your family person or a friend is going to ask you hundreds of questions before lending.

Because they are the close ones, the question may come over anytime in the day or at midnight. No matter what you’ve got to answer them and treat them like a private investor.

Islamic Interest-Free Source Of Finance For a Business

Broadly, in a country like Australia, New Zealand, or the UK; businesses prefer opting for one of two options. Either investor or conventional loan source to go with. But now, in the coming years, the demand for Islamic finance is going to take a peak.

There are several reasons why Islamic finance is getting more demand these days:

  • The muslim community are against buying commodities with interest; and prohibit lending money or making sales to gain interest. Overall their formula is INTEREST-FREE LIFE.
  • Banks across the globe were losing higher portion of muslim customers. So some of them literally applied the Islamic finance rules to fund the mortgage loans and commercial loans as well.
  • Islamic finance is fulfilling the primary needs of funding for buying a house interest free; And lending a loan interest-free (some other charges are applicable).
  • Interest-Free options are open for all communities (not just muslims)

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