Start a Halal Meat Business

Start a Halal Meat Business in Australia – Profitable LSS, Butcher Shop & Packaged Food

How To Start a Halal Meat Business or Processed Food in Australia?

Halal products and their suppliers are quite common now in Melbourne, Sydney, and some parts of other cities across Australia. But the major population in Australia doesn’t even think of it, and so the Best Halal Meat is barely available across the country. In this study to start a halal business in Australia, we would analyze the lacking strategies that do not fulfill halal requirements. And Aussie Guide will elaborate on some effective opportunities to make your halal business profitable in a few months.

Set-Up Stages:




Livestock Supplier or
Meat Supplier

Crucial Document

Halal Certification
Registration & Licensing

Strategic Plan To Start a Halal Business:

Determine Company Type

You can register your business depending on your expectations from the business. Here are the common company types in Australia.


Sole Trader For Halal

A sole trader is responsible for all the business activities done in and out.


Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd)

It acts as a private entity with at least one director and 50 shareholders limit.

Decide On Products – LS, Raw Meat, or Processed Packaged Food

There are a variety of halal options you can start with. Some of these are:

  • As a wholesale business supplying livestock to 100s of butchers for instance in the city of Sydney.
  • As a butcher retailing meat to local customers.
  • Or as a processed food manufacturing & packaging wholesaler. And dealing with both retailers and direct customers to sell the items.
  • You also head on to the convenient option of retailing processed & packaged food to the customers.

Research About Halal Businesses, Meat & Butcher Shops AroundImplement Efficiently

Just starting a halal meat business is not the only objective that is to be achieved. But, having a clear specification on filtering the business activity. Once you decide on what product you’d be selling, your research process will get much easier.

Wholesale Business For Supplying Livestock

If you have already chosen to start a halal wholesale business; where you’d be supplying livestock. Again, you need to get deeper into whether you’d want everything to start everything from scratch. The scratch here is acquiring a farm and planning the livestock production. You’ll have to cover the following:

  • Provide shelter for livestock
  • Organize water
  • Find a pasture land for animal grazing
  • Grassland occupied with native herbaceous or shrubby vegetation for graze
  • Arrange foraging
  • Buying purchased qualitative food
  • Maintain cleanliness to avoid illness and uncomfortability
  • Cattle breeding
  • Nurturing & caring the new-born livestock

There’s much more you need to take care of. The more you put in an effort the more you make money. Your job is more about looking after the LS, and then selling & supplying those to the butchers.

Halal Butcher Shop

To establish a halal butcher shop, you need to find a livestock supplier to supply quality meat. You should know one thing, Australian residents do not go for a cheap cost, they won’t mind paying a bit more instead of compromising the quality. You need to follow these to run a successful butcher shop:

  • Lease 2 places for single activity – First as a backend of business where you’d and the livestock. Apply the halal procedure, chop the meat into lumps or giant to medium pieces and rinse thoroughly. It is essential to wash & drain the meat before moving it to the retail shop.
  • The second place is the retail spot, where again you need to separate the slicing area from the shelve. It’s better to get most of the meat chopped, minced, and sliced for that day.
  • Then comes the time to present the raw meat on the display shelf for the customers to choose from.
  • Set your prices as per the Shariah law, maintain cleanliness, and be soft and honest with your customers and employees.
  • Importantly, get halal certification acquired before initiating the activity.

Helpful: Best Halal Meat Suppliers In Australia – Price Range & Quality Comparison

Halal Processed & Packaged Food Wholesale & Retail Shop

This halal business is a bit different from the first two business activities. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get halal certification, registration & licensing for manufacturing & retailing processed food.
  • Tie-up with a meat supplier or a wholesale butcher company. They’ll help you provide boneless meat or any form of meat as per the order.
  • Acquire a capacious factory space to deal with the meat and processing
  • Arrange the machinery, refrigeration and equipment required
  • Make essential ingredients and preservatives available to fulfill the recipe and demand of the market
  • Organize the harmless packaging bags to set the processed items according to the quantities
  • Refrigerate the ready-to-sell items maintaining the consumption safety dates

Processed & Packaged Food Retail Shop

For a halal processed & packaged retail business, your hassle of livestock, dealing with butchers, and manufacturing is completely reduced. The above 3 processes are surely more profitable but require a long process and manpower behind. This food retail shop will require:

  • Certification of halal food along with the general licensing process
  • Get a shop on lease in the locality where the demand for halal food is more. You may even choose an area where non-halal consumers reside, and grow your business online.
  • Tie-up with several halal processed food manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Make a deal and set your margin following the Shariah

Write Down Your ‘Halal Business Related Queries’

Within the research part, you might look into hundreds of queries. But still, there would remain some queries that you need to answer yourself.

  1. Am I capable of initiating the business in the next 30 days?
  2. Will I improve myself in communicating and maintaining sturdy relations with my stakeholders?
  3. Do I need to get my business financed or should I borrow from my family to start my business?
  4. Am I able to manage family expenditures smoothly in the initial weeks of the business?

Jump to FAQs to see answers to crucial questions that could be helpful.

The Size Of The Market & Reach Of Your Halal Competitors

Even though there’s a big competition for halal meat in certain areas of the cities; Still there seems to be a scarcity in supply. This is one of the biggest opportunities to understand the reach of your competitors.

To tell the truth, your competitors are still fulfilling the basic demand for halal meat within limited boundaries. And congrats, they aren’t everywhere in Australia.

Australia is a land of opportunities now. You can take over not just the Halal-Eating Market but the Non-Halal consumers as well.

How to acquire a non-halal eating consumer market with your halal products?

The only way to acquire a non-halal-eating consumer market is by educating them. Yes, educate your potential non-halal-eating consumers about why they should switch to halal.

How is halal food safe and healthier to eat? You may get answers to this query in the FAQs.

Teach your consumers to provide plenty of knowledge and a question-and-answer hub on your website. This way you help your consumers-to-be and generate traffic as well.

You’ll get to learn more within the Promotion section of the content.

Recruitment – Team Support To Start a Halal Business In Australia

It’s always good to start with hiring one employee at the initial stage, especially when your business is small. You and a trained employee can do better to build good relations with the new customers. For a large-scale retail shop, it is quite necessary to appoint 5 employees to deal with multiple customers online & in-store

In case you are planning for livestock supplying activity, it is recommended to hire at least 2 employees to care for the living stock. While you can focus on marketing and reaching your target market. And for a large scale, recruiting 10 employees would be helpful to manage supply in different regions.

The recruitment numbers may vary depending on the size of the business you set up in several locations.

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How To Get Halal Certification in Australia?

Any halal meat or halal food business requires an accreditation certificate as proof of dealing with halal commodities.

One has to acquire the accreditation: Australian Federation of Islamic Council (AFIC) Halal Accreditation

Know more about Halal certification.

Other vital accreditations include:

  • Safe Quality Food (SQF)
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Accreditation

And primarily your Business Registration & Licensing has to be done prior to initiating the activity respectively.

Helpful: NLIS VIC

How To Promote Your Newly Started Halal Meat or Food Business in Australia? B2C

Who’d Help Me In Starting and Smoothly Functioning The Halal Meat Business?

The first step to starting a halal business after research is having a word with primary stakeholders. It’s essential to recognize the first stakeholder in the halal meat business, as every activity differs from the other. You may look into the sources of finance for my business.

For a livestock business plan, the interaction with major major livestock or a variety of cattle breeds sellers in Australia.

  • Australia’s Livestock Exporters ALE
  • One of the supportive cattle breed advertisers: Cattle Sales

For Butcher’s shop set-up and equipment:

The processed & packaged food manufacturers, you may initiate conversing with:

Some of the popular Packaged food suppliers (halal) in Australia for retail business:

  • Symphonie
  • Steggles Chicken
  • Four & Twenty
  • Mrs. Mac

Do you want to include your company in this list?

FAQs About Halal Meat Business

Why is halal meat healthy?

Halal food or meat is considered healthier because after slaughtering cattle the blood is drained 95%. And the meat is washed to get rid of blood residue, which if remains can spoil the meat with a bad smell, toxicity, and bacteria. Halal foods’ shelf life is generally longer than non-halal meat comparatively.

What kind of food is halal?

The food is made with the meat of slaughtered cattle or livestock according to Shariah law. Also, food which does not include alcohol or pork is purely halal.

Where is halal food available in Australia?

Halal food is available almost in every city in Australia. Especially in the CBD centers of the city and suburbs with Muslim habitats. The obtainability of halal meat and packaged food is in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and some other cities including Canberra.

Where is it hard to find halal food in Victoria?

In victoria, especially the localities where the Muslim population is not too low. Even though these areas are tourist places, still finding halal options is rare. Locations such as Bright (Melbourne), Phillip Island, and similar destinations.

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