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Start a Niche Blog 2023: Make It a Serious Business

To start a niche blog in the year 2023 is seriously not a big deal. Nothing to discourage! The only challenge is that would you make it to the end of the struggling journey?

There are about 5 stages of a blogging journey before you literally convert it into business. These stages are about 2.5 years of sustaining period where you work day and night like no tomorrow. You can definitely start a niche blog with my given methods of blogging and kicking off the 9-5 slavery job. If you take these niche blogging methods seriously, no one can stop you from being a super successful blogger in Australia or NZ. Wherever you are it doesn’t really matter!

We are for sure discussing creating a niche-based blog but won’t teach you to crawl and walk like a baby. That means we won’t discuss which hosting to take and how to create a site.

Because this content is only for those who already have a basic knowledge about creating a WordPress site. Or know how to get hosting and install WordPress to start quickly. If you know this, we are good to go.

5 Phases Of Struggling Blog Journey

As mentioned, these 5 phases of the blog journey include 2.5 years of struggle to stabilize your position. The position to defeat the competition at ease. And the position to acquire the beauty of traffic. Further, the position to generate passive income replaces a full-time job.

Master The ’30

Here are the phases of the Blogging Journey for 30 Months / 2.5 years:

  1. 1st Phase – 1 to 6 Months: Baby Blog
  2. 2nd Phase – 7 to 12 Months: Traction Time
  3. 3rd Phase – 12 to 16 Months: Fight The Comp
  4. 4th Phase – 17th to 24 Months: See The Rise
  5. 5th Phase – 25th to 30 Months: Now You Are Talking!

Already chosen the niche?

Great! I’m afraid to ask, did you choose a food/recipe or beauty niche? If yes, you’ve chosen a highly competitive field to write on. Unless you’ve got some magical skills to rank your site, everything is good to initiate. But if not, you’ve taken the biggest challenge ever. And you will have to work on it to death.

For all other niches viz. Travel (which is going to be super hot post-COVID, Yoga, Repairs, Drawing for newbies, business suggestions, finance; Mum or motherhood, game reviews, marriage, career-coaching, pets, and animals, etc.

Or any other niche could result in profitability by following the techniques.

Writing the first 12 posts

90% of the time, for a new blogger, it is quite hard to choose the topics. Even though you are sure about the niche, writing the very first articles could be a challenge.

With my advice do the following:

  1. Note down the 3 topics for your pillar posts
  2. Create a blog-chain
  3. Let the content format be mixed e.g. Listing, Query, Data, etc.

Maintain the publishing of up to 12 posts in the first month.

How To Create a ‘Blog-Chain’ for Pillar Posts?

Creating a blog chain basically means, establishing a solid mother post (MP) and writing 4 child posts for each MP.

This basically means, when an article is written on Start a Credit Card Companywhich is a mother post. Has the possibility to give birth to 5 more child posts. Viz.

If you are living in Australia or New Zealand, you’d better understand the example of Aldi products (Blog-Chain).

Blog-Chain Explanation: Blogging Technique For Product Page (Aldi For Instance)

In Which Month Should You Monetize The Niche Blog?

The best time to monetize your niche blog is the 2nd month of your blogging journey. It doesn’t mean you’ll start earning from this month onward. But get an understanding of display ads actually work on publishers’ (your) site.

You may also gain about $1 or more if you are lucky. Because generally expecting $0 this month is completely normal.

What are the best monetization platforms for a blog?

The very first is Google Adsense. Which is quite strict about paying a publisher at the initial stage. Bloggers these days are switching to Ezoic or Mediavine for better ad management and increased revenue.

Set Social Posts On Automation

When you start a niche blog on a full-time basis, you barely get time to do other stuff. Especially in the 2nd and the 3rd month of the blogging journey. Even combing hair or taking a shower would seem waste of time. But eventually, you got to manage the time.

If you are using Gutenberg, you may find an option to publish your blog posts on social media without manually posting those. This saves an enormous amount of time. As you need to utilize most of your time in writing and hitting the publish button as much as you could.

Start Selling Digital Products

Now when you’ve already intended to start a niche blog and earn money, what would be the sources of income? Because posting a blog and relying on Ad Networks is not the only way to become a millionaire. There has to be a source within the blog that works as a money magnet.

The query here is, what can you sell on the blog?

Selling tangible items could be possible if you write about tangible products. However, this requires a deal and authority of dealers and manufacturers to sell their items. The other way of selling tangible products is through Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping.

Creating your own product has a brand value that other methods won’t provide you.

Some of the most downloadable digital items or items that you can sell without hassles are:

  • Pro-Tips (in the form of a downloadable document within the blog post)
  • Ebook
  • Courses or Training Sessions
  • Paid App or Tool
  • Music & Premium Videos
  • Themes, Templates
  • Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Images
  • Selling Fonts, Graphics, Icons, or Design Matter

If you don’t want such products to sell, just tie up with people or companies who’ve got such products to offer. Sell it on your blog, gaining a percentage of the commission.

Too Young to Start? Learn: How to Make Money Online As a Teenager From Blogging

Accumulate Emails and Auto-Mail The Readers

Create a subscription section for users so they submit their emails. Schedule all your weekly and monthly emails to provide value to your subscribers.

Do not spend too much time modifying the newsletter or updating content, unless important. It’s better to finalize the email campaigns and schedule those to fall into the users’ inboxes on the right day.

Sacrifice Your Previous Activities

When you start a niche blog on a serious note, you live a whole new life. if you aren’t seeing any difference in your life, you aren’t putting in enough effort.

It’s time to sacrifice your favorite shows, entertainment, and games, meeting up with friends or relatives for no reason. Imagine you can’t find 5 minutes to cut your nails, how could you afford to waste time on unproductive activities?

At some point, you may feel isolated from the rest of the world. But it’s all gonna turn good.

Just don’t be rude to your near and dear ones, but explain to them your goal if they understand.

Keep Writing & Pushing 30 Posts a Month – You’ve Got To Feel That Pain!

Blogging is all about a connection between your brain fingers and backbone. During the initial days of blogging, you may get a bit of a headache. But soon you’ll get used to the writing process.

Writing 30 posts in 30 days challenge?

And pillar posts of about 2500 to 3K words.

Remember, there is quite a higher chance of you getting some back pain or wrist pain at this point. This is the positive of being on a right track. And expect ongoing success by the end of the 5th phase of the journey.

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