Start a plumbing business in Australia

How to Start a Plumbing Business in Australia? 6 Steps To Go

Plumbing is one of the most profitable businesses in Australia. Many are endeavoring to acquire the license. And some give up due to the legal procedure to follow or due to the lack of expertise. To start a plumbing business in Australia one has to have a piece of specialized knowledge, skills, and certification.

One can either acquire the requirements to initiate the business or hire experienced plumbers. In order to have total control over operational and customer satisfaction, it’s better to focus on business than doing it yourself. If the activity comes under your passion, no one can stop you. If not, it is recommended to tie up with several certified plumbers and get your business started. 


In this article, we will discuss quick points you need to know about the plumbing business. And summarize a step-by-step guide to get set go.

6 Steps to Start a Plumbing Business In Australia

1. Get Certified or Hire The Pros

Plumbing needs a well-established foundation in science, math, and technology. But you do not require a college degree for starting a plumbing business. You can do that by getting a high school diploma or undergraduate studies. The vocational training plan assists you in getting the critical skills as an experienced professional.

The other option comes when you’ve got no experience or certification. But getting your activities done through the intellectual plumbers. You may also form an association or partnership or just recruit the besties. 

One of the advantages of recruiting plumbers is that you don’t have to worry about fixing the pipes and nuts. Instead, you can bring improvements in:

  • Marketing the business
  • Incorporating advanced technical devices
  • Dealing with the customers
  • Managing accounts, books, and flow of expenses & revenue


2. Select a Specialty

Indeed, some plumbers provide various services. However, as you train, you must focus on the tasks you are ideally suited for; and what kinds of jobs you like working on. You could serve as a residential plumber fixing leaky pipes. Or you might do sewer line inspections for home renovations. Or work primarily with commercial customers.

Start a plumbing business in Australia

3. Invest in the Right Equipment

In a country like Australia, the profession of plumbing has a solid value. And so the availability of equipment brings value too. There are some crucial tools for plumbing that you will require to start a plumbing business in Australia. However, it will be best not to overwhelm yourself by purchasing all the expensive tools at the initial stage of your business. You can begin with the basics, purchase used tools if you can. Make a purchase of tools only for the specialty jobs if you have the skills, client demand, and license.

Besides the plumbing toolkit, below are some extra items that you may need in your business;

  • Business card to begin spreading the word
  • A professional uniform
  • A CRM, or customer relationship manager, to start adequately documenting client details, parts, and tools. Accumulating a set of before and after images, estimates, and payments due would be easier to cope with. 


4. Register and Insure your Plumbing Business

Your business should focus on state and local laws. For protecting yourself from the financial and legal issues, you will want to study the following:

  • How to build an LLC (for protecting your assets)
  • Needed licenses and permits in your particular area
  • Plumbing insurance and bonds
  • How to file business taxes

Licensing Centers Across Australia:

Every state engages with its own state-level license. So the consideration of state government and regulations for plumbing training and skills is to be followed. 



5. Form a Service Agreement and Pricing Formula

This step is much important to start a plumbing business. Before beginning to work with clients, you must have a selection of services. All with set rates, or you have a formula you can utilize for determining the rate. Rates may vary depending on every job that relied on labor and supplies. You must also have agreement templates and contacts to ensure a consistent experience.

Make It Legal Now

Our legal partner just makes it easier to register your business. And the pricing we share makes a big difference.

6. Serve as an Apprentice

If you’ve got the plumbing skills it will be a good opportunity to serve as an apprentice. Different certification programs will also assist you in connecting with experienced plumbers. In this way, you will get a break to work with these expert people. It permits you to get job training to try your skills in a natural world setting.

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