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5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business On The Gold Coast, QLD Australia?

The name of the city itself represents the value of the city. For those who are unaware, Gold Coast is one of the most attractive and populous cities in Australia. It is located within the southeast growth corridor of Queensland. And the revelation of reasons to start a business on the Gold Coast simply makes sense.

One of the biggest reasons to start a business on the Gold Coast is the tourist destination, where 10 million visitors arrive at the golden city every year. This is an opportunity for those interested in the travel, tourism, hospitality, film production, and technology industries. The chances of people in here are high in terms of being millionaires. As the 6 out of 200 richest Billionaires are from Gold Coast itself.

5 Reasons Given To Start a Business On The Gold Coast

There are 5 reasons why you should be choosing Gold Coast as your business spot:

Reason 1: Tourism – More Than 10M Tourists Every Year

In any part of the world, when you know the specific region or city welcomes millions of tourists, that’s a jackpot. Especially when you are in the hospitality, transport, or tourism industry.

The beautiful city of Gold Coast being the 6th largest city in Australia, Gold Coast has established an impressive number of tourists. These include both domestic, international, overnight, and day trip visitors as well.

The industry contributes more than 4 billion to the city’s economy every year.

The most fascinating factor about tourism are:

  • The beautiful beaches encompassing 60 kilometers
  • 100k+ hectres of nature reserve
  • 600+ km of canal
  • Leisure activities
  • Multiple cuisine and dine in options
  • Business attraction

Tourism itself encourages other internal industries to grow. And are explained further.

Reason 2: Leisure & Activity Spot

A. Outdoor Activities

Here are the outdoor and fun activities that attract millions to enjoy with friends or family.

  • Tandem Skydiving
  • 1 Hour City & River Tour
  • Kayaking and Snorekelling Tour
  • Dolphine Kayaking
  • Whale Watching By Sea Whale Cruises
  • Evening Rainforest & Glow Worm Experience
  • Jetski and Parasail in Surfers Paradise
  • Natural Bridge & Spring Waterfalls Tour
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctury
  • Segway Safari Adventure
  • Moreton Island Tour

And more than 5 major theme parks and 45+ golf courses. There’s much more to have fun doing these activities. No wonder why people don’t compromise spending even more than expected. Because the pleasure one gets is way beyond imagination.

B. Entertainment & Leisure Activities

  • Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa
  • Thunderbird Park
  • Miami Marketta
  • HOTA – Home Of The Arts
  • Holy Moly Golf Club
  • Jetpack Events
  • Paradise Cener
  • Strike Bowling Bar
  • GCCEC – The preferred place for business and pleasure both

It’s a never-ending list. Within this city, there’s so much to do. I can bet you won’t cover it all even in your 15 days holiday package.

Reason 3: Gold Coast Night Life

You won’t believe people do visit on a short trip just to feel the pleasure of its night beauty. There’s again a list of several places you can visit and make the night worth it. The places visitors don’t skip are:

  • The Star Gold Coast – An icon for entertainment
  • Large Nightclubs with touring DJs, boutique club catering and more
  • Pubs, Bars, taverns and Hotels
  • Gig Guide
  • Live Music

Besides the pleasure you see around, the significant attraction towards food just makes everything perfect.

Reason 4: Food & Restaurants

Where there’s tourism, there’s a giant chain of the food industry. And the competition is just crazy.

Nearly 505 restaurants do exist and serve the tourism demand.

Though the competition is high, you’ll still try finding the vacant seating if not booked prior.

The multicuisine choices and enjoying your favorite dine with loved ones is something you’d always want over and over again.

Being on the coast, and not trying the delicious dishes is just unfair. Try out grilled snapper with lemon butter, degustation, baked Junee lamb, seafood pizza; Flame grilled ribs, wood fire steak. And treat yourself with High tea, Syringe Donuts, Souffle, OMG gelato, Panna cotta, and Raw desserts.

The aroma and alluring menus would just make you fall for the Gold Coast.

Reason 5: Residentials’ High Standard Of Lifestyle

The high standard of lifestyle means no compromise for the quality of service and products.

Be it groceries, clothing, household stuff, or lavish shopping interest. The preference of the majority of locals would be beyond what you could think of.

The houses and apartments are expensive which absolutely makes sense. And so the luxury need of cars, fashion, beauty, attire, and accessories adds some more value.

How Are These 5 Reasons Helpful To Start a Business On The Gold Coast?

Before you look into the benefits, dive into the list of opportunities you’ve got.

  1. Restaurant Business – You can start with sensible option that people simply won’t ignore.
  2. Beauty, Salon & Spa – More people means more need for beautification and relaxation services.
  3. Hotel – Right now Gold Coast serves more than 66k beds to it tourists. You can add some more to it!
  4. Supermarket or Shopping Mall – Tourism means at the end of the journey, people go crazy on shopping.
  5. Plumbing service – Maintaining the supply of water is the primary need. And with that huge requirement, Gold Cost may need some more efficient plumbing services.
  6. Digital Marketing – There already exist some leading SEO and Digital companies. But the need for local search and markting the businesses is just not sufficient. You can plan setting up a creative digital agency with a well research plan on the coast.
  7. Sports & Outdoor Activity Accessories – The very first requirement after checking into the hotel and stepping out on journey. This is the definite business where youngsters and families would be in need of activity materials and supplies.
  8. Film Production – Gold Coast is the 3rd largest city in terms of film making in Australia. It contributes about 75% of films produced in the country. If you are into the same industry, why not establish your own set up in here?

These are just a few businesses you could think of starting with. There’s an endless list of major and minor services you could offer to these curious tourists at any stage of their journey.

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