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How To Start a Tutoring Business Online Classroom Set-up (Australia) – Earn In 8 Steps

Teaching & Training is the only industry that will never have a shortage of learners. As there’s a high demand to learn, so is for educators to edify. This article explains the detailed steps and requirements to achieve the upskill goals. Covering both online and some points for traditional methods of education. Let’s start a tutoring business in Australia.   

Step 1 & 2: Create a Tutoring & Earning Plan

Strategic Tutoring Business Plan

A smart business plan can play a vital role in evaluating your objectives to acquire throughout the year. You won’t deny the activities you need to perform in order to play a safe business. Determine the type of education platform you’d want to set up. If the plan is bigger with a bigger budget, register a Pty Ltd company.  If not that big, simply register as a sole trader to initiate online.

Structurize The Business 

Decide whether you want an online institute set-up where you and other professors can teach the students unit-wise. Or an online classroom as an individual.

To start a tutoring business online, both an institute and individual tutoring online can bring a more accessible and convenient atmosphere. Prior to making a decision, also examine traditional and online ways of teaching, and adopt what best suits you.

Unfortunately, now the decision does not rely on you alone. This is because the majority of students would want to get online education due to pandemic crises. 

This has truly diminished the cost of infrastructure and physical necessities within the institute. 

With online tutoring, one does not need to provide any certification to the students. Traning, evaluation, and reports are the important aspects to consider. 

To bring more value to your accreditation, create a brand badge. That can be provided to your students to place on their website, resume, or social media profiles. 

Individual tutors may also establish their presence through creating teaching demos and free course samples on YouTube. Start here – Start a YouTube Channel for your tutoring business.

Some Most Searched E-Learning Terms In Australia 2020

Searched Terms in Google

Earning Plan & Fee Structure

The fee structure for a particular course or unit may vary depending on the size of the tutoring business. It also depends on the level of skills you carry, the quality of teaching, and the mass of study materials.

An Online Individual Tutor can set a course fee between $50 for an hour; to $K+ series of videos based on a subject. Whereas, online institute course fee structure starts from $300 to $K+ each unit.

Here’s the detailed fee structure you can set as an online tutor or institute earning in thousands (AUD). 

Online Educator2 Hours Short Course



4 Sessions Course


(1 Month)

8 Sessions


Course / Unit

(2 Months)

12 Sessions Course / Unit


(3 Months)

6 Months


Course / Unit

1 Year


Course / Unit

Individual Tutor$100 to $149$399 to $499$399 to $599+$599 to $1299+Not RecommendedNR
Institute$149 to $199$399 to $699$699 to $1299$1299 to $2599AUD $2599 to $6KAUD $10K to $14K

It is recommended for an individual tutor to provide short to 4-8 session courses. This is because it’s quite important for you to understand what students have achieved from your learning in the time period of 2-3 months. Making some improvements before initiating the next batch is crucial as well. 

The long-term courses and units are preferably suitable for institutes. As there would be at least 2 to 3 professors to carry on the course unit-wise. Max time schedule for each unit should not exceed 3 months. 

Step 3: Make It Legal

To start a tutoring business in Australia, it is essential to get the registration done in the first place. Acquire your TFN (Tax File Number) & ABN (Australian Business Number) if haven’t done yet. 

To become a higher education provider, there are some legal procedures to be done. 

Registering an institute in Victoria? Visit VIT

Registration and Accreditation of Non-Govt. Schools – Education Standard Authority NSW

Step 4 & 5: Book Your Domain & Logo

For an individual online tutor, any general domain would be fine as long as it elaborates the business. For instance, you are Joe Byers, and you are a Data Analytics expert. Try acquiring a domain either under your name as a brand

Or a domain elaborating your business, such as or similar. 

A mix and match domain would be LearnWithJoe.

You can make it even more professional by acquiring a domain.

But domains require prior registration of your business else there are higher chances of rejection.

For an institute, it would be a lot easier to get due to the availability of all necessary legal documents and licenses required for registration. 

Simultaneously, you should get your logo created either from any affordable designing agency. Or through Fiverr and Upwork portals which is much easier and pocket-friendly. 

Step 6: Set-Up Your Classroom Buying Essential Equipment

Here’s the list of equipment required to set up your online classroom:

Online Institute Requirements

  1.  Educational Website – With separate accessibility for educators, students and admin.
  2.  Online video conferencing software or tool. Such as, Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoogleMeet, Crickle, Skype, etc.
  3.  ViewBoard, Whiteboard, or Explainer boad to make it easier for students to understand your points.
  4.  Camera, Lights and tripod set
  5.  Mic, recorder and receiver
  6.  Ready PDF or PPT presentations to cover the syllabus topic-wise
  7. Study materials – Recorded videos to re-access, PDFs, Paperback or e-books, Online library. Make it even more helpful by creating Blogs & articles, Literature review, briefs and case studies ready to evaluate and learn from.

Recommended equipment to make your teaching more effective:

Online Individual Tutor Requirements

  1.  Website – Accessibility for yourself as an admin and front-end for students – WordPress CMS is recommended
  2.  Get one of the free online video conferencing software or tools. Such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoogleMeet, or Skype.
  3.  Interactive ViewBoard, Whiteboard, or the Explainer board for students to understand your points easily.
  4.  Mobile phone with better camera quality
  5. Lights and tripod to set at your angle
  6.  Lavalier mic and audio input (even mobile phone would be fine at initial state to record
  7.  Well designed PDF or PPT presentations to cover the syllabus topic-wise
  8. Essential Study materials – Recently recorded videos, Docs & PDFs, Paperback or e-books, Small Online library. Make it even more helpful by creating Blogs articles, and case studies ready to learn from.


Initiate from small is always a smart way of establishing an online business. If somewhere you lack in the budget for any of the equipment to start from. Begin with the available resources to give it a boost. 

Ensure you are not compromising with the teaching quality and study materials. As these are the two most important aspects to start a tutoring business online.

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