Start a Zaatar Bread Pizza & Lahmacun

How Can I Start a ‘Zaatar Bread Pizza’ & Lahmacun Business From Home, Or a Small Bakery?

If you are from a Turkish, Lebanese, or Middle Eastern background, you must be familiar with the terms. As these are the dishes specially made for breakfast, brunch, or snacks. For those who are unfamiliar or relate to some extent; Zaatar Pizza and Lahmacun are the Mediterranean dishes. People here in Australia have embraced the tastes and enjoy them at least once a week or two. No wonder why you are willing to start a Zaatar bread pizza & Lahmacun business!

With the highest possibilities to succeed. You can start a Zaatar Bread Pizza & Lahmacun making business by just following these 7 activities: Research, Business Registration, Setting-up promotions, Collaboration or Ecommerce, Making of products, Sales and earning out of it.

The very first question arises.

Why do you want to start a Zaatar Bread Pizza & Lahmacun business?

Is it because you are aware of the demand in the market? Or you have been making it every now and then for your family?

Well, in both situations you’d be winning.

But the ultimate winner is the one who focuses more on the taste and the quality of the items. And not just bake and sell it out.

Let’s head on to primary activities to start a Zaatar Pizza and Lahmacun business from home or by owning a small restaurant.

Research About Popular Mediterranean Restaurants & Bakeries Near You

This analysis of finding out Lebanese, Turkish and Arabic restaurants will give you quick guidance of their popularity. Now, why are these Restaurants and Bakeries so popular?

There might arise 100s of questions, why?

Do people love to meet up with their friends and relatives at these places? Or the food over there is just delicious?

Personally visiting the bakery or the restaurant and making note of requirements is substantially efficient. It’s better than sitting out at home and browsing it the whole time.

When you visit your favorite bakery with a Mediterranean bake line; you might see the range of items they deal with. Even sometimes you may have to wait in the queue to place an order.

If you observe carefully, the highest number of orders would be placed for Zaatar, Lahmacun, and cheese-based products. These also include spinach cheese pie or cheese pide.

Making a note of what people love the most will ease your market analysis task. Just make sure, not to stare or stalk while you are making an observation.

Acquainting yourself with the manager or an employee would also get you some hints about how things work.

Business Registration

When you think bigger, it’s essential to keep your tasks organized. Doing a business from home is absolutely okay, but due to pandemics, you might require special permission. The legal procedures need to be done without delay. Starting a Zaatar Pizza and Lahmacun from home will require ABN and business registration.

Whereas, those who’ve bigger plans in the future, can initiate with a small company as a proprietary Pty Ltd. You can register the business right here.

Our partner company has been one of the best support to new businesses. The registration process just gets too easy to start a business.

Register Your Company Now

or Get a Legal Advice Plan

Making Of Za’atar Pizza & Lahmacun

To outsmart the game, you should know how to make it even while you are asleep.

Knowing your product well and more than anything reflects your level of expertise.

Nah! I won’t share a recipe. But guide you on what crucial ingredients are required to balance the need for raw material.

Get All Essential Ingredients At One Place:

Unbleached Plain Flour

Organic Extra Virgin Oil

Za’atar Spice Blend

Instant Active Dry Yeast

Sugar, Salt, and water are amalgamated during the application of the method.

For Serving:

Mixed Organic Olives and Feta Cheese

Fresh Veggies – Raddish, Tomatoes, Cucumber, or other of your choice.

Find a recipe and try it out for your family first.

What’s The Size Of Za’atar & Bake Market, And Your Competitors?

It won’t be too many. This niche of making Za’atar and similar products are less competitive. If you see the localities around you, you’ll find an average of 4 spots operating a similar business in a single suburb.

Your task is to set up the business in a suburb where there are fewer competitors but demand is potentially high. If you succeed in doing so, you did catch a jackpot.

Those operating from home should focus on getting more orders from their own locality and neighborhood. Secondly, targetting other suburbs through online marketing is the biggest opportunity to go for.

Which Suburb To Target For Za’atar, Lahmacun and Baking Business?

Within North Melbourne, emphasizing suburbs such as Roxburgh Park, Broadmeadows, Campbellfield, and Meadow Heights are too competitive. This is due to the population of Arabic, Lebanese and Turkish backgrounds of people. They already have set up their market and business fulfilling local’s needs.

This doesn’t mean you cannot. But might have to come up with a lucrative marketing strategy to defeat the existing tight market.

Or you may focus on audiences with varied backgrounds from India, Greece, Pakistan, and Native Australians; Residing in Craigieburn, Epping, South Morang, and similar suburbs.

Here’s the List of Popular Suburbs In Australia To Start Your Business.

How Much Revenue You’d Earn On Za’atar & Bakery Line Each Customer?

The overall revenue relies on the cost required to make a single product. This includes the dough base, main ingredients, and toppings.

For instance, making an Aleppo meat pizza costs around $2.4.

The inclusion of GST and Insurance you need to cover on each item. In addition to all expenditures of about $2.3, the selling price of Aleppo meat pizza should be approx. $4.7.

The above-given costing and pricing method is just an example. The cost and pricing may vary depending on the materials used, expenses, and inclusion of tax.

Set Selling Target Each Week

When setting a goal ensure it is realistic and achievable. At the initial stage, selling 1 item a day is even more motivating. At least somewhere you started.

Apply marketing tactics needed to reach more and more potential customers.

Marketing techniques to grow Za’atar and Bakery Business (With Collaboration & Ecommerce Guide) – Publishing Soon [Premium]

Set a mini-goal of selling 10 items or orders in 1 week. This would not be a challenge when you apply our marketing technique to your business.

Bakery Line Products To Include In The Menu

If you wish to add up more to your menu, add a delicious variety of bakes to your business.

  • Za’atar and Lahmacun being the primary menu items
  • Aleppo meat pizza
  • Cheese Pie
  • Spinach Cheese Pide
  • Chicken Boxed (With Haloumi, Capsicum, Garlic & Mashroom)

The Mediterranean dishes are so easy to make that even you can make your own item of specialty. And this item should be the most delicious and most selling product of your business.

Conclusion On Starting a Zaatar Pizza Bread & Lahmacun Business

There’s no doubt the potential of this business to grow is extremely high. In Australia, establishing specifically in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, and Adelaide is worth it. No matter how small you begin. It really doesn’t matter the competitor of yours has taken over the market. You still got opportunities to grow, applying several marketing techniques. Australian Street would guide you on how to promote your Zataar and Bakery Line business substantially.

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