Top Electric Car Companies

Top Electric Car Companies In Australia With All EV Solutions – Helpful For Potential Dealership Businesses

Electric cars terminology is booming across the web and surrounding. If you potentially intend to start electric car dealership in Australia, you got to know this. These companies are the primary manufacturers of electric vehicles. The business comes with veins and capillaries i.e. knowing the top electric car companies with all required EV Solutions.

Let’s Look Into The Top Electric Car Companies Making Way To Australia

3. Hyundai Electric Cars

Hyundai has impressively progressed each of its cars detailing its commitments. The commitments to create a better, smarter and more sustainable future. Hyundai has positioned itself into the top electric car companies in the automotive industry.

Hyundai has brought Australia’s first 100% electric cars including SUVs. The feature and specifications does include:

  • Zero Emissions 
  • Instant Acceleration 
  • Staggering Driving Range (480+ kilometres on a single charge)
  • Smart Sense Safety Features
  • Digital Supervision Cluster
  • Fast Charging Solutions

Kona Electric – One of the best SUV cars launched in Australia by Hyundai.

Estimated Price – $67,090

2. Mercedes Electric Cars

Mercedes cars make electrifying first impression with its designed elements and lifestyle suitability. The 125 years of innovations has lead Mercedes to bring challenges into unimaginable electric drive system. And they still plan to be ahead of time.

Top Electric Car Companies

Specifications and features it has presented:

  • The Appearance: Sporty-Modernity Redefined + Rear Design + Electrifying Interior
  • Comfort Enhancing Equipment
  • Intuitively Controllable Through Large Resolution Screen
  • Hand Gestures + Touch & Speed
  • Voice Command ‘Hey Mercedes’ to Activate MBUX
  • Smartphone + Digital Media Infotainment Interfaces
  • Intelligent Driving Assistance
  • Charge at Home or On-The-Go (Australia’s largest EV charging network)
  • Around 480+ kilometres Electric-Only Driving Range
  • 30 Minutes Charging Time At Fast Charging Stations

The All-Electric EQA & EQC car launched by Mercedes Benz in Australia.

Estimated Price of Mercedes Benz EQA – $76,800

Mercedes Benz EQC Estimated Price – $1,40,771

1. Tesla – One Of The Top Electric Car Companies

The generation of clean energy and storage products have also lead the succession of electric cars. The concept of minimal usage of fossil fuels and maximize zero-emissions, have completely changed the theory of production. The wider vision of Tesla is definite to make world a better and clean place; and free of pollution.

Tesla Features and Specifications General For Model S, 3, X & Y (Some features may vary within the given models):

  • Drive Range – 637 Kilometres (Est)
  • Peak Poser – 1020 hp
  • Weight – 2162 kg
  • Powertrain – Tri Motor
  • Acceleration – 2.1s 0-100 km/h
  • Supercharging Max 250 kW
  • Navigation on Auto Pilot (From On-Ramp to Off ramp)
  • Auto Lane Change (On Highways)
  • Summon – Automatically Retrieve Your Car
  • Autopark – Parallel & Perpendicular Parking With a Single Touch
  • 360° Visibility – Rear, Side and Forward Cameras
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • For Safety – High Impact Protection
  • Wheels & Tyres – Responsive Performance
  • Refined Styling (Appearance)
  • Optimized Aerodynamics (Attention to details – Exterior Surfaces)
  • Capacious Storage
  • Best Audio System
  • Multi-Device Connectivity
  • Gaming From Anywhere
  • 17″ Cinematic Display



The company of Tesla has come up not only with excellent features but unbeatable invention of the time.  

Tesla Electric Cars All-Model Prices In Australia

  1. Tesla Model S Price In Australia – $170,481 Drive Away Price
  2. Model 3 Tesla Price – $64,985 Drive Away Price
  3. Tesla Model X Price In Australia – $197,573 Drive Away Price

Other Top Electric Car Companies Launched Their Cars In Australia 2022

  • Nissan Leaf
  • Volvo XC40
  • Kia e-Niro
  • Lexus UX300e
  • Audi e-tron S

These top electric car companies has a sturdy connection with their distributors for supplies. The supplies are the solutions which carry on the maintenance and daily functioning of the EVs. See the Electric Car Solutions Providing Companies (Batteries, Maintenance and more – Publishing Soon).

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