Food and Beverage Manufacturing

What’s the turnover of Food and Beverage manufacturing companies in Australia?

This analysis of food and beverage manufacturing companies’ turnover, would assist you furthermore in evaluating the success rate of the industry.

The rates vary each year depending on several factors such as local demand and international exports.

Here’s the food and beverage manufacturing companies’ cumulative turnover in Australia:

Sr NoFood & Beverage ItemsAustralian Dollars (in million)
Processed & Fresh Seafood964
Bakery items8,064
Dairy Items13,765
Chocolates, Sugar and Other Confectionaries9,162
Veggies and Fruits5,220
Soft Drink and Syrups6,019
Cereals, Pulses, and Grain Items5,803
Alcoholic Products11,860
Oil and Fat Products1,880
Meat and Packaged Products29,512
Miscellaneous Food Items11,906
Food and beverage manufacturers’ cumulative turnover – Australia (2016)

Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Food and Beverage Manufacturing Companies Turnover In Australia

Conclusion On Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

As you can observe, the least demand for seafood products was the least which still brought in $964 Australian million dollars. Oil and fat items got in $1880 AUD (million). All major commodities did have a very close turnover including veggies & fruits, grains, soft drinks. Further, the bakery items brought about $8064 million AUD.

Whereas most demanding products include confectioneries and dairy products with a turnover of about $9,162 and $13765 AUD (millions).

The highest selling commodities are Meat and products calculating AUD $29,512m, And miscellaneous items contributing $11,906 (million) AUD.

Overall, the food and beverage manufacturers in Australia have brought up immense growth in the industry.

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