Benefits Of Uploading

  • Provide a free resource for learners and other road users to drive safe
  •  Start earning revenue from every video submitted (based on views)
  • Branding (if you’d like to promote your company/product within the description)
  • Grow your own YouTube channel (if you run a relevant road or vehicle channel)

Let Your Videos Be

  • Original (Recorded through your own Dash Cam, not stealing someone else’s content).
  • High Quality (Event has to be clearly visible).
  • Recorded Using Dash Cam or High-Resolution Mobile (Mounted) With Horizontal Angle.
  • Clear From Violating YouTube and Social Media Policies

Type Of Video You Can Upload

  • Maneuvers for New Drivers To Park, 3 Point Turn, Lane Change, etc.
  • Events, Accidents, or Incidents Captured On Road
  • Any Event About To Occur 
  • Guidance & Advice to Drive Safe
  • Any Car/Motor Review to Promote Your Channel