13 Tiny-Mini Steps Showed ‘How To Upload Youtube Shorts From Mobile’ (With Images)

1. Open YouTube App

If you’re new to YouTube, you may find the app on your phone installed already. If not, you may visit Google Play Store for Android or for iPhone to install one.

2. Go To ‘+’ Sign Within The YouTube App To Upload Shorts

This ‘+’ sign button appears in the center footer of the main screen of the app.

3. Choose ‘Upload a Video Option’

If your video is ready to upload in a vertical format, you can directly proceed to upload one. If you think some edits are required, you can use other editing apps or Premiere Pro to give your video a final touch.

Note: Uploading YouTube Shorts From a PC might seem difficult sometimes. As the video may or may not appear in the shorts. Ensure your vertical video is saved in Gallery, Google Drive, or Pcloud so you can upload it through mobile easily.

4. Select The Video Clip From Gallery

Or choose from ‘my files’ > ‘Downloads’ whichever is easily accessible.

5. Click on the ‘Edit into a Short’ option

This option appears at the left-bottom of the screen.

Note: Skipping this option will the uploading clip as shorts, and will treat your video as a long-form video. So, it is important to click the given option mindfully.

6. Cut Out The Beginning or End Shot

This is completely optional to use only if you’ve unnecessary shot at the start or end of the clip.

7. You’ll Find 4 Options viz – SOUND, TEXT, TIMELINE, and FILTERS

Once processed, you’ll see further editing options to enhance the outcome of the video.

8. Select the Suitable Sound

 If your video doesn’t have any Conversation or pre-added background sound, choose 1 from the music library. You may also keep the Original audio if it seems more interesting.

Note: Some music/songs are subject to profit sharing with the musicians, labels, or creators of the music.

9. Add Text or SubTitles To Video + Filters

Basically, adding text or say subtitles to the video keep viewers engaged until the end of the short. It also attracts and increases CTR i.e. CLICK-THROUGH RATE if added throughout the clip. Or at least within the Thumbnail.

Apply Filters to give your video another level of experience. If you’re sure that the contrast, saturation, and quality of your video are excellent, you can skip this option leaving it to normal.

10. Adjust Your Clip With Sound Within Timeline

This is an additional feature that helps so select the audio to start from according to the relevance of your clip.

11. Add Caption to Your Shorts with the #Hashtags

Adding a caption within YouTube Shorts is basically adding the Title of the video along with relevant #hashtags. This helps YouTube algorithm understand what the video is about. And accordingly distributes it within the feed.

12. Select Audience To Target

Within the ‘Select Audience’ option, Select ‘No, it’s not made for kids’. So that your YouTube Shorts Earnings won’t be affected.

13. Hit the ‘UPLOAD SHORT’ button.

Once you click the ‘UPLOAD SHORT’ button, the video starts processing. This you can see within your content section. Or ‘YT Studio’ app where you can manage all your uploaded content easily.

Note: It is recommended to login to your YouTube creator studio to add descriptions and tags within each shorts uploaded. This will help your short videos get discovered in search results as well.

Once, you’ve learned to Upload Youtube Shorts From Mobile, there’s more to learn from.

Here are some tips To Get Your YouTube Shorts Successful:

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