9 YouTube Shorts Earnings Methods July 2024 | Shorts Monetization

Though the Shorts Monetization term has become common these days. The in-demand question ‘Do you make money off YouTube shorts?’ is yet to be answered. We’ve extracted the 9 best ways to YouTube Shorts Earnings in 2024.

1. Get Paid For Shorts Views: Adsense – YouTube Partner Program

Ads are probably the first source of income you’ll look at. Joining the YouTube Partner Program and setting up monetization is a crucial step if you want to make money on YouTube by creating videos that you are passionate about or knowledgeable about.

As a content creator, you must agree to abide by all of YouTube’s monetization guidelines.

In order to monetize shorts, you’ll have to gain 1000 subscribers and 10 million legit Shorts views in the last 90 days.

Or 1000 subs and 4,000 watch hours just as before, as shown below. You may then submit an application for both Shorts and long-form video monetization.

YouTube Monetization Eligibility Requirement 2023

2. YouTube Creators Paid Courses

YouTube is soon to launch this feature for students, learners, and beginners. This is to educate the learners through YouTube courses by professionals if you’re one. Creators such as educators, consultants, professors, or any expert can sell their courses on the platform itself. Without letting the learner leave the platform. Taking advantage of the feature, YouTube Shorts Earnings will be tremendously triggered.

Navigate above to acquire some more information on the feature.

3. Shorts Sponsored Content

This method of YouTube Shorts Earning is never going to be older. Let’s take an example:

Your channel is all about Finance. Unlike long-form content where the creator gets an opportunity to promote other brands. Simultaneously, the way of promoting and financial product or service through shorts is going to be a little different.

This is because the knowledge or advice given in a short period of time seems way more effective than the one that takes longer to describe.

For instance, you are promoting a New XYZ Credit Card. The explanation in a long-form video could be valuable, yet not everyone is going to take action to even visit the link given in the description. However, in terms of Shorts, even without leaving a link in the description; people would be keen to visit the site just by memorizing the brand name or taking a screenshot.

The short-time impact is generally higher than the long term comparatively.

Now, How To Create Sponsored Content Within Shorts

This process will require you to write a script in a precise and concise manner. Which means meaningful and short. Talk to the point without including any unnecessary words or lines. say if the content is planned for around 59 seconds. Start talking about the sponsored product in the 19th second of the video. Starting right in the beginning may sound fishy. And this makes it so obvious that you’re advertising the product and not actually educating the audience about it.

Always begin with educating your viewers. And then begin BLENDING the sponsored content without people knowing the strategy behind it.

4. Affiliate Marketing

In order to make affiliate marketing work through YouTube Shorts, you’ll have to build trust within the audience. This process of building trust is similar to the case of sponsored or brand deals.

The basic rules remain the same. The affiliate product or service you’re promoting has to be highly relevant to the content that you are educating your viewers.

For instance, your niche is around VR TECHNOLOGY. And you inform people about the 5 best VR Devices that are either highly in demand or would be trending in the coming weeks. This would help you make more sales instead of promoting older and highly-competitive products.

5. Merchandise Or Sell Products Through YT Shorts

Merchandise broadens your audience by extending your online character and brand into the real world. It also strengthens your bond with your fans because they can actually “buy” into what you’re offering.
Selling branded merchandise is simpler than it initially appears. Using freelance websites like Upwork, and Fiverr, you may acquire reasonably priced designs that are specialized for particular products, like Mugs, t-shirts, etc.
For processing orders, especially in the case of print-on-demand, dropshipping services like Printful or Shopify can handle shipping, fulfillment, and customer service. This will reduce your headache of the creation of items and order fulfillment.

6. YouTube Channel Membership

YouTube does have an option where your audience and interested users can join you to watch premium content.

This works well when your channel grows. Especially among the well-earning viewers, who don’t mind paying the monthly subscription to their favorite creator.

7. Patreon Membership

YouTube Shorts Earnings through Patreon may sound a bit different. But this can be done if the right strategy is applied.

For instance, you’re a Musician. And you have created some beautiful pieces of songs and jingles.

In order to promote your music, you can use the SHORTS feature to get some of it viral.

Once people start showing interest and demand more of your melodious voice, you can ask them to join your Patron where you keep uploading premium songs just for the special ones.

Each membership say starts from $5 and you successfully convert 1000 users. You’d be making $5000 a month just with a Patron membership.

8. Super Thanks & Super Chat

These 2 features might be new to you. However, Super Thanks is the most accessible feature that shows up on all the short videos you upload. This is the easiest way for your fans to thank you for helping them out.

For example, the YouTube channel ‘Aussie Guide‘ publishes shorts and long-form videos about road rules, road trip experiences, and guides. Now, new car learners might find the advice helpful. These may help them to pass the driving test easily. In return the learners can pay SUPER THANKS to the creator, to make them feel better for doing good.

9. Join Us Below

For the 9th YouTube Shorts Earnings or Shorts Monetization Method, join us now. Our teammate will guide you a bit more.

So, you can begin with at least 3 shorts monetization methods off 8 and benefit your blog as well by adding the navigational link in the description. Do not let go of this opportunity to grow on YouTube Shorts, as the competition on YouTube is going to be horrendous in the coming weeks.

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