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Long-Form Videos Are Boosting YouTube Shorts Views 100%

When you are watching any long-form video of the creator, a little bit of scroll can show you the YouTube Shorts creator by the same creator or channel.

This is the channel ‘Aussie Guide’ from Australia. When you type in ‘Real Driving Test In Melbourne’ (or Australia). You’ll come across this thumbnail, the video is of about 29 minutes in duration. When you start watching the video vertically (not in full view). And scroll a little bit.

You can see a couple of YouTube shorts created by the same channel creator. If you think watching a full video of 29 minutes is time-consuming. You can switch to start watching the key moments and scenes within shorts instead. Keep scrolling to see more of the same channel’s shorts content.

You’d definitely come across at least 3-4 shorts of the same creator.

This would help you understand the whole story including essential maneuvers and Key moments in a short period of time.

Isn’t this great for both Creators and Audiences?

What Do I Need To Do To Boost Shorts Views More?

To get more shorts views, you should definitely focus on the creation of shorts. And to start getting some more presence, create long-form videos too.

YouTube Shorts and long-form videos walk hand-in-hand.

Shorts build a bridge between short-form video, taking viewers to long-form content too.

On the other hand, long-form videos come up with more eyeballs to your shorts in a quicker and more sensible way.

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