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10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to Start Making Some Revenue in 2024

In the modern world, most individuals have moved towards the E-commerce side to generate a passive income. When we talk about E-commerce, affiliate marketing acts as the big boss for individuals and businesses looking to generate a large income. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are lots of affiliate marketing programs for you depending on several criteria.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we’ll discuss some of the new and 10 best affiliate marketing programs to start making revenue in 2024 with you. If you tune up your concentration towards each word written in this article, you have the opportunity to turn this New Year into a fantastic year by earning unbelievable revenue with these handpicked best affiliate marketing programs.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before talking about these best affiliate marketing programs, we thought of giving a simple idea about what affiliate marketing is to you. Simply, affiliate marketing is promoting or marketing products or services for other individuals and business-related companies and earning a considerable commission per sale.

So, now we’ll see how these affiliate programs allow you to make an affordable revenue in 2024!

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to start making revenue right away!

1. Amazon Associates

Looking for an affiliate marketing program for bloggers? If you are a website owner, never mind. Amazon Associate affiliate marketing program is recommended for you also. Think you are writing to a blog or for a website and also generate a higher traffic for it. If you have displayed an Amazon affiliate link wherever among your human-crafted content, you will get typically 4% to 10% of the commission. How can you earn this commission and what do you need to do?

Simply follow the below steps;

1. Create an account on the Amazon Associates official website

2. Get your account approved and obtain the unique Associate ID

3. Use this ID and start creating links to Amazon products on your website

If you are a blogger or a website owner, we highly recommend joining this Amazon Associate affiliate marketing program and obtaining benefits such as;

  • Free joining
  • Earn a commission even by marketing a wide range of products such as books, electronics, clothes, and many more
  • Let you succeed well by providing a variety of tools & resources
  • Get paid monthly directly into your bank account

2. Impact

Specifically, the Impact affiliate marketing program is designed for publishers, advertisers, and agencies to manage and optimize their programs, especially affiliate programs and partnerships. If you have thought of featuring this affiliate marketing program for your affiliate marketing, automatically you get the opportunity to transact with the world’s top-notch companies such as Uber, Walmart, DoorDash, Adidas, and more.

If you start affiliate marketing with the Impact affiliate marketing program, you will also get;

  • Minimum of $10 payout
  • The commission varies based on the merchant
  • Get paid through PayPal, Wire Transfer, direct deposit, or check

3. Temu

Everything you need to know about the Temu affiliate marketing program is you have space to promote Temu’s products or services. You will also get additional benefits such as;

  • No inventory or customer support
  • Flexibility
  • Performance tracking

4. PartnerStack

PartnerStack is the best affiliate marketing program for affiliates, resellers, and customer referral programs. Users who do affiliate marketing with this PartnerStack affiliate marketing program, get benefits such as;

  • A commission that varies between affiliate programs
  • 90 days by default cookie window
  • Get paid through PayPal, Stripe, or direct deposit

5. Commission Junction (CJ)

Without talking about the typical benefits provided by affiliate marketing programs, we thought of explaining how CJ differs from other affiliate marketing programs. Here are a few of them;

1. Real-time reporting

Using this feature, publishers have space to get an idea of how to create content that readers love. With these insights & analytics, CJ offers your fingertips will let you choose the best affiliate products that work among your content.

2. Tons of Selectivity

When it comes to selection, CJ allows you to select the best products that work well on your website or blog. Yes, under one ad code, they let you select dozens of products.

3. Royal treatment for Star Publishers

If you write top-notch content on your blog, here is a great feature offered by the CJ affiliate marketing program. If your blog already gets 10,000 page views each month, you have the chance to switch to CJ Affiliate’s Content Certified Program. If so, you automatically get access to over 600 brands to do affiliate marketing.

6. eBay Partner Network

As we all know, eBay is a global market spread all over the world, and various people buy and sell several goods and services on it. The eBay partner network also allows affiliate marketers to earn several benefits such as;

  • Commission of 1-4% per purchase
  • 24-hour cookie window
  • Get paid through PayPal or Wire transfer

7. Clickbank

Clickbank is quite similar to Amazon Associates & PartnerStack affiliate marketing programs. If you use Clickbank, you’ll get;

  • The opportunity to promote products without a limit
  • Average of 10-20% of commission (It varies depending on the products you promote)
  • Get paid after doing 5 sales and gaining $100 through a check, direct deposit, Wire transfer, or Payoneer

8. Shopify

Shopify affiliate program is a very popular marketing program designed for entrepreneurs & businesses who are looking to establish, grow, and scale their online stores. If you use Shopify as your affiliate marketing program, you’ll get;

  • A platform’s user-friendly interface
  • Customizable themes
  • A vast ecosystem of apps caters to businesses of all sizes
  • A one-time bounty payment as a commission that equals 200% of the monthly subscription

9. Leadpages

Leadpages offers to build landing pages from scratch without any help from a professional designer even from scratch. This affiliate marketing program offers;

  • A 10-50% recurring forever commission
  • 90-days cookie window
  • A payout without any threshold
  • Get paid through PayPal or Stripe

10. Sephora

Sephora is a worldwide cosmetics company that offers the latest & most coveted beauty products. In addition to earning a commission of 5-10% of net sales, Sephora also offers;

  • 30-days cookie window
  • $50 minimum amount of threshold payout
  • Get paid through PayPal, check, Wire transfer, direct deposit, or bank transfer

Final Thoughts on the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to Go for

All mentioned affiliate marketing programs above provide tons of opportunities and chances for their partners or affiliate marketers. Starting with the simplest one like Associates is easy to begin. However, you can’t rely on Amazon Associates for long due to their low commission rates (some even as low as 1%).

For Saas and digital products, you can always go with Impact and Partnerstack. As they are the trusted affiliate sources globally.

On the other hand, TEMU is more lucrative for tangible product niches. Their offers and prices will users engaged for a long, and encourage them to make a purchase. Once you land and sign up, the excitement to buy stuff keeps on pumping.

It’s your choice as to what you like to collaborate with these best affiliate marketing programs.

It’s a good headstart to merge your blog or social account with one of these affiliate marketing programs and start earning a stable passive income in the coming months!

(some additional legal info about affiliate marketing by the Federal Trade Commission)

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