Globalization Partners Features, PEO Benefits and Pricing July 2024

Globalization Partners is a global recruitment service that helps businesses find and hire highly qualified professionals from all around the world. Globalization Partners Australia, for instance, is highly skilled at recruiting foreign workers to fill positions in Australia in accordance with local businesses’ specific requirements because of the company’s extensive international connections.

Global Partners Features:

As an EoR, Globalization Partners assumes legal responsibility for supervising your international staff. It’s great for handling administrative tasks like payroll and new hire paperwork. But you’ll still need to handle things like coaching and evaluating employee performance on your own. A few of its more prominent characteristics are as follows:


When you hire Globalization Partners as your EoR, you won’t have to worry about payroll. Time and attendance can be recorded, and payrolls can be approved automatically. This is if there have been no changes since the previous payroll or manually updated. It determines the total cost of payroll and guarantees compliance with all applicable laws. The laws pertaining to tax withholdings, paid time off, benefits, and other compensation. Once you’ve reviewed and approved the payroll, it will be sent out accordingly. Based on the schedule you specify (and as conforms to local laws).

Globalization Partners Benefits

You may find out what mandatory and optional benefits are. Maternity leave and stock options are expected in a given nation by consulting the online “Globalpedia”. This also provides guidance on how much to add to pay to cover these benefits. Globalization Partners, as an international EoR, is able to negotiate cost-effective enterprise-level benefit packages for its staff. It checks that the benefits are up to par with local standards. And gives you a range of options depending on your needs. Finally, it oversees the administrative and operational aspects of running the programs.

Hiring And Onboarding

With the help of Globalization Partners, entering new international markets is simple. You can find new personnel or make use of the service’s connection. This is to recruit experts who can handle your in-country hiring needs. If you want to handle hiring on your own, Globalization Partners can help you. It’ll put up a competitive package tailored to each country’s job market. To help you get off to a good start, it also includes offering templates tailored to certain countries. The company even has a group of international law experts on staff to draft contracts for employees.

Compliance-focused HR

Human resources (HR) and payroll (payroll) are two areas where Globalization Partners excels. For legal compliance and the sake of your employee’s happiness, this is crucial.

PEO Software

Managing staff is done inside the PEO system. You can see details about an individual, such as their name, address, email address, phone number, pay, benefits, and vacation days. In addition to researching a country, you will view and approve payroll on this system.

Partnered with ADP TotalSource

In terms of business, Globalization Partners and ADP have a solid history of collaboration. ADP named it 2020’s Rising Star of the Year. It established a relationship with the prominent PEO provider ADP TotalSource in February 2021. Giving companies in the United States that use ADP faster access to a worldwide EoR. Users of ADP TotalSource can make use of this cooperation in a number of ways. Including making international hires and facilitating the temporary or permanent relocation of American workers. Refer to the ADP/Globalization Partners data sheet for additional information.

Globalization Partners PEO

“Professional Employer Organization” is the abbreviation’s official connotation. In the United States, a PEO is often referred to as a co-employer. Outsourced human resource management firms handle payroll, benefits, and other HR tasks for their client companies’ staff.

PEOs typically employ people with advanced degrees and years of expertise in human resources, law, taxes, customer service, and finance. PEOs help companies cut down on the price of benefits administration. improve the efficiency of their payroll processes. And enter new international markets without having to establish their own legal structure. With a PEO’s help, businesses can hire foreign workers in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. Pay them in accordance with local standards. And, if required, terminate them in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, all at a lower cost and with less risk.

PEOs also help by reducing the amount of money businesses must spend on things like health insurance and other benefits. By partnering with a PEO, small and medium-sized firms can provide competitive benefits packages to their staff. This would be without putting undue strain on their human resources department.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from a PEO?

Employing a PEO is a great option for any business looking to delegate its human resources, finance, and legal work. However, working with a PEO is most beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is due to the fact that handing over these administrative tasks to a PEO. Small and medium-sized enterprises are free to concentrate on running the core operations of their businesses. Moreover, not all companies have in-house experience in HR, legal, or tax requirements. PEOs, which focus specifically on certain areas of business, make them simple to outsource.

However, a global PEO is also frequently used by very large Fortune 500 firms. It may not be cost-effective to establish a subsidiary in every country due to the high price of setting up a local office and paying local wages to personnel. All sizes of businesses, from the largest conglomerates to the smallest startups, are increasingly turning to PEOs in foreign markets.

PEOs are extremely useful for businesses that are entering new foreign markets and hiring their first international personnel. Companies that have employees in more than one country can benefit from using a global PEO, which is designed to tackle the unique issues posed by doing business on a worldwide scale.

What Does Globalization Partners Do

Legal, financial, IT/technology, marketing, management, and human resources services are just some. Businesses in different nations can get from Globalization Partners. In this objective analysis, we will discuss the many facets of globalization partners, including their functions, costs, and most useful qualities. In addition, the alternatives and services offered by Globalization Partners will be detailed.

Visit the Globalization partners’ ticketing system help center, accessible via their unique and collaborative software platform, if you need assistance.

The legal, financial, and human resources challenges of each country are constantly reviewed by the assistance centers of globalization partners.

Globalization Partners Pricing

While most of Globalization Partners’ plans are currently priced on an individual basis, the business has disclosed the starting pricing for its G-P Contractor solution, which are $49 per contractor each month.

The Module for the Global Contractor Project is perfect for companies that regularly contract with international freelancers for short-term and long-term assignments. With this service, companies may pay and hire remote workers in 187 countries for as little as $49 per month, per employee.

If you are interested in the vendor’s other modules and services, such as G-P Recruit and G-P Employee, please get in touch with a sales rep. The representative will discuss your needs with you and provide cost details. It is crucial to understand the details of any deal with Globalization Partners before signing, as their cost varies greatly based on factors like location and employee wage.

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