Is Wendy's Halal

Is Wendy’s Halal In Australia, UK, Canada & The United States? Market Threat Explained

No, the high percentage of Wendy’s outlets are not halal. They don’t carry a Halal Certificate, neither do they prefer halal supplier. With so much of focus on non-halal food menu Wendy’s will never be able to defeat Halal fast-food giants such as McDonalds, KFC, Hungary Jacks and so.

Though Wendy’s is palnning to launch it’s chains in Australia. It may give a competition to mentioned giants. However, will never be able to surpass them due to limited market capture. The burger giants and chicken franchises like Maccas, Hungary Jacks and KFC are smart enough. As they know the prime locations and major cities across Australia is home to many muslim communities. They have been a part of growing economy of Australia. These locations are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and similar primary cities.

Neglecting huge population is eventually not a good idea for any business wanting to last longer.

Even Taco Bell might be doing good in Australia. Unfortunately, it never leveled up with the giants due to non-serving of halal food items.

On the other hand, Guzman y Gomez mexican food chain is soon to hit ($)1 Billion USD in valuation to become a Unicorn. And it’s fastest growth has a reason. Firstly the deliciously unique food. And second capturing wider market. Which includes getting Halal certified and severing larger population of Muslims in the major cities of Australia.

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