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Brief Guide – Ptv Melbourne Journey Planner

Tourists or new migrants coming to Australia have the first step to do after settling-down the accommodation. It’s opting the myki card for local travelling, exploring and further completion of work processes. Even though you’ve got a family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances you always cannot rely on them. As here in Australia, the majority of people prefer keeping their lives busy with work and activities. So it’ll be quite rare your companion taking you out all the time. And if you driving well, you need to get your license verified through VIC Roads. Again this takes around 15 days till you get the appointment. In this scenario, you should definitely go for Ptv Melbourne Journey Planner. Relax! It’s just a terminology.   

Its always better to be independent when you are new to a country. Asking for help ain’t a big issue but someday you to get out of the comfort zone do something by yourself.   

No matter if you are new to Australia, gradually you’ll learn routines, lifestyle and slangs as well 🙂 

The introduction of myki has made life much easier to travel via any transit using the same card. Now the query is how and where to get a myki card to move on?  

Where To Buy Myki Card, If You Are New To Australia?

Myki is a digital ticket to travel in public transit across victoria. Instead of individually relying on issuing ticket each time, Ptv’s myki card makes it quick and easy travelling. Whether on trains, buses or trams, just single scan on particular transit makes your day hassle-free. This card is specifically used by Melbournians and people in several regional parts of Victoria.

Here’s how you can buy myki:

How Much Does Myki Card Cost?

  • $6 Full Fare (for adults 19+ without concession allowance including visitors)
  • $3 Concession (entitled to Pensioner concession card, Victorian Health Care Card and Senior citizens across Australia)
  • Again $3 for Senior Citizens from other states or country
  • For Child $3 (from age between 5 to 18; And for infants or kids blow age 4 don’t require myki)

How To Use Myki Card?

The card just needs to touch on and touch off when entering the platform, bus or tram. 

  • On Train – Train does not carry the scanners, but stations do. Every station has card scanners mounted close to the platforms. So while entering or exiting the platform/station it is mandatory to touch on and off to finish your journey. 
  • Bus & Tram – Generally buses and trams have several indications asking to touch on & off in case you’ve forgotten. It is advisable to scan when boarding and before alighting the transit.

It hardly takes 1 second for a scanner to read your card until the tone is beeped. 

PTV App – How To Use It?

Follow easy steps to plan your journey instead of waiting for a bus, train or tram for a longer time.

  1. Download App from iTunes or Android Google Play Stores
  2. Go To Ptv Melbourne Journey Planner
  3. Enter Current Location & Destination (you may also begin with the name of the nearest bus stop)
  4. Select Departing Date & Time

The live 3 results with accurate timings, bus number, stops and destination will be showed up.

Watch the video for better understanding

Register Myki In Easy Steps

Register your myki here.

Ptv Melbourne – Ptv Top Up Online or At Station

The best way is to top up with myki Money or myki Pass so that you’d be ready to go

Other convenient options to make your Ptv Melbourne journey planner work the right way are: 

  • Train Station – You may either use the payment mode is cash or card if new to the system
  • Secondly, online at (this is for those who don’t want to waste time standing in the queue or missing the train while top-up in the process – It takes 90 minutes to reflect balance in the myki account.
  • Call 1800 800 007 (this may take around 90 minutes to 24 hours)
  • Tram platforms stop and the bus interchanges
  • 7-Eleven and similar retailers across Victoria

Visit or call 1800 800 007, for more details about myki card issuance and usage.

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