Small Business Ideas For Teens

5 New Advanced Small Business Ideas For Teens To Make $900+ Per Month: Age 12-17

Earning at teenage sounds exciting, do you think it’s that easy? No matter how confident you are, sometimes finding a job in Mcdonald’s and street giants becomes easier. However, a business will definitely require some sort of skills that you either have already or might need to build up. These business ideas for high school students/teens can turn out to be highly profitable if started on a serious note.

These 5 new small business ideas for teens are actually tried and accomplished by teenagers like you. If they can do it, you’ve got no excuse to say ‘No’.

5. Sell AI Designed Art

Don’t get stunned by the term AI. It’s Artificial Intelligence.

Sounds even scarier?

Let me make it easier for you.

AI Designed Art is basically computer-generated images that are built using AI tools. If you haven’t heard, MidJourney is one of the popular AI designing tools that simply requires your imagination to write in text format. And the output is generated in a matter of seconds in the form of a Jpeg/Png image.

For example, I want to build a house that looks futuristic. Here is what I’ll type in Midjourney: “/imagine prompt build a 2-storey futuristic house, eye-catching shades, greenery around, blue car parked next to the house, lavish looking swimming pool in front, realistic –v 4”

And once you press enter, it’ll build your imaginary house as AI art. This was a simple example, if you want to try and have fun practicing such AI-generated designs; look into our detailed content: AI Graphic Designers Earning $5000 Per Month.

For sure this will require a basic understanding of the prompt that you’ll learn along the way. Significantly, you can start earning money by providing these easy-peasy AI Art services on Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork-like platforms.

Expected Earning: Between $30 to $50 Per AI Art

4. Managing Instagram Account For a Local Company

Companies are too busy clicking pictures, and making reels; Because this isn’t their area of work. However, being on social media has become important.

Imagine a couple of logistics company employees making reels all the time for their social media accounts.

Sounds quite unacceptable?

They can make informative reels about how their system works, and why customers should consider them. However, these are limited content elements to make videos on. On a regular basis making reels could be challenging for such companies.

You can play a great role by filling in the gap of consistency. You can come up with interesting ideas where you can make comparisons between services, and companies. Visiting several locations to keep the audience engaged with informative yet entertaining reels.

At the initial point, ensure you are working for a local company nearby your residential area or the school.

Numerous companies want assistance in managing their social media presence. Teens with experience on social media sites can help small business owners.

Expected Earnings: Between $150 to $900 a month (depending on your engagement and communication skills)

3. Become a Small Business Marketing Agent

This is one of the small business ideas for teens around 17+ years of age. Because it requires some improved communication skills. The task can be initiated by communicating with small businesses around and asking them if they’ve got:

  • Online web presence. This basically means, whether their business is online
  • If yes, how popular are they?
  • Do they require more users/customers online?
  • Do they need the branding to scale the business?

If their answer is yes they want to! You’ll have to introduce those potential clients to established businesses online. Such as AustralianStreet, TripAdvisor, UberEats, Zomato, and similar. You can sign up for their paid services, and get your client’s business get listed. All you have to do is manage their accounts at the set percent of commission.

Expected Earnings: For the commission on each listing, you can charge between $30 to $50 to those businesses. Finding 5 such businesses in a month will make you $150 to $250 per month.

2. Teenage Networking – Building Own Brand

Teenage networking and connections can be very powerful in building your own brand. Here are some reasons why:

Developing a personal brand – Teenagers can start to develop a personal brand for themselves by networking and engaging with others. This might assist you in building your reputation and receiving praise for your accomplishments and abilities.
Teens who network and form connections to take advantage of possibilities they might not otherwise have.
One can form enduring relationships during their adolescent years that can be beneficial throughout their lives. These connections can be more supportive in achieving their professional, personal, and business objectives. And grant a sense of community and support for sure.


When you already have connections with like-minded boys/girls, the journey to start a business gets easier. You can delegate several tasks to the group members to lower the burden of challenging tasks.

For example, initiating a business such as Organizing Play Parties, Occasional Entertainment Events, etc. This will require a solid group of mates to accomplish the task. This work can be done on a mutual contract basis like a Grade 10 group of students want you to organize a private farewell party for the weekend. It won’t be hard to do so when you already have a solid connection with people with delegated work to be accomplished.

Estimated Earnings: Let’s say for Organizing Private Party You Charge Between $500 to $1500 per event (excluding all the expenses such as Booking Venue, Food, Decorations, etc.). Providing at least 3 similar services in a month with the group. Especially for teenagers from other schools, institutes, or neighborhood suburbs will make you between $1500 to $4500 in a month.

1. Teen Consultancy

This does not necessarily have to be registered at starting point. You can become a medium of information for manufacturing companies.

Let’s make it easier.

A T-shirt-making company spends $10K USD for extracting data about teenagers’ shopping choices. This is essential for them to evaluate the following:

  • What type of T-shirts do teenagers like to wear
  • Does it have t be different material in summer than that in winter
  • Do they do shopping with friends or parents
  • Do these friends and parents impose their choices on you, or are you free to buy whatever style
  • Do teenagers look at prices before choosing one, or do they choose first and then buy at whatever cost it is?

This type of data is essential for the manufacturing company. Just to gather this information, they pay high prices to marketing analysts, data analysts, and many others.

Why can’t you play a big role in this opportunity? Eventually, it’s about you, your friends, and millions of teenagers like you.

You guys generally have a similar point of view, won’t be a big difference.

And if you’ve already got a solid group the network (not just friends, but connections with same-age mates from different localities). This would help you gather their choices, likes, dislikes, shopping behavior, and buying habits.

You can literally sell this information to such companies with the consent of other teen mates who participated.

Is It Easy To Do?

At the initial stage, it won’t be easy to reach such companies. You’ll have to build a bridge to reach them.

Here’s what you can do to reach such companies that need information about teenage consumers:

  • Get your website built – let the world know what you’ve got to offer.
  • Create social media accounts – Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Try connecting with companies that create and sell teenage commodities.
  • Create a channel on YouTube. Express yourself as what you generally do, your plans, and who are you trying to reach.
  • Publish regular Reels and Shorts elaborating on teenage clothing and footwear choices. Let people notice you as a sensible teenage consumer.
  • Add your contact email to all social accounts and websites.
  • Keep posting and publishing content for at least 1 year consistently.
  • Let these companies reach you themselves. If not, you try reaching them. This time you’ll be more confident as you your web presence as evidence. This will showcase your worth and how valuable your information can be.

Estimated Earnings: This long-term business strategy can make you an influencer; and a consultant. Which can drive from $1000 to $3000+ for each service.

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