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81% Fiverr Seller and Upwork Seller Fail In Long-Term Services With Buyer

Yes, this is true that an Upwork seller and Fiverr Seller are failing in providing quality services in a long run.

Put yourself in the BUYER’s SHOE!

Imagine, you purchased a Blog Post Writing Service. The content delivered was amazing, well-researched, and qualitative.

So you decide to hire the same Freelance seller the 2nd time and again the 3rd time.

In the 4th order, you’ll start noticing a glitch.

The quality of content drops gradually.

No matter how fair the pricings were, how long the duration was. Despite all the freedom that you gave to the article writer to be more creative. The buyer still going to disappoint you sooner.

Let’s take an example:

SEO article writing service Is Failing In a Long Run

Be it a Fiverr seller, Upwork seller, or Freelance Seller. The majority of them will fail in keeping up the research + quality promise.

We, as an AustralianStreet team, are not saying this on the basis of any third-party source. However, we’ve experienced this a lot.

We filter for the best article writing services, we hire them, and allot some projects with a minimum of 10 articles.

As usual, the seller gets excited especially in the 1st order placed, and promises in-depth researched content with plagiarism free.

They all do good in the 1st round, the 2nd, and the 3rd.

In the 4th order, you’ll get to see the actual reality i.e. the dedication of the seller towards work.

99% of the time, they deliver low-quality, less-researched content.

Why is it getting difficult to find the best article-writing services?

Blog Post Writing Service is just an example. Even other services such as graphic designing, voice-over service, video editing, and so on. These all services get affected when placed repeated order buy the same buyer.

Here are 3 reasons why finding the best article writing services in a long run is getting difficult:

  1. Seller thinks buyers are big fishes, serving them quality content in the first 2 orders is bait. So, when fish craves more bait, they can be hooked tightly for the next couple of orders.
  2. Sellers NEVER want to get stuck with the same buyer all the time. And doing long-time research and delivering quality content just becomes a hassle for them.
  3. Working on the same niche and writing content within the same industry gets boring for them.

What else wrong does a Freelance Fiverr seller, or Upwork Seller do?

The primary sin that most of the sellers do in repeated orders, is MANIPULATION OF WORK.

For example:

  • A graphic designer will use some basic content of the previous clients and re-design slightly to serve new clients.
  • A content writer will reduce the research amount, use AI tools, and Use Word Spinner to avoid plagiarism. And deliver low-quality content without putting much effort into the writing project.
  • A video editor will not pay attention to detail and ignore sound design and other essential effects.
  • Web-stories makers will just work on the visual part, content spin, without paying attention to the originality or SEO required.

There are many freelance services besides Fiverr article writing and others that are manipulated in different ways.

Upwork Media Buyer, Video Editing, and Other Services: Some of the essential buyer services viz Upwork media buyer, freelance fashion buyer are some other examples that are seen to be served with reduced-quality.

Sellers Thinking 1 Order-1 Buyer, Once In a Lifetime Is Okay. It’s Not!

Sometimes, the freelance seller thinks, dealing with one client without expecting any 2nd order is still cool.

But actually, it’s not cool. This way Fiverr seller / Upwork seller will:

  • Lose the client forever
  • Can’t gain the trust of the same buyer again
  • Will always have to provide low cost-service targeting new customers, and work hell like a donkey to meet the deadline.
  • Affect revenue on a long-term basis
  • Never have a chance to provide high-priced gigs/services for bigger clients

Be a seller on Fiverr / Upwork Or Selling Services on Fiverr Isn’t Difficult

Being a good and honest seller on Fiverr isn’t that hard. All you need to do is:

  • Make a commitment to yourself of serving quality content, though it’s the 1st or the last order of your life.
  • If you have a team, set up disciplined work ethic for your teammates to strictly follow
  • Always aim for the same buyer providing them with long-term quality service. And not disappointing them.
  • Always communicate with your freelance service buyer about where wrong are you going. And how would you improve to keep impressing your buyer on each order, over and over again?
  • Do not always aim for new customers providing them with low-cost service, this may affect your reputation in a long run. You may also be LABELED as having LOW-QUALITY / CHEAP service provide for other big buyers.
  • Over the period of time (2-3 yeras+), increase your gig rate/service pricing aiming for a few big and repeated customers. This will maintain your reputation, work quality, and trustworthiness.

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Besides, why Fiverr Seller and Upwork Seller are failing, get to know:

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